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Team Beyond Perfection

Sebastian2010-05-05 04:18:04 +0000 #1
...The two Scudetto's 2005 & 2006 is Ours and Moratti will spend...HE WILL spend a Champion needs Extra Class Ass Kickers...Its pretty obvious that 2007 Scudetto will be won by INTER,but Champions League will be a hard one...A real Champion wins the C.League not only his national championship...Im not saying that we should win them bouth in next season but after the Old Slut goes where she belongs in a Whore House and after Milan is punished severely(who knows they might slip in B as well,but i doubt)INTER will be the only Top Team in Seria A standing...Inter should have the advantage to face the C.League challenge with more serenity...The Team that i composed isnt made from Dream Particles as we often do they are all players that Moratti addores and they're all on the Top of INTER Reinforcment Transfers

1.Emerson-Shouldnt be a problem,becouse of Juve's Fall...Real is after him as well,but he refused them when they were the strongest and he can refuse them again...He shouldn cost more than 10m€

2.Riquelme-Brilliant Play maker,who thrashed INTER singlehandedly in the C.League...The best replacement fos Veron...He's crdativity and Vision will add extra quality to our Team and he will be a Blessing for our Forwards...His price is 18m€

3.Mancini-Awesome Winger,who scores like nuts...Last season he was magnificent...anothe big Target for INTER and one of Moratti's biggest wishes...Roma wants Pizzaro,a swap deal+5m€ should be enough...

4.Tevez-A player who was constantly conected with INTER last season...I want him to join INTER more than anyone...The guy does make a difference...Mourinho is his biggest fan,but they've bought Sheva,so i dont know what the hell they want more He was magnificent in the world cup and im so sorry that they got screwed from Germany...He proved that he's an Extra class player and i dont care if Adriano goes to Real i dont give a damn...Tevez must be signed...

This Team is absolutely perfect and absolutely realistic...Moratti spend so much cash for useless transfers and now with the ITALIAN FLAG on INTER'S Jersey,he should have all Motivation Imaginabile to Materialise this...










Ryan272010-05-05 04:29:26 +0000 #2
Heh, thats a nice lineup and still with so much quality (Figo, Stankovic, etc.....Recoba?) on the bench. And who knows, if Moratti finds trust in the league again after Juve and others are punished, he might open up his wallet for Inter just like in the old days...
GiorgioII2010-05-05 04:41:19 +0000 #3
I just want to point out that I only hope Juventus are relegated. Without Milan, the stature of Serie A will diminish and the best players will move abroad, leaving Inter as a weakened force. It is good for us if competition is still intense. Milan should still be heavily punished though(Kaka's departure is perhaps punishment enough ).

When assembling the new squad though, I don't think we can afford all of the players you have mentioned eLcino. We already have Maicon as the one non-EU player signed from abroad. To sign another he will have to be loaned out. Moratti has said that Riquelme doesn't have a EU passport and Tevez certainly won't either. But it is crucial that we get a playmaker. Riquelme is the best available so he should come for sure.

Mancini will be ok as he is being signed from Roma. His signature will be brilliant. He has everything.

To get the best out of Adriano and our attack I would prefer a 4-2-3-1 formation. Adriano will prove once more that he is the best striker in the world under the correct guidance and with Riquelme and Mancini feeding him.

To partner Cambiasso at the heart of the side we need a lion. Emerson perhaps, but he is ageing. Mascherano maybe, but again he is a non-EU player. There are many options that need to be considered and I just hope that Moratti and Mancini make the correct decisions.





Perhaps with a bit of money left over to sign a keeper. Frey?



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