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Milan Derby is coming

Lance Knight2010-05-04 21:01:59 +0000 #1
man this is going to be good, AC need sthis win to move up to foirentina for 4th place to get into CL qualifications, and inter has lazio trailing them by 6 pts. i wonder who is going to win????
Sebastian2010-05-04 21:15:57 +0000 #2
It would be hard for Milan to beat Inter with Zlatan in the team...Their defense is ridiculous and they panic like nutcases,when you enter their penalty area...

If Inter wins,then this will be the greatest scudetto in the history of Inter....To win it in the derby...If Mancio wins this,Moratti will probably reconsider his plans for Mourinho,i definitely feel that this will be the definite conclusion of Mancio's work in Inter...To be or not to be...If we lose the match or if we draw,then i still think it will be over for him...

Milan is not that hard to beat at all...
Ryan272010-05-04 21:50:23 +0000 #3
Inter could truly devastate Milan with a win. Winning the scudetto in the derby AND knocking Milan out of next year's Champions League all in one day. Who knows, maybe then Milan would really have to sell Kaka to balance their books. We could probably debate all day on if Milan losing would be bad for Serie A. However, my inclination is to think that it's good to not have the same four teams in the Champions League every year. It's fruitless to try and 'keep up with Joneses' (EPL) when you know they're just going to spend irresponsibly and draw cash out of thin air.

Going back to the derby, can this Inter score during the run of play? Or will we be slugging it out again and relying on overpowering them and getting corners?

If Mancini pulls this off, he really should resign "on top." It doesn't matter how arrogant he is, surely he realizes how foolish it would be to hang around after his Liverpool resignation stunt and then get swamped under this pressure to win the Champions League, where all it takes is just one bad game...

Then he can just claim that he really had meant to resign all along.
Gunner2010-05-04 22:03:09 +0000 #4
inter will win, as usual.
Raul_Madrid2010-05-04 22:18:03 +0000 #5
i hope inter win just so Milan dont go to CL next year
BessiMIX2010-05-04 22:02:26 +0000 #6
Yeah hopping on it so. The best present that they would give to us(Without going in CL)

BessiMIX2010-05-04 22:39:53 +0000 #7
Result till 12:20 PM +1 GMT:

Inter Milan

5 100.00%

AC Milan

0 0%
Sebastian2010-05-05 00:08:58 +0000 #8
Fiorentina is so insecure in them selves,that even if Milan loses,they can still ruin their life time opportunity...

Inter can totally ruin Milan's life and i love that,beside the thing that i am not looking forward to Fiorentina's brief adventure in the Champions League...

This can be the best possible revenge for that perverted 0-6 and for the both CL defeats...i mean ruining Milan's chances for the CL is an adequate revenge...even more then that + winning the Scudetto against them ....

By doing this Inter will do a favor to the best European teams,cos they wont have to face a rejuvenated and rebuilt Milan in the next CL campaign and a favor to our selves,still seeing Fiorentina and Milan in the CL are two different stories and this is a kind of Paradox for the Italian football...

It will all be resolved in a few brief moments... ..



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