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Dennis: My hell in Milan

FootballSpy0072010-05-04 20:08:45 +0000 #1
DENNIS Bergkamp admits his time at Inter Milan was the worst period in his career.

He may have been paid colossal wages and lived in an exclusive villa near Lake Como but that was little consolation.

Bergkamp's views may be words of warning for Frank Lampard as he contemplates a move from Chelsea to Serie A.

Bergkamp said: "Once you play in the English Premier League you realise there is nothing better. It is difficult to see the beauty of the Italian League.

"Knowing you can hardly ever play real attacking football makes you desperate when you have been brought up with a different work ethic.

"The problem is an attack-minded player in Italy is that you can never play your own game.

"Their fans are happy with a draw. Some times they consider a draw like a win. It is all about the result.

"I care about the result, too. But great players also care about the style of play.

"There were also intrusions into my private life I did not like."


futbolpasion2010-05-04 20:12:14 +0000 #2
too bad it was a bad experience



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