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ilcapitano2010-05-05 00:41:20 +0000 #1
Inter's second half of the season will begin today when they meet Empoli in a coppa match. So far the team's success has been beyond expectations, especially in serie A.

What about the next five months?

Our only scudetto threat, Roma have acquired Tavano (though they lost Montella) to strengthen their attack, while Inter only signed some young talents for the reserves. I suppose no one will seriously be disappointed, because the current team has earned respect for what they have done and need guarantees that they are still going to play.

Anyway, it would be difficult to point out a serious weakness in the squad, in spite of injuries. Cruz should be fit in a month or so, and it looks like our imperatore just might be coming back from his long slumber. The central midfield could maybe need one more rotation player IMO but it's not a serious problem. If Inter wins the scudetto (and definitely if they win the CL) we can expect some fantastic signings come summer.

Still, I can't stop being worried about this team...

If history has taught us anything, it's not to say game over before the fat lady sings. Inter has a rich history in losing scudettos. To tell you the truth, I'm worried about our first loss

which is sure to arrive at some point. The first A games in january - against Torino and Viola - can be more difficult than expected. If we should start to draw games and Roma would win couple in a row, it would be a very different situation. I just hope that Mancini is able to keep the team concentrated and not too self-assured. And I also hope he has the sense to keep Cordoba where he should be...on the bench.

I will be out of this forum for a month or so - I'm moving cities and have to get a new computer and new web connection. But I'll be watching the games whenever I can and hoping for the same magic to continue. Keep up the good work, moderators...this forum is bound to get more users as the real games start again

Laury842010-05-05 00:45:27 +0000 #2
well I don't know if u hav seen some Roma's games in this season...without Taddei and Mancini they are simply shits..we hav 22 first choice players...we didn't win thanks to a couple of players...

I'm not worried 4 our players...I'm scared coz with inter u hav to be always scared...

btw we'll miss u!
Ryan272010-05-05 00:59:11 +0000 #3
Hurry back ilcapitano...good post too, btw.
MutOofd2010-05-05 02:02:55 +0000 #4
Oddly enough I still feel we need a striker and a #10 of course... or a cybernetic implant for recoba.
GiorgioII2010-05-05 01:39:19 +0000 #5
Well we won the Empoli game 2-0 and Adriano scored again. This resurgence is definitely promising. It was a very well taken goal. On course for the treble!



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