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Serie A - Back to 18 teams?

Ryan272010-05-04 20:50:25 +0000 #1
I don't know how many of you care about this sort of thing, but:


Italy league chief wants Serie A cut to 18 teams

MILAN, Dec 14 (Reuters) - The number of teams in Serie A should be cut to 18 from 20 in order to safeguard Italian football, the head of the league has said.

Antonio Matarrese also wants the second division Serie B to be reduced to 20 teams from 22 to make sure the remaining clubs can survive amid battles for television revenues and falling attendances.

'It seems to me important that we start reasoning over a real and proper reform of football. We don't have a choice,' Matarrese told a news conference late on Thursday after a meeting between the league and the clubs.

'We can argue for months on the division of resources. The truth is there are too many of us.'

Some Serie B clubs have threatened to go on strike if they do not receive a fair television deal in current negotiations.

Thursday's meeting also discussed a proposal for losing teams to hold a guard of honour for the winner at the end of matches to foster a friendlier atmosphere on the pitch and in the stands.

However, the parties could not agree on whether to introduce the idea as a requirement and a decision was postponed.

Personally, I think this is very important and hope that it happens. It may only be 4 less fixtures, but I actually think that will make a significant difference. Players at big clubs are in far too many matches and any reduction will help. You might also see some of the larger squads get trimmed, or at least more reserve players getting unsettled with even less playing time and therefore seeking to move on. This isn't a bad thing if they move to mid-size or smaller clubs.

I also feel that the increase to 20 teams has somewhat diluted the talent on teams across Serie A, as well as maybe fan interest. Too many weak teams for the likes of Inter to just mow up, making it even less likely that a mid-size club can make a run at the scudetto.

Finally, though this will never happen, I'd like to see Serie A use some sort of mixed relegation system. For example, have a system in which the last place team is relegated automatically. But then, for the other two relegation spots, use 2 year and/or 3 year average final positions to determine the unlucky teams, thereby eliminating clubs that have been consistently poor or shown little progress. There are advantages to this: Newly promoted teams, as long as they can avoid finishing dead last in their first year, will have the luxury of actually being able to build something instead of immediately getting knocked back down. Secondly, teams that overachieve one year and qualify for Europe (e.g. Empoli) won't run as high a risk of relegation in the following season when they face more pressure and more fixtures.

Anyways, I'm pretty much just thinking aloud here. Would love to know if any of you have thoughts on this or a similar subject.

Sebastian2010-05-04 21:05:56 +0000 #2
I agree completely...101%There's nothing more to be said on this matter...You've said it you're self.
Fenerliyim2010-05-04 21:32:19 +0000 #3
turkish league has 18 teams, but every year som relegated team always appeals to the tff saying the TSL should have 20 teams using italy as an example. if this happened it would finally shut these teams up
Sebastian2010-05-04 21:10:20 +0000 #4
There's always some pathetic excuses all around the world,but relegated teams are going through extremely difficult periods...There will be protests in Italy for this one too...
ilcapitano2010-05-04 22:30:10 +0000 #5
Very good points and I have to agree. Serie A should have more competitive teams behind the big clubs, because without them it loses interest. You remember teams like Parma in the 90s with Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram...

The biggest loss of late years must have been Lazio. They were one of the greats just five seasons back, and now there really is nothing left...I really hope they can get some more talent for next season.
Ryan272010-05-04 21:21:46 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by ilcapitano

Very good points and I have to agree. Serie A should have more competitive teams behind the big clubs, because without them it loses interest. You remember teams like Parma in the 90s with Buffon, Cannavaro, Thuram...

Yup, I figure it's also a problem of infrastructure that ties down the lesser clubs. They truly did squander the opportunities of Italia '90 to build intelligent stadia. The one thing I cannot stand about Serie A are the running tracks around the playing fields. They're terrible for the aesthetics.

This doesn't mean that the stadiums should all just be boxes or attempts at being futuristic. There should be a bit of romance and art to it (Siena's stadium, despite a running track, seems truly gorgeous). This is Italy after all. The key is finding the right balance between function and style.

If I had Bill Gates' money (we can dream, right?), I'd donate money to intelligently improve Serie B's infrastructure. It's important to have a strong second division, providing a base for the top flight. Actually, while I don't give a damn about the cheap thrills of the EPL, the one aspect of English football I do admire is their wonderful pyramid setup, with well-supported teams even at lower levels. Though I think I did read somewhere that attendance is declining below the EPL, which is sad. Perhaps, because of the EPL, they've reached some sort of saturation point.
Sebastian2010-05-04 23:24:14 +0000 #7
The paradox here is that by this curent league format,seria A is more complete than ever...I mean you have Genoa,Napoli,Torino...These are all teams with pedegree,regardless of their current status.Only Bologna is lacking to complete the "Bloodlines".More seria B teams are fighting for a place in seria A and that motivates

them more and more...It's like in F1 they had a bizarre scoring system.


Now it's:


Some may think that the difference is insignificant,but those who watch F1 knows what a point means even for McLaren and Ferrari ,as for the others i shouldnt even speak...

I would preffer 18 teams,but seria B teams doesnt share our optimism on this one...They have enough arguments to keep this concept running...
Ryan272010-05-04 23:03:53 +0000 #8
Yup, something would have to be done for Serie B to manage this reduction. Maybe a larger slice of television revenue, I don't know. It's always easy to expand, never easy to contract. What a shame they gave in and went to 20 teams in the first place.



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