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Ibra-Crespo All the Way

Sebastian2010-05-05 02:49:17 +0000 #1
...Watching last night Thriller one thing flashed through my Mind...Adriano's Starter place is about to become History...I was sad for his invisible performance last night,but his useless driblings and terrorising the ball almost caused a desaster and i am sick of his desapointed and melancholic facial expressions...The defense made errors but the team couldnt respond before Adriano's replacement...After his substitution with Crespo,the Team created a Fluid Rythm and a huge,allmost impossible obsticle was passed i cant even comment about the confusing performances and disfunction of Ibra-Adriano partnership...but it seems that Adriano is not better than last season...Watching Ibra and his incredibly effective driblings made me incredibly confident but he should really work on his scoring problem,that Crespo assist should've been a certain goal however im extremely delighted and thrilled by Ibra,Crespo,Vieira and MAICON...can you believe this guy?It's like watching Cafu for God Sake...His speed and technical ability are pretty cool...What can you do,a Brazilian Defender The best transfer campaigne yet for Inter ...Ibrahimovic will be unreplacable in Inter,as for his partner the Dillema seems to be over...In Crucial matches for a trophey as important as the Supper Coppa the players design their Character,Status and Class...Crespo is designed for Seria A Damn it in his first official match he impressed immensely I listened the Comentators on Rai Uno and they praised Ibra-Crespo thandem as it was obvious...I must mention,in my opinion the Man of the MatchFIGOas if he's 25 years old..Im speachless...As if he was under some sort of spell everything he tryed,was successfull...The same thing goes for ZANETTI This team can win the Champions League...

tdr2010-05-05 02:59:55 +0000 #2
Wow it looks like Ibrahimovic will bounce back.

Will he score more than 20 goals in the Serie A?? I don't think so, but he will assist plenty.
CV32 Top Ah Top2010-05-05 03:20:11 +0000 #3
Ibrahimovic can't finish if his life depended on it. Though I must agree, I would prefer Ibra to Adriano. I think his time at must come to an end and sell him while he is still worth something.
syntex7772010-05-05 03:10:22 +0000 #4
as it is, im just happy that if one of our starting forwards doesnt do well, we have quality substitutes such as Crespo
GiorgioII2010-05-05 03:14:29 +0000 #5
Until Adriano was substituted I really felt that Ibra was even worse than Adriano. It is far too early to make claims over who the best two forwards will be in Inter's attack. Crespo for sure improved the teams fluidity. But Adriano and Ibrahimovic have the potential to be a trully breathtaking forward partnership.
Zek2010-05-05 03:15:59 +0000 #6
I would field 4-5-1 with Crespon and we will have two quality substitutes
King Adriano2010-05-05 05:30:26 +0000 #7
no doubt Adriano had such a bad performance its just hard for me 2 see him in such condition but Mancini must put the players that are in the best shape even if it is Cruz or Recoba it doesnt have 2 be the 3 Superstars.

Adriano is avoiding his danger by keep going in the middle,he make it so easy for the defence 2 cut the ball,as Crespo came in i didnt see him out of the box and he did what needed scored the 2nd goal and gave that great pass for Ibra.

Adriano still need more time but what is good for us and will make things better that it is still long for the start of the season so just wait and we will see who will prove himself but untill now the most one impressed me in the game is Scorpion Crespo.
Sebastian2010-05-05 04:11:11 +0000 #8

Originally Posted by CV32 Top Ah Top

Ibrahimovic can't finish if his life depended on it. Though I must agree, I would prefer Ibra to Adriano. I think his time at must come to an end and sell him while he is still worth something.'s either Ibra or Adriano...anyone who understands football will play Crespo from the seems that Celderon already understood that Adriano doesnt worth as people say eh???He asked for 7mil Euros for a swap deal with Ronaldo...and before the Super Coppa Real were ready to give Ronaldo and 10 mil Euros

Adriano unhappy at Inter

Monday 28 August, 2006

Adriano’s Inter future has been thrown into doubt once again after he reacted badly when substituted in Saturday’s Super Cup Final.

Coach Roberto Mancini introduced Hernan Crespo 60 minutes into the game for Adriano, whose performance had been poor.

The Brazilian striker left the pitch shaking his head, kicking some bottles of water and punching the bench on his way out.

“I was mad at myself,” l’Imperatore reasoned, although it now seems clear that the rift between the player and the Nerazzurri is as serious as ever.

Mancini himself also tried to justify Adriano’s reaction: “Sometimes a player gets mad at himself, it’s a normal reaction when you are substituted in an important match.”

Adriano’s replacement was made all the more bitter when Crespo went on to score five minutes into his second debut for the outfit, contributing to Inter’s incredible victory over Roma.

The future of the Brazilian international will now be decided in the next few days, as the summer transfer window is due to close on August 31.

Inter owner Massimo Moratti is still keen on bringing former star Ronaldo back to San Siro, after Real Madrid’s negotiation with city rivals Milan failed.

Reports in Spain suggested last week the Nerazzurri could propose a swap deal involving Adriano, but Real chief Ramon Calderon has apparently asked for an additional £7m.

...his future in Inter is quite uncertain...he needs more time sure...he had the whole season and it seems that he is even worst after the Supper Coppa...



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