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GiorgioII2010-05-05 01:54:13 +0000 #1

Sunday, 23 July 2006 20:40:39

RISCONE DI BRUNICO - (BOLZANO) - Inter beat the Alto Adige 2-1 in second outing of the pre-season. Slavkovski e Bonucci scored the goals for Roberto Mancini's team.

INTER 2-1 ALTO ADIGE 2-1 (HT: 1-0)

Scorers: 35' pt Slavkovski, 10' st Dal Piaz, 18' st Bonucci

INTER (1st half): Toldo; Andreolli, Cordoba, Samuel, Maxwell; J. Zanetti , Dacourt, Belaid (23' pt Choutos); Stankovic; Slavkovski, Martins

INTER (2nd half): Carini; Bonucci, Marino, Andreolli (26' Orlandoni), Fautario; Montella, Belaid, Semenzato, Choutos; Ribas, Slavkovski

Referee: Schienin (Bolzano
GiorgioII2010-05-05 02:07:13 +0000 #2
It seems Mancio really does want to try out the 4-3-3. Excellent .

Anyone going to any games? I may try and go to the ones against Tottenham or Watford if I have enough cash.
King Adriano2010-05-05 02:01:58 +0000 #3
well u will be lucky if u can watch Inter players as for me i have 2 travel from Egypt 2 Italy 2 watch any Inter game during the season while i'm studying.
ilcapitano2010-05-05 03:17:08 +0000 #4
Tottenham beat Inter 2-1. Martins was the scorer for Inter, and

Teemu Tainio was to blame for both of theirs. I was somewhat happy about this, actually, because he is from Finland.

This was a game without the best strikers available so let's not put too much into it.
King Adriano2010-05-05 02:20:07 +0000 #5
yes and i was delighted with Maicon and Pizarro's performances and also Dacourt showed good passion but we were only playing one striker Martins and all our style of playinf was on crosses and Martins is 2 short 2 get these crosses.

Cesar gave a good game 2 and Stankovic as always and good 2 see Marino take his chance.
ilcapitano2010-05-05 03:14:10 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by King Adriano

and all our style of playinf was on crosses

One of our problems last season was relying too much on crosses from Figo and Stankovic. It certainly makes the opponents defenders look very good.
King Adriano2010-05-05 03:53:34 +0000 #7
yes cause last season we didn't have that kind of player that can cut from the middle cause the only one who can do so was Adriano and he was 24/7 guided with 2 or sometimes 3 defenders but if we sign Ibrahimovic who is the perfect player 2 cut from the mid defence and also he is tall so can also be useful in the crossing.
Sebastian2010-05-05 02:49:41 +0000 #8 seems that INter isnt in grate shape allready to lost matches against Monaco and not worried though....players need to regain their fitness and start to kick some ass...



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