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Materazzi & Grosso Decisive

Sebastian2010-05-05 02:37:08 +0000 #1
...It is an Overwhealming pleasure to see Materazzi and Grosso perform the most breathtaking moments in this World Cup they bouth were crucial for Italy winning the World Cup...perhaps there was a zillion of Juve players in the final on bouth sides but Inter players solved the match and clinched the fourth title... ..Italia is the best european nation...the Spanish...The English...French and the Germans are left bihind...ITALIAN FOOTBALL is the best in Europe... ...while the biggest scandal in seria A history rocks like a hurricane,a proof that Italy is the Best...despite the in '82 and after the Milan and Lazio retrocessione seria A became the best league in the world...that will happen again...i have no doubt...after the verdicts are erached seria A will be lot better and there will be justice...Forza Italia...i wanted Brazil and Italy to play in the Finale...but it's an awesome feeling for me to see Italy win the world cup after all those debates that i had with friends of mine that the Spanish and teh English have better leagues and play better they can all go and PISS OFF..............

Ryan272010-05-05 02:49:04 +0000 #2
yea, if clubs are relegated because they are guilty, the Serie A might not enjoy its best season in Champions League and UEFA Cup. But in the long run the league will be so much stronger. And this World Cup triumph will give everyone the excitement needed to reinvigorate calcio.

I do feel bad for the French though. When Italy was tiring in the second half (after a very solid first half), the French stayed strong and kept up their level of play. Unfortunately they lacked that extra class to take advantage. Obviously though, I'm thrilled for Italy. It is amazing what Italy have accomplished when you consider they were without the world's best defender for much of the tournament (Nesta) and that Totti never completely found his true form or fitness. Imagine how dominant this team would have been with those two in top shape.

Oh yeah...everyone went apeshit when Grosso dived and Italy beat Austrailia, but man France has been relying on dives this whole tournament. They beat Spain because of Henry's dive, Portugal cause of some more Henry theatrics (though there was contact that time), and then of course Malouda fell over against Italy.
Lance Knight2010-05-05 02:50:05 +0000 #3
when it comes to club, i would say SiereA and La Liga are the best, but when comes to National Spain lacks something deep down, but Italy was great, Lippi played a big part, he is a fricking genius to me.

well grosso never really made it before because he had to top Maldini, who undenialbly the best left back of all time, but if Grosso continues along this path who knows, lol

plus imagine if Nesta wasnt injuryed then what?? lol
Sebastian2010-05-05 03:16:38 +0000 #4 one gives a damn when everyone else dives...but when that happens to Italy everyone are crying that they always dragg all over the tournament....France got a ridiculous penalty against Portugal and as for the one in the final i shouldnt even speak...Australia is crap...who wants to see Australia to go ahead except the Australians damn it... ...Grosso dived...but what the referee did to Materazzi was a nessesary compensation for the penalty...these things go hand in hand...he wanted to redeem him self...becouse he knows what happened to that idiot who desalowed two goeals in was obvious that Italy is lot better and they had a billion of chanses...they would've scored anyway if Matrerazzi wasnt showed a one comments about that...but everyone sas that Italy didnt deserved to beat seems that everyone whistled Italy...and now the feeling is even sweeter for that... ...seria A all the way...



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