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Adriano given leave!

GiorgioII2010-05-05 00:24:37 +0000 #1
Adriano has been given several days off. He will be unavailable for selection for Inter's games. Apparently he will undergo a personalised physical and psychological training regime. This is a very rare move for a club to take with a player. I hope it means he can rediscover his old self. Either that or it is just a precursor for him leaving in January.
Sebastian2010-05-05 00:34:36 +0000 #2

Originally Posted by GiorgioII

Adriano has been given several days off. He will be unavailable for selection for Inter's games. Apparently he will undergo a personalised physical and psychological training regime. This is a very rare move for a club to take with a player. I hope it means he can rediscover his old self. Either that or it is just a precursor for him leaving in January.

Adriano is finished with's over...i mean i predicted that he will be bad this season...but this is incredible...i hope we can resign Ronaldo in January and Milan is interested in him too...but with Moratti regaining his President possition i think that will be an easy one...Ronaldo will surelly preffer Inter over Milan,considering his relationship with Moratti amd hey Inter is the Champion... ...honestly i dont really care what happens with i said...with his stupid statements he lost my respect and the respect of the Inter menagment...he cant expect a support from the club after what he said...he lost his National status in Brazilian national team...and Inter isnt the one to be blamed for this...Adriano sucked in Brazil in the world's sad though... sorry for him...but hey Inter forward is the best even without him... ...he's pretty useless on the field so it wont be a handycap if he's no longer avelable...Cruz and Recoba are in the Form of their lives... seems that Mancini will play Recoba with Ibrahimovic and Crespo in a 4-3-3 formation... ...
Zek2010-05-05 00:46:31 +0000 #3
i made it back somehow to forum for this particular post:

Mancini admits it is Inter's fault with Adriano... I think it is a fault of last season and a season before when Inter entirely relied on Adriano put too much psychological and physical pressure on him utilizing him like a slave... Then world cup trashing had an emotional impact on all Brasil NT leaders. And Adriano's character at the moment is very weak... I re-call Sheva passing through similar period long ago with Milan. He was beaten in every game and wa snot able to score. But then he got used to it and started fearless battles with defenders and become a great Sheva. Hope this may happen to Adriano if Mancini and Co do have a right attitude towards him. I think Adriano needed to learn from Martins - that lad had really good attitude and we should have kept him... He was of lower calibre but learning and loving Inter. Anyway we may get into trouble with our current tactics and attack line.

I am still for sacking Mancini - will be looking for improvements in today's game vs Udinese, thankfully it does not interfere much with MU_Liv game

and Goran please get over it - NO RONALDO HERE! He betrayed once and he can repeat it again and he's old. Tevez is having hard times in England or Sobis or Carraciolo or even Gilardino...
ilcapitano2010-05-05 01:47:37 +0000 #4
I have to agree with zek. Ronaldo is history, he's a lazy selfish fatass. And I don't want to see him near my beloved Inter.

Anyway, our most serious problems aren't about the forwards but lack of creativity and good passing from the midfield. It looks like Adriano is through with Inter but let's see, this decision was so strange at this moment: it tells how much the team values him, after all. If Adriano decides to leave in january, then so be it, none of us will cry about it.

About the replacements: Caracciolo? Why not. Gilardino? He's too high profile, and when he starts scoring again (bound to happen) he will be Milan's first choice forward. I would like Tevez, Inter hasn't had an attacker like him for a long time. Saviola would be nice too. Not very physical, not so tall, but pacey, technical, creative forwards - and both still young.
Ryan272010-05-05 00:57:03 +0000 #5
When Mancini took over, he said he was going to teach Adriano and Martins many new things. But what a joke that was! Both players took steps backwards!

For me, one of the greatest ways to judge Adriano's struggles is his shooting. He once had a cannon that few could match, but now it's gone awry and the precision is completely absent. You can say that he's out of shape or that defenders have figured out he is too left-footed (as if they didn't already know), but that doesn't explain this downfall of his shooting ability. This shows me that the problem is mostly psychological (I'd prefer he was merely out of shape; this would be easier to fix). And if he can't even shoot on goal properly, we can hardly expect him to dribble entire defenses like he used to.

Aside from Adriano, Inter have four quality forwards (five if you count Choutos ). So we've the luxury of trying different things to resuscitate the Brazilian. There shouldn't be a need for a replacement in January since we already had too many options up front. Adriano has to at least be good enough to be a fifth choice forward, right? And this is a large squad and Mancini should be able to find other tactical solutions if forwards get hurt again.

And I think Adriano only leaves in January if Inter decide to loan him, which may not be a bad idea. It will be impossible for Inter to sell him without just giving him away. You think Real would still want him in his current form? Absolutely not. It is in Inter's best interests to try and recover Adriano rather than selling him at a huge loss. Anyway, like I said, we have plenty of other forwards, so we don't have to obsess over Adriano. If he makes a comeback, great! But if not, we can move on and just remember him as yet another talented player that Inter wasted.
GiorgioII2010-05-05 02:19:58 +0000 #6
Adriano still has the most potential of all of our attackers. I will never doubt that and will never stop stating that. He has hit a massive slumber though that has lasted approximately a year and a half now. Mancini has to take some of the blame. But Adriano himself should also be blamed as it is only he who can overcome this difficult mental period. I am quite pleased that he is having a break.

Once he is back though, the first thing he should work on are his physical attributes. He has definitely lost some of the speed that used to make him so dangerous. If he can get himself in the physical shape he was in when he was tearing defences apart then he can perhaps regain some of that confidence and it will eventually transpire onto his form on the pitch.

Like Ryan says, we will need no replacements if he is to leave. Not until the summer anyway. If there is no room for him I imagine we will do something like we did before; sell half of him to a club like Parma for 9 million and then buy it back for 30 million. Wise bussiness.
GiorgioII2010-05-05 01:16:08 +0000 #7
Adriano refuses to set return date Wednesday 25 October, 2006


Adriano has arrived in Rio de Janeiro and confessed he doesn’t know when he’ll return to Italy.

“I cannot give interviews,” he told journalists waiting at the airport in Brazil. “I don’t know when I’ll come back to Italy.”

The Inter striker has been sent home for a holiday with his family so that he can begin to recover his best form.

He hasn’t scored for the club since March and will miss out on the Milan derby on Saturday evening.

It’s not yet clear how long this process will take, but it’s rumoured Adriano will be out of action for a month.

“I am here because Inter gave me permission,” added L’Imperatore upon his arrival.

He’ll spend the next few days with mother Rosalinda and meet with agent Gilmar Rinaldi.

There are claims that Adriano is planning a January loan switch to Spain, with Real Madrid and Barcelona waiting for developments.



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