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Inter Squad Formation - few tweaks needed

blue92010-05-05 05:54:05 +0000 #1
With Italy wining the world cup, now all we need is the beloved nerazzurri to win the scudetto 2006-07. With Juve increasingly facing the possibility of Serie B football, Inter will become the only italian team never to have been relegated. And now that Milan will get docked 8 points, next season will be the prefect chance for Inter to win the 2nd scudetto in a row. The glory days may just come back to the right side of Milan!!

Lets see what Inters plans for the season look like...


The defence has been sorted out with the acquisitions of Grosso, Maicon, and Maxwell. Ze Maria, Wome, Favalli, and Mihajlovic go out, and will not be missed.


J Zanetti - Cordoba - Samuel - Grosso


Maicon - Burdisso - Materazzi - Maxwell

And we have the youngster Andreolli coming up the ranks too, hope he delivers his promise.



Out: Veron, Kily Gonzalez, C Zanetti

In: Dacourt

We probably need a few replacements in the midfield... The left is well covered by Solari & Cesar (even though I don't think either is upto the mark, but we have Stankovic who could make that role his own). The right side has Figo, and we may need an understudy. Cambiasso is still the ideal DM. Pizzaro is the only attacking midfielder left, even tho Stan can do that job too...

Current starting:

Figo - Cambiasso - Pizzaro - Stankovic


Solari - Dacourt - Cesar

I think Fiore could solve a lot of our problems... and hopefully Mancio sells of one among Solari/Cesar and gets in Esposito. That would complete our midfield, which is easily my biggest area of concern. Vieira is another possibility. Riquelme, nah... I am still not convinced whether he can make the grade in Serie A, where he wouldn't be allowed much space... too prone to get marked out of games... For me, the ideal players would be Fiore and Esposito.

Strikers: Adriano, Martins, Recoba, Cruz

I am disappointed that we renewed Recoba's contract, while we let Kily walk away for free... Inter's management of players leaves a lot to be desired, commercially speaking.

We are definately going to see one of Luca Toni, Zlatan Ibrahimovic or David Trezeguet playing for Inter next season (thats what Moratti has promised), and that should be good enough... I would like that to be Toni, but I wouldn't mind Treze at all... they could be the ideal partner to Adriano, who will then get the freedom too roam deeper... Perhaps the young Slavkovski from the Primavera will continue his pre season form and become a revelation in the senior squad, just like Martins did a few seasons ago...

So I recommend the additions of Fiore, Esposito, and Toni! And sell Cesar and Recoba!!

So who all would you prefer??

Ryan272010-05-05 06:03:45 +0000 #2
Welcome to the forums.

And as you also mentioned Recoba's new deal, you won't be seeing him or Cesar sold since they both just signed contracts this summer. Anyway, I'm a Recoba fan and would rather see him retire with Inter.

You're correct that we might do well to add another right-winger, but it isn't completely necessary. Stankovic prefers that right flank to the left, plus Solari and Maicon can play there too. I'm actually hoping we'll see something other than a straight 4-4-2 for the upcoming year, but I'm pessimistic that this will happen since Mancini may not know how to properly use anything else.

hmm...Fiore? I'd rather not. Someone younger would be better for any role that he would fill. Luis Jimenez maybe?

I actually agree with your concerns regarding Riquelme, but anyway I think our signing of Maicon guaranteed we wouldn't sign Riquelme since he is non-EU and I believe Inter can only sign one each year (unless the player is already in Italy, which is how we circumvented the rules to sign Julio Cesar and Maxwell). As for Vieira, I'd take him, but only if we switch from 4-4-2. Oh and I can't believe you complain about Kily's departure. His contract was up, but even if it wasn't, no team was going to pay a dime for a washed up winger. He was clearly the least useful of all our wingers.

All that being said, nice post man.



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