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Toni Would be a Flop for Inter

Sebastian2010-05-05 05:13:50 +0000 #1
...Toni scored a shit load of goals in Fiorentina,but im not so sure that he'll be that good in INTER...The preasure here is immense and as i can see he havent been convincing in the World cup...He's 30 years old and Fiorentina has slapped a price tag of 25m€ which is ridiculous and even if the price is reduced its too much...He havent played in the Champions League and making him a priority on our transfer list...I have huge doubts about LucaToni...I mean Torres is expensive,but he's 22 and if Milan gets him they will sign absolutely brilliant striker and theres no doubt that he'll be great for Milan...Perhaps we should go for Cassano...who is young and can be extremely usefull+he's italian too...I would really like to see Tavano in INTER...he's 26 and Tevez supposed to be our No1 target...I mean look at him at the World Cup...he's unstopable ...What INTER needs is a young ass kicker who will be long term investition not a big money transfer for a 31 year old damn it...Theres nothing that i want more than TEVEZ for this summer...nothing...South American to parntner a southamerican...Who would you choose Toni or Tevez they cost bouth around 25m€...Against the Chechs LucaToni didnt even played and Lippi wasnt resting him,cos this was extremely important game and crucial for qalification and to avoid Brasil...He's One Hit Wonder... ...

GiorgioII2010-05-05 05:25:13 +0000 #2
Toni was sensational in Serie A this season. But at the world cup he has tried his hardest but with no reward. He is not world class and is elderly. We need to sign a young striker you are right eLcino. Tevez would be perfect. But I would prefer to boost our midfield with Riquelme and Mancini to create a brilliant quintet behind a lone striker: Adriano.
Ryan272010-05-05 05:25:38 +0000 #3
Toni only turned 29 last month so you're stealing two years of his life, elcino! When Henry was being linked with Barca and other teams, no one was talking about his age and he is only a couple months younger than Toni. Though maybe Henry's age should have been brought up.

Still, I agree that Toni is older than ideal. Forwards tend to age a little faster than at other positions. And as I've said before, its possible he is just a product of Prandelli. Mutu, Adriano, Gilardino, and now Toni all had their biggest seasons under Prandelli. I do think Toni is a good player though, but he isn't worth the money Fiorentina would want. Even if he had a great first season with Inter, which is doubtful, its unlikely we'd ever get the long term reward for such a large investment.



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