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Tim Super Coppa : Inter Milan vs Roma.

King Adriano2010-05-05 00:51:01 +0000 #1
on Saturday the 26th of August the 1st serious action in 2006/2007 Italian season will start as Scudetto and Coppa Italia Champions Internazionale Milano will host on their stadium in Milano Gussippe Miazza in San Siro AS Roma Scudetto and Coppa italia 2nd place.

Both Clubs strengthen their squads with big names and especially Inter who were very succesfull in the Transfer Market and Roberto Mancini was given the players he wanted 2 cover all problems in his formation.

With new left back world cup hero Italian Fabio Grosso and also Brazilian Maxwell,on the right back he got 25 years old Monaco's Maicon as in the midline he signed French and ex Juve player Patrick Vieira 2 replace juan Sebastian Veron.Big names came in the front line as Inter got 2 of the heavy names in Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Hernan Crespo.

Inter had some friendlies and joined the Amsterdam Tournament and got 2nd place but not with full squad,and under the new full team Inter played 2 friendlies against Mallorca and won 1 - 0 when Maicon scored and tied scoreless with Sporting Lisbon.

Roma also succeded in adding good players like Sampdoria's Max Tonnetto and Ascoli's Cassetti and Rennes young player Faty with also getting back Egyptian striker Mido from the Tottenham loan.

Roma also played some friendlies like Hamburg and lost 1-0 and also same result with Porto.

Both Teams will know their Groups in CL on Friday before their game.Inter Milan are also last season Super Coppa Holders when they were representing the coppa Italia winner and faced Scudetto champions Juventus in Delli Alppi and won 1-0 in extra time with Veron who left the team.

there was business between the 2 teams as Inter Milan's David Pizarro joined Roma this season in a Co Ownership and Roma's Oliver Dacourt joined Inter as a free Transfer.

Last season Results :

both team faced each other 4 times last season and these were the results.

- Serie A (San Siro) Inter Milan 2 - 3 AS Roma

- Serie A (Olympico) AS Roma 1 - 1 Inter Milan

- Coppa Italia Final (Olympico) AS Roma 1 - 1 Inter Milan

- Coppa Italia final (San Siro) Inter Milan 3 - 1 AS Roma.

Key Players

- Inter Milan :

* Zlatan Ibrahimovic :

The player joined Inter this season from Juventus,The swedish Striker didn't have a good season with Juventus last year and hoping 2 do better in Inter,Inter Fans are putting a lot of hopes on him 2 be the best Partner with Adriano.

* Adriano :

Adriano was one of the worst players in Inter last season and failed 2 impress whether with Inter or Brazilian national team in the world cup but he remainson of Inter best players and the key for the Team,all fans believe that if he is in top form Inter will be better.


* Francesco Totti :

Totti is Roma's king and the most faithful player for the team he had a good season last year but suffered an injury that made him out of action for 4 month,but he returned in the World cup and was a main factor in Italy world Champions.

* Amantino Mancini :

The Brazilian winger was one of the best players in Serie A last season and one of the big factors of Roma's last season record in winning and he was also the 2nd top scorer behind Totti,he will form a lot of problems for Inter defence as he did last season.

this will be the official match discussion thread and i want all of u 2 join and give ur oppinion about the match,and enjoy the start of 2006/2007 Serie A italian season.

Match report presented and written by SFN Faithful member

King Adriano.

Lance Knight2010-05-05 00:59:00 +0000 #2
i think Inter would wipe the pitch with them, for inter not to win this match it would be a sin. the odds and skill are clearly in thier corner
nismo2010-05-05 00:57:55 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by Lance KnighT

i think Inter would wipe the pitch with them, for inter not to win this match it would be a sin. the odds and skill are clearly in thier corner


On paper Inter could probably beat Roma with our second team. But how many times have we said "easy win match for Inter" before??

I haven't been too impressed with Inter's friendlies, but I hope by the time the super cup comes around, the players will have improved their fitness and understood team tactics better.
GiorgioII2010-05-05 01:40:51 +0000 #4
We have been poor in the friendlies. I hope that it is not an indication of complacency amongst the squad. If Inter are to win they need to be fired up and hungry for victory. The defence need to be really solid and Cambiasso should stay tight on Totti. Adriano and Ibra should start and will need to gel in the attack immediately.
Sebastian2010-05-05 02:44:53 +0000 #5 not so sure wether we will wipe the floor with them...lasts eason Spaletti teached MANCIO a lession on San Sirro....if he fails to win this valuable trophey then he will lost all the support...
King Adriano2010-05-05 03:17:52 +0000 #6
games arent played on papers and maybe Roma want 2 express that they will be contenders in Serie A they have a really good squad and a very solid midfield.

Maybe Inter failed 2 impress in the friendlies cause they use 2 play in very short period of time like the 1 day rest between Mallorca and sporting games.

i think Totti must be left more for Vieira and Cambiasso wait for any surprises from Pizarro ,De Rossi or Perrotta.

th wingers will be more handed with Grosso takin Mancini and Zanetti taking Taddei.
King Adriano2010-05-05 03:07:36 +0000 #7
but guys do u think Pizarro will play a big role against the team that left him almost 1 year on the bench ??
GiorgioII2010-05-05 03:33:57 +0000 #8




That should do nicely.



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