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Anyone knows about the background of our first team doctor,Franco Combi?

Affy2010-05-05 01:49:56 +0000 #1
Gee, We have so many injured players but still has 12 fixtures to play in Serie A. For the last four winless games, by average we had one defender injured out per game!!! Isn't it bizzare or what? Now we have totally 11 players injured or injured out ( Cruz, Ibra, Cordoba, Samuel, Stankovic, Cambiasso, Dacourt, Maxwell, Jimenez, Chivu, A.Cesar) among them S25, C2 and D15 are out for season.

I am wondering: although I cannot say our team docs should be responsible this now, they are definitely related to this kind of injury rate:40%.

How can we come back when face Liverpool without Ibra, Cambiasso and Chivu???
Ryan272010-05-05 01:58:54 +0000 #2
Welcome to the forum .

Honestly, I was just wondering the same about the Inter medical staff and physios. But I have no basis on which to judge their quality. Perhaps Inter's injuries really are bad luck and also typical of a big team having too many fixtures. Milan haven't been much more fortunate.

Anyway, I'd expect Cambiasso, Ibra and Cruz to 'recover' in time for Liverpool. Not sure about Chivu. We could be looking at a CL backline of Zanetti, Burdisso, Rivas, and Maicon now. Either that or a 3 man backline, with which we're very untested.



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