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Adriano the best in the World???

Sebastian2010-05-05 02:46:12 +0000 #1
Adriano i have seen that you said that Adriano will be the best in teh world...AdrianFan youre nick makes it perfectly clear to me that Adriano is youre favorite player...Perhaps that's why you are being extremely subjective...He is a world class player and while a lot of people denied his obvious talent i praised him...But youre exaggerating,that he will be the best in the world is immense...He isnt a leader...When people newer expected briliant performances from he always played at the highest level...but when the leadership was given and expected from him he played bellow the awerage...He sucked big time...Inter wasnt suitable for him,he went in the Brasilian national team to humiliate Inter,to embarass the team tactics(which arent as we want them to be and as we expected)to prove and show to the whole world that Inter was the reason for his failure to impress,he indicated with his statements in Brazil which were ungratefull and insulting at least for me and as Perreira claimed that Inter was the reason for Adriano's ridiculous desplay of football...Such character lacks respect in all aspects...He constantly insulted the team,while behaving extremely arrogant...Adriano is unbelievably stupid individual,imature and ignorant...What happened with his Brazil???He was hilarious...I couldnt even see him on the screen most of the time...He hopped that Brazil will launch him among the stars and that the world will say that famous saying"It's Inter...Adriano suffred with those losers and he should leave them if he wants to win"but instead he embarassed him self...His famous statement before the World Cup"i cant wait to play with Brazilian national team and rejuvenate my self"...Adriano cant be better than Henry and Ronaldinho...the two best players at the moment...They werent shining at the world cup,but they had an awesome season Ronaldinho is relatively at the same age with Adriano and do you honestly believe that he'll be a better player than Gaucho???Messi is aleady ten times better than Adriano and as he grows older he'll be unreachable for Adriano...Rubinho is a better player...Torres is a better player and he is always constant,which he proved in the World Cup...He was extremely impressive...Spain elimination cant be atached on his back...Sheva is much better and no one can blame him for what happened to Ukraina,but they did great there considering that they were debitants...Ronaldo is undoubtably uncomparable with Adriano,who when was at Adriano's age he was Phenomenal...He's not at his Top ah Top at the moment but his mark in the football history is Cosmic and there's Kaka who is incredible...always constant,accurate and lucide...He'll probably end up in Real and who by the way is the Hottest Talent on the transfer market...I dont think that Adriano was,is and will be better than anyone of these mentioned in this thread...All those mindless statements spoken by Adriano,ruined his credibility and status...I can newer respect him again,but now under these circumstancesit's obvious that he'll stick arround...Afterall the competition next season will be a bit Inferiour and as for Milan -8 points will be hard to catch up...then after he acomplished what he promissed(i wold like for you to imagine a smiley who is simulating Jerking off with his hand)"i wont leave before i win something important with Inter"he can go and join Real Madrid

...In his statement,everyone can predict what are his intentiones...I personally dont give a damn about him...He's not Ronaldinho or Zidane... Next season will be probably exceptional for Inter...So when he asks for a transfer in Real im convinced that Inter receives a huge ammount of cash,although not as big as Kaka's...If he wants to remain it'll be Ok,but i am indifferent over his future...Afterall we'll be Champions...We will have the Privilidge Idont want to to be wrongly understood...He is among the best players in the world,but he'll newer be the best which isnt something over which we should cry about ...He's a forward that everyone would like and from who only Ronaldo was better in Inter...I would like him to stay,he's extremely usefull,he's not someone like Vieri who waits for someone to give him the ball like a Child waiting from a Xristmass present from Santa Clause...but as i said if he departs he can Piss Off i dont give a damn...I dont know who will partner him next season Toni or Ibrahimovic,i cant wait to see that,but i think that he should have lot more Respect for the team that discovered him...Now with the Scudetto on his chest(which he didnt won) i hope that he'll shut his ugly mouth and show some gratitute....

Lance Knight2010-05-05 02:56:01 +0000 #2
finally someone with enough guts to state the truth within the inter forum. eLcino your the man

i 100% support what u say

hell f*** that i 1000% support what u say

i couldnt have said it any better, really i couldnt
GiorgioII2010-05-05 03:14:15 +0000 #3
I agree. But do you not think it is a bit early to say such things? When Adriano was at his best only Ronaldinho was better than him. Ok, so he has dipped A LOT since then. But if he gets back to his best this season and again is one of the top 3 players in the world, will you retract this thread eLcino??
King Adriano2010-05-05 03:35:47 +0000 #4
that's the problem with u ppl when a player is at his best u say his the best and if he ***ked up once he turn 2 be no class and shit and all players are better than him u have no patience.

what did Robinho and Torres and all the others did 2 be better than him ?? maybe they had a season better than him but not better in general.

Yes Ronaldo is better than him that's why they wanna sell his fat ass 2 Milan and get Kaka or Adriano.

Ronaldo whom when shined in the World Cup forgot the team that waited for his ass 2 recover 2 years and left us 2 go 2 Real,now that a player that can Piss off.

look elcino i know that this post is for me,but i'm defending a player that i'm quite sure of his class and i know he was horrible last season but i'm sure he'll be back.

And PLZ i want this thread sticked cause after only 1 season i'll come and post here again and want 2 see what will elcino say then.

man i dont get surprised if u criticise the guy,man u criticise all Inter i just dunno how ur a fan of that club,u criticise Vieri and praise Ronaldo.

just look around u man and u'll know how is Adriano better,if ur calling that Ronaldo is better then why Madrid wanted Adriano for him even after he sucked this season,why can Man UTD put 10 million Euros plus one of their top key players C.Ronaldo 2 get him,Why did Chelsea keep askin for his services every year with the highest offers.

The answer for this is cause he is top striker material.

i'll remind u all of this thread and just wait for it,and elcino even if we got Ibra a transfer that u urself wanted so much u will start insulting him after one match and i'll remind u of that.
Sebastian2010-05-05 03:52:21 +0000 #5
...Adriano Fan you have made an Idol out of an ignorant and ridiculously stupid individual who doesnt understand his own words...i know what i say i stand bihind 2003 i made a thread CRESPO or VIERI...the concept was who to partner Adriano...and people blamed me for that i dont know a thing about football and that Vieri is the best striker in the world...that Adriano will go and turn like Edmundo or Ammoruso..that Crespo and Vieri are the ones that should play...where were you then to defend Adriano....when he bursted and exploded then everyone emerged and praised him...before that everyone at this forum...and back then this place was lot more active than at the moment...there's wasnt a single one who agreed with me...right after inter bought him in 2001 i watched him at the 17 world cup and i knew that he would be a world class...Adriano is now suffering from the"Galacticos"syndrome...but the fact is that he's not a half player like Ronaldinho Henry and Ronaldo...i mean look at Torres,Messi and Rubinho...they are always constant and they give 100%...and as for Kaka i wouldnt even think Real cant buy Adriano at this stage???if they want him like when they wanted Figo,Zidane and Ronaldo???they have to make just one phone call and he'll be theirs...All of tese players they're as much talented as Adriano...but this dude has problem with his atitude...he doesnt know what he wants...his agent nagotiated with Real,he stated by him self that he isnt happy in Inter and now you want me to respect this stupid Goat???havent you see all those humiliating statements before the world cup???if i met him then i would've spit on his face...

you would come after one season???where were you last season???i think you were here...while Henry single handedly brought his team to the C.League finals and shortened his life span for 10 years becouse of the intensity and effort to go there...and dont say it's only one season...he made and acomplished nothing to proclaim him self as one of the extra class ass kickers...and for you to compare him with the likes of ZIDANE,RONALDINHO and RONALDO...we exaggerated back then becouse we needed a Ronaldo substitute...but as it is obvious we were wrong...Torres is a 21 year old and is worthy of the captain arm band in Atletico...the guy is a Leader...and doesnt bend when there's immense preassure...that's Adriano's problem...his mental strength is weak and doesnt matter if you're as powerfull as a's all in the mind...Stephen Hawking cant even speak or move...but the guys is making the biggest imact on his social sphere...i guarantee you and im 100000000000000000000%convinced that if you go and ask Adriano...which is more heavier...1Kg of Cotton or 1Kg of Iron...he will tell you "THE IRON IS HEAVIER"hahahaha.... ....

Next season???next season Inter will have all the advantage needed ot win the scudetto...although i have some doubts about Mancini)with this team it will be easier for Adriano to make an impact...but it can easily happen Ibra and Crespo to push him out of the starting eleven...last season the spoiled kid didnt had a worthy replacement and competition...but this one he'll find it hard to use his usual excuses"i cant play with Vieri...Martins doesnt suits me...Recoba is the best partner for me...Recoba was injured and that's why we werent effective together...we're same tipe of forwards with Cruz"hahaha...i mean this is really like a elementary school behaviour...damn it... know after what he said before the world cup...i can newer respect Adriano...and i will say one more thing...and Nismo and Zek can support that...Iwas the one who argued for hours about Adriano and Ronaldinho...when people were saying that Aimar,Riquelme and Saviola were way better players than these two... ...where were you back then...i had every right to made this thread and i had all the arguments...i dont whipe my ass before a take a're statements that you will get back next season to see what will i say for Adriano's "Magnificent performances"with this dream team just goes in my favour becouse you have nothing to say in Adriano's defense from his past seasons...he made some fabulous performances...but he was extremely inconsistent...even more than Recoba...and when people slammed Recoba they had every right to do that..i understand that...i like the bouth but they are inconsistent...and Adriano in the World Cup???...that was like my Grand Mother tryes to perform the bicycle to dribble me... ...
Sebastian2010-05-05 03:31:57 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by GiorgioII

I agree. But do you not think it is a bit early to say such things? When Adriano was at his best only Ronaldinho was better than him. Ok, so he has dipped A LOT since then. But if he gets back to his best this season and again is one of the top 3 players in the world, will you retract this thread eLcino??

...Lot more Rational reply as usual Giorgio ....i will retract nothing..this is an anlise of his recent performances when compared with those mentioned there...i dont deny his world class not saying that his total 3 players????Ronaldinho,Kaka,Henry....i would like him to become better than these not an idiot to chear against him to prove that he cant be better than those...after all im an Inter fan and i argued for Adriano for hours in this forum with people who denied his talent...but the guy was extremely desapointing on the pitch and aspecially outside...him becoming better than Ronaldinho???that's the polemic...wether he can become the best in the world like AdreianoFan said...Adriano better than Gaucho????ask you're self that...all those players that i mentioned have performed way better and more constantly than our"hero"who humiliated us publicly... ...
Sebastian2010-05-05 03:49:49 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by Lance KnighT

finally someone with enough guts to state the truth within the inter forum. eLcino your the man

i 100% support what u say

hell f*** that i 1000% support what u say

i couldnt have said it any better, really i couldnt

... ...kicking the ass of one of my favorite players all over the forum is a cool thing to do eh Lance???? ...
Ryan272010-05-05 03:56:37 +0000 #8
well elcino, I don't think Adriano is as stupid as you do, but your criticism is not out of place. The guy has been off form for almost two years now. He was once fantastic and capable of changing a game by himself, but I'm guessing he didn't work hard to stay in top shape. Then he has had to struggle both mentally and physically while trying to come back. He has had various excuses that have proven to be wrong, but I think that is only because he is or was young and was trying reassure himself. Probably the sort of mistake we've all made at one time or another when trying to reason with our disappointments.

I have no idea if Adriano will ever realize his potential again. But there was a time where he showed enough brilliance to where it is worthwhile giving him every opportunity to find himself. Just the other day I saw that wonderful goal he scored against a good Udinese squad that finished fourth that year. Seems so long ago . But if he has another mediocre season, you can count me in amongst his skeptics.

And leave king adriano's affection for Adriano alone . It's clear that he is extremely fond of Adriano, Materazzi, Grosso, and Branca. Nothing you say is gonna change his mind. But that's fine. If we all agreed on everything, they wouldn't need to play the actual games.



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