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Why did Inter Missed Out on Capello Again???

Sebastian2010-05-05 01:48:56 +0000 #1
...I cant believe that Inter didnt even blinked when it was obvious that Capello's departure from Juve is imminent After two awfull seasons Mancini didnt deserved a third one...Im sick of his bizzare excuses and on the end he said that the seria A was fixed we all know that,but what about the match against Roma on San Siro...what about all those missed tactics agains insignificant teams in seria A and what about the Champions League desaster against a team who is far bellow the class and qality of Inter...Mancini lost his head...He then lost the derby against Milan and he's still here...Lippi will go in Manchester,Capello in Real...the only one that left is Ancelotti and Big Phil Scolary...i doubt that Milan will be relegated,but then who knows ...If Inter wins the Scudetto,it'll be becouse of the inferiour oposition,not becuse he's "Neo" I dont believe in him,nor in his parody of tactics,neither that he'll put his crackers together for the next season and transform all of a sudden in to Football Philosopher like Capello,Lippi,Mourinho and Wenger...

GiorgioII2010-05-05 02:03:35 +0000 #2
I think Moratti likes Mancini. He has been seduced by his friendly persona and the fact that Mancini probably obeys and listens to most of what Moratti says. Moratti could have made the biggest coup possibly and land Capello, but he has stuck with this moron. Very dissapointing.
Ryan272010-05-05 02:04:59 +0000 #3
We all respect Capello. I think most of us feel is definitely a better tactician than Mancini. But it wasn't realistic to think Moratti would appoint him. At this point we all know that Inter have played fairly and obeyed the rules. Inter finished first of all the honest teams. Meanwhile Juve have been caught cheating. It would have been very difficult to justify sacking the honest coach and bringing in Capello from hated, cheating Juve. Capello would've been great, but I'm not going to get disappointed over something that was never going to happen.

Besides, sure Mancini disappointed against Villareal. But what Champions League success has Capello had? He won it in fantastic fashion in 1994...but that was 12 years ago! And I'd say his Juve looked far worse in their exit than Inter did against Villarreal.
King Adriano2010-05-05 02:32:21 +0000 #4
i have 2 say that MANCIO'S mission in Serie A this year will be much easier but his real chance will be in CL and if he failed this should be his last year.



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