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syntex7772010-05-04 21:25:58 +0000 #1
last night we lost the super cup to roma ... i have to say it was quite a dissapointing performance from inter ... the starting line up completely lacked creativity and the first half hour was painful to watch ... roma deserved to win for sure ... materazzi was probably our best player he had a v good game ... i think the worst on the pitch was stankovic he didnt do anytin right ... apparently he had a fever and yet he still played ... mancini should not have fielded him if he wasnt in good condition

and vieria also had a pretty bad game ... ibra well wasnt too bad but still far from top form ... suazo failed to convert a couple of chances like that free header which im sure crespo would have scored ... but im sure he'll do better in the future ... we needed maicon on the right wing pity he was suspended ... and mayb even maxwell though chivu had a good game (i still think he should be fielded in the middle along side materazzi) ... and figo should have started ... anyway we only have a week till seria A starts and the physical condition of the team isnt good ... i hope we manage to get a good start to the season :/

ilcapitano2010-05-04 21:42:37 +0000 #2
Roma wanted this title so much more. For Inter players this must have been more like the last practise match before the season starts. Still, it is worrying how Roma dominated in the first half. The midfield has to improve considerably before Udinese match...this would have been a chance to improve the players confidence. In the second half they looked less lost, so that's positive.



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