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Disgraceful refereeing continues in Seria A

Zek2010-05-05 00:20:33 +0000 #1
What should be done to make Serie A, a better place? Now Juventus is in Serie B, but perhaps Lazio, Milan and Viola should have joined them... I feel sorry for Palermo, watched those moments on Sky Italia and yes Palermo is right. Hate to say that but Seria A is certainly more corrupt than Premiership or LaLiga and this is probably why Italian league goes downhill...

I am afraid when Juventus back next season and the whole referee scandal becomes past, it will all start again...

Palermo have launched a bitter tirade at referee Stefano Ayroldi, who they accuse of “deciding the Sicilian derby” to favour bigger clubs.

The Rosanero’s 2-0 defeat to local rivals Messina was an extremely tense affair in which they had two penalty shouts – one particularly evident on David Di Michele – and Andrea Caracciolo was sent off for dissent.

“Things have been going wrong for us for a while and it’s certainly not easy for Palermo to finish in the top four,” warned director of sport Rino Foschi, who was also red carded.

Today’s results saw Lazio move to within two points of third-placed Palermo, while Empoli, Milan and Fiorentina are also closing in on what had seemed an unassailable lead.

“Now they are pushing at our shoulders, but I feel something strange in the air around us. It’s a great shame, as we dominated this match and were denied two penalties.

“I don’t know what the referee will write, but I was sent off because I was talking to my players at the half-time whistle and Ayroldi was laughing. I told him there was nothing to laugh about, as if there were any complaints it was his fault.

“You can’t always pretend nothing is happening every single Sunday. Sooner or later, you have to say something,” slammed Foschi.

Messina’s opening goal was also started by an Edgar Alvarez cross in a clear offside position standing directly in front of the linesman.

Palermo Coach Francesco Guidolin was so angry at the referee’s performance that he refused to speak to journalists after the match, while President Maurizio Zamparini was not in the stands.

However, the club’s official website pulled no punches in its criticism of Ayroldi in the match report.

“Shame on you! Palermo are defeated 2-0 by Messina with Rigano’s brace, where more than the home side it was the referee who decided the result,” read the statement.

“Ayroldi did not act in good faith and was inadequate to referee in a professional football League. Caracciolo’s game lasted not even four minutes because Mr Ayroldi decided what he had already done was not enough, sending off the striker for protesting too vigorously for another penalty that wasn’t given.

“In the final five minutes not much else happened and, thanks to Mr Ayroldi, the Rosanero lose their first derby of the season. Their opponents who, like Palermo, are challenging for a Champions League place now move dangerously close.”

Laury842010-05-05 00:26:45 +0000 #2
the problem is that they are afraid about making any kind of they're not relaxed during the game....and in the end they're terrible....
devious2010-05-05 00:47:48 +0000 #3
After Inter`s last game.. I still think there will be no end for the bribing scandals.. milan will remain falithy, and so is juve.. it`s just too obvious, it doesnt need any explanations.



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