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Was RONALDO Right about CUPER???

Sebastian2010-05-04 22:48:46 +0000 #1
....RONALDO has allways involved in the epilogue of our matches wether INTER wins or loses there's allways his comments.....he's criticising CUPER like no other...perhaps he's furious that MORATTI chosed CUPER over RONIE....regardless of the situation he allways carred about INTER......his greef for our failure is evident...he knows that REAL doesnt respect him like RAUL....hell when he received the PALLONE D' ORO REAL fans cheared RAUL'S name... ....he has enjoyed a status like no other INTER player in the history of this team.....

"I am an Inter fan and I always will be," said Ronaldo. "Like everybody else, I cannot understand why a team with so many quality players cannot get good results and play good football.

"I am not in a position to send president Massimo Moratti any advice. The only thing I can say is that this bad situation does not have an easy way out, but I guess he already knows what should be done for the good of the team."

are his insinuations right???we all criticised RONIE but look at BOBO....i can swear that his cursing his mother for bringing him in this world.... ......i know that he regrets his decision when he refused INTER he did nothing but wasting his precious time...and he's the only one that isnt afright to point that something's deeply wrong in INTER....i dont know at this point players like SEEDORF...PIRLO....were swaped under direct request from CUPER as for CRESPO i cant blame him no one is that stupid to order that exept you know who.... ....that felt strange to swap these creative genious for GULY and COCO... we gave some sort of DOGMATIC belief in CUPER....and that payed it's due....even RONALDO wasnt t h e RONALDO we used to know under CUPER wings....

dont get me wrong...i've somehow atached to CUPER...i like his personality.....but i dont like MILAN and JUVE arrogant teasing over his ridiculous mistakes man..... .....the score with JUVE and MILAN since CUPER arrival is a discrace..... if CUPER doesnt put his shit together it will be clear that RONALDO has won this contraversial media war with CUPER......and if that happens there will be even more desapointment and frustration..... .....

nismo2010-05-04 23:00:37 +0000 #2
I'll have to wait until the end of the season to answer that one correctly

I don't care so much for Ronaldo's words, no matter how much he says he loves Inter, his disgraceful actions will also prove otherwise.
Sebastian2010-05-04 23:08:25 +0000 #3
...i dont know blaming him wont take us anywhere....the guy saw that somethings wrong with the TACTICS and left....simple as that....a player like him cant really allow him self to stagnate in a team like INTER.....and we are stagnating....and you know we dont have to wait till the end of the season...perhaps CUPER can leave much sooner than that....wich will be catastrophic...but if ther's bad results and i know there will be what's the point in leaving him as NAVIGATOR....RONALDO is a litlle bit too soft in his comments for the INTER fans...wich is obvious that he's kissing our asses...but it's not only RONALDO i've mentioned PIRLO and SEEDORF but they are reserved in this matter...although PIRLO was happy when INTER lost the scudetto on OLIMPICO....
Zek2010-05-04 23:13:11 +0000 #4
Poor Pirlo...

we're not known as a team who gives chances to play to youngsters. The only exception so far is Martins and maybe Pasquale.

Both of them are inter youth team products and they have by now inter in their blood! we shall try to engage more youth players in the game cauz they've got that young spirit, hot blood

Sebastian2010-05-05 00:43:27 +0000 #5
....when PIRLO played one match when TARDELLI was coach his talent was evident.....MARKO thought that if RECOBA sign for JUVE or BARCA.....he would fing a replacement in ANDREA....but MORATTI interfired again and ALVARO stayed in INTER.....and now he's putting preassure on our TACTICAL"GENIOUS" play him in the up comming matches.... .... .....CUPER is under unbelevable preassure....from now on i doubt that he'll even sleep..... ....and he prooved that he wins the derbies...but with his mouth.... .....wich made him a jack ass in the calcio......that gives RONALDO a lot of space to atack our coach.....that's not wery noble from RONIE...but when you have an argument with someone you dont chose words or weapons to humiliate you're oponent.....and this is that kind of delicate situation....
nismo2010-05-05 00:59:43 +0000 #6
That was when Moratti made Recoba the highest paid player to keep him, so it's no wonder Moratti wants to get a return on his payment. Which just goes to show how inept Moratti is, he acts on impulse and doesn't think of the consequences of his actions. We could've easily had Pirlo and Recoba in the same side.
Sebastian2010-05-04 23:21:35 +0000 #7
...we would've had all those brilliant ass kickers.....not only PIRLO...when REAL can field FIGO....BACKHAM and the starting line up i dont see why INTER cant play with PIRLO...RECOBA....CARLOS and SEEDORF.... ........
CV32 Top Ah Top2010-05-04 23:42:04 +0000 #8
Ronaldo can stay in Madrid for all i care, i rather fetch back Kanu on our team again then takin that 2 buck tooth hoodlum. he's a disgrace PERIOD!!!

And as for Pirlo, givin him away to milan was the worst move Inter has done. waste of young talent, and not just that, he told Media he was Happy that he left Inter with a big smile on his Face cause the coach didn't have faith in him.

I dunno why Inter is Falling in the table,But Morratti and cuper better get their heads together and find a solution before we end up being the worst team of the year again like 2000/2001 season. What a digraceful season.



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