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Ronaldo Report

lilphenom2010-05-05 00:15:09 +0000 #1
I have very bad news concerning ronaldo. It has been discoverd that he has once again torn his patella tendon this injury could be as serious as career threatning and at best Ronaldo will be out for a minimum of 8 months but i am not concerned about inter any more this is a human being wich busted his ass to get healthy he was n my opinion one of the greatest to ever play when he was on form and not to mention before this injury he had everything going for him he just had his son and he was about to come back but then what happened yesterday in the stadio olimpiue may have been the end of of maybe the greatest player ever and i hope not just for inter but for soccer fans all over the world that ronaldo recovers fully and so that he can once again thrill us with he talent. ronaldo did not deserve this and wether you like him or not he is a human and no one deserves this and all i hope for is ronaldo to be healthy even if it means him walking away from the gamke although i hope it would not come to that this soon because he still has plenty of years

B-Town Rovers2010-05-05 00:30:48 +0000 #2

Originally Posted by freedom_liberal

don't care abt the traitor!!!!!

I don't care for someone who will play for Inter and Barca, then go and play with their rivals, he honestly has NO sense of loyalty. He's one of the greatest of all times, but him signing with AC destroy his reputation with me...
GALACTICO2010-05-05 00:26:09 +0000 #3
WOW ....... sucks for Rony.



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