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What's going on??

Quixote2010-05-05 00:59:18 +0000 #1
Dear fellow masochists,

I can't say I post a lot here, quite the contrary, I am a "tourist" most of the time. But I am a loyal reader. Before and after every game, I find myself coming to these pages, looking for god knows what. Insight? The key to the madness? News that it was a joke after all?

Because let me be clear, I think an Interista would be better off at the closest bar, drinking himself silly. Or maybe at temple, singing "I was blind/But now I see".

I am amazed at the endurance shown in here, week after wasteful week. Hearts melting, guts in turmoil, heads turned inside out by twisted logic... We're beaten black and blue, yet keep coming back for more. It's beautiful!

Today I felt the urge to write something, O Romantic Brothers, because it's getting too much too soon for me, and we're not even in October yet! So if you'll forgive me the somewhat pointless intro, I'd like to get to the, uhh, even more pointless point: Mancini.

Ahh, Mancio, Mancio, Mancio... That he is still the "boss" of us, and not in Japan doing commercials for hair conditioner, or some sun lotion or something, is a bigger mistery to me than what is really going on in the series Lost. And as those of you who, like me, watch that crappy show will know, Lost is "very mysterious". (The comparison is not that crazy really, since both the makers of Lost and the makers of Inter seem to have thrown the screenplay in the fire before the the word "action" was first said!)

Anyway. Mancini. What is going on here?? How did that fool find his way to a third season? And really, does anyone believe this year is going to be different? With him in command? Don't do it to yourselves, dudes. A football team is like a ship, and when the captain doesn't know a thing about the sea, well, you can either go for mutiny or you will "sleep with the fishes". And with a team leader like Zanetti, who for all his loyalty and consistency, which I truly admire, never once speaks out from the gut, I don't see mutiny happening soon. (Maybe Sinisa will "take care" of Mancio, that is if he can get his tongue out of the boss's butt...).

The things I've heard that poseur Mancini say in the space of a few weeks is enough to make any rational, well-intentioned man sick to his stomach. He is a bad example, a bad influence and simply a bad coach. He has no tactical skills and no motivational skills. He cannot analyze and cannnot improvise. Things didn't work out? Blame Adriano. Things didn't work out? Blame the referee. Seriously, what is going on??

Can you believe that game against Sporting Lisboa? Any coach worthy of being called one would have acted and made some tactical changes after only 15 minutes: Figo marked out in the center, Maicon fighting 2 men (when 1 is already hard for him defensively!), Dejan lost in la-la-land... It goes on and on, and that fool Mancio does nothing!! I watched the game with my uncle, who knows a lot about football, and he stood up after 25 minutes, said "I'll never understand why you like that team so much" and went out to walk the dog. I saw the rest of the game alone and felt like hurting someone. Me. Or Mancini. Planet Inter is not big enough for both of us.

I won't even start about yesterday's game, against Sampdoria, except: when you've got 3 players on the bench who can play left back (Grosso, Maxwell, Solari) and you play Zanetti there instead, your name must be Mancini.

I've used up a lot of space so I'll wrap it up and shut my mouth now, but before I go I want to say I hope we get trashed by Roma next week and then lose against Bayern. As much as that would hurt, it's the only way I see to get rid of that fool. Sack his balls! Name Recoba player-manager, use 433 and bring on the good times!



Pape2010-05-05 01:01:13 +0000 #2
I started reading your post and said I won't read this its too long but every paragraph kept me comming back for more wise words. Well said, would love to have you post more here.


devious2010-05-05 01:31:33 +0000 #3
hehe.. that was the brief of Inter`s misery with Mancini.. thanks for the post mate..

keep in touch!
Ryan272010-05-05 02:10:33 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Quixote

As much as that would hurt, it's the only way I see to get rid of that fool. Sack his balls! Name Recoba player-manager, use 433 and bring on the good times!

It's difficult to imagine Recoba as manager, but I'd be 100% for it . Excellent writing btw and I certainly remember you.

I think first I should fess up and say I misinterpreted the tactics against Sporting in our Champions League thread. That's what happens when you watch a replay of the match at 3 or 4 am . I saw some of the game again the other day and realized Mancini was indeed trying to use the rhombus, though in the end it didn't function any differently than his straight line midfield, which is probably why I made my error. In this case, Mancini is correct that there is little difference when he uses straight 4-4-2 and the 4-3-1-2; the team plays disorganized and inefficiently regardless because he doesn't know how to use either tactic.

It's discouraging that Mancini doesn't seem to know anything else he could possibly do to get the best out of the squad. He lacks imagination and is out of ideas. He also probably doesn't see any of the mediocrity as his fault. I dunno if he should be sacked yet though because it seems that every coach fails at Inter, not just him. Perhaps we should stick with him through the season for the sake of continuity. I don't want to throw away a season like Inter did when they sacked Cuper. But it is worrisome that we're experiencing all of the same problems with this team all over again and that Mancini doesn't look like he's improving.
ilcapitano2010-05-05 02:26:48 +0000 #5
Good stuff, Quixote. What a name you have chosen! I guess were all Quixotes in this forum, endlesly fighting those windmills and believing that the wanted treasure (the magical scudetto) will arrive after our "heroic" support. Anyway, you have to be an idealist to believe in a team like this...

I am starting to agree with everything you wrote about Mancini. Before this season I still gave him the benefit of a doubt, but his behavior has become even more arrogant and unflexible. I was laughing when I read the comments after the Sampdoria game. Mancini said that the referee ruined our chances; in fact, the ref could have given Cordoba a red card for that penalty situation...and then where would have we been?

If Inter would change the coach, it should be at an early stage. There's little sense in sacking him in the middle of season. Then again, who is available that is any good? Maybe Moratti can get mr Lippi to return to Inter...(no, I'm not serious)
Quixote2010-05-05 02:19:15 +0000 #6
Dearest friends,

I don't want to spoil the mood after a good week, with an important win at Roma wednesday and 3 points against Chievo today, but...

...but that fool Mancini! Seriously, what is going on with that man? I'm beginning to think he's really a comedian or a performance artist, someone with a superior sense of humour, fooling us all, just impersonating a coach. Because today's substitutions were pure comedic art. Genius!

If he wasn't Inter's coach and I didn't have to go through 3 heart-attacks every game, I'd actually be a big fan of him and his loco stylee. Say if he was coach of some team I don't really care about, I could just relax and enjoy his show, be part of the experiment. I would love it. Because I would know that something interesting is bound to happen in the game, because that comedian wants to make us all laugh again, right?

Anyway, here's Mancini's quote after the game: "It wasn’t the fault of the players, it was mine, as my substitutions created a few problems".

I just hope he gets tired of his own "jokes" sooner rather than later.

Get real, Mancio!
Ryan272010-05-05 01:30:39 +0000 #7
In fairness to Mancini, I should say that Dacourt and Stankovic did look worn out and we desperately need them in top shape against Bayern. Vieira's lack of discipline, Cambiasso's injury, and Inter's transfer 'gurus' (selling and not replacing Pizarro) all forced Mancini's hand and he experimented using fullbacks and wingers to fill in for Dacourt. It clearly didn't work, but he didn't really have any other solutions if he wanted to rest his center mid's. Let's just be glad we still got the three points and hope we can hold on until Cambiasso hurries back. Maybe Vieira can get his suspension reduced too and stop getting sent off.
Quixote2010-05-05 03:58:03 +0000 #8
Ryan, you're absolutely right: Mancini is doing the best he can.

That's what's worrying me!

Nobody asked him to play Vieira+Dacourt+Cambiasso together in midfield... One of these guys per game is enough, maybe two for though ones where a packed, physical midfield is needed. Now, like you said, one is injured, one is banned, and one is tired. Big surprise!

As for Pizzaro, if Mancio had played him a few more times last year, he would never have left. That's a fact. Now that fool Mancini suddenly wishes Pizzaro was still there. Doesn't make sense? Big surprise!

Inter is a team that can win both the Seria A and the CL, and has the players to do it in style. But that comedian is trying hard enough to make me believe we'll do neither. Big surprise!

Your local optimist,




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