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Inter Milan Summer 2006 Transfers In List

King Adriano2010-05-05 07:21:37 +0000 #1
Inter Milan Summer 2006 Transfers In List

As the summer transfer market opens and like every year Inter Patron Massimo Moratti will be willing 2 sign new big names and will probably put a high transfer budget for Coach Roberto Mancini to fill the spaces in his formation in order 2 compete for the big titles next year .Inter will put their main objects the Scudetto and the Uefa Champions league.

So these are the names that may join Inter next season and how far will be our chances 2 sign them and why.

(1) Luca Toni:

Massimo Moratti said that the 29 years old Fiorentina striker is his main transfer target because of the problems that were between Inter and Adriano, even if Adriano is gonna stay now he will need help in Inter's front line next year .Luca Toni had an impressive season with The Viola this year, with scoring 31 goals in the Serie A and helping the team to the Uefa Champions league next year, Toni really took all the spot light from all the strikers in the world this year. Toni will be the Azzuri's main man in the world cup.

Toni moved 2 Fiorentina in the beginning of this season from Palermo after signing a 4 year deal contract with a transfer fee 7 million $, Inter are ready 2 pay the Viola 17 million $ which means a 10 million $ profit in one year for Fiorentina although lately Fiorentina's president said that Toni is Untouchable and he's not for sale but Inter still believes that they can sign him for next season and even though if he performed well in the world cup his price will highly increase.

- Nationality: Italian

- Age: 29

- Team: Fiorentina

- Position: Striker

- Ability of signing him: 50 %

(2) Fabio Grosso:

Grosso proved to be one of the best full left backs in the world lately. He shined in Palermo and became a target for a lot of big teams. Grosso also became a regular Lippi choice in the Azzuri world cup squad.

After his agent announced that Grosso is looking to move in the summer to a bigger club and also priced him for 4 million $. After this announcement with days both Grosso and his agent said that Inter are in pole position to sign him and also Grosso wants 2 move 2 Inter and that moving 2 such a team makes him so proud .

- Nationality: Italian

- Age: 28

- Team: Palermo

- Position: LB.

- Ability of signing him: 85 %.

(3) Francesco Tavano:

A very talented Tavano said that he's not a young player anymore as he completed 27 years old. Inter was looking for an AMC as a replacement for Veron , Veron suffered a lot of injuries this year and even said that he's moving back 2 Argentina for family calls but now he was convinced 2 stay another season and it will be his last so we need a player 2 take the job after him. When Tavano was asked 2 choose between the teams that offered him like Real Madrid, Inter, Roma and Fiorentina he said that he wants Inter as it was his dream to play in Inter since he was a lil kid. Tavano is on his top performances these days with Empoli and said before that Roberto Mancini was his Ideal player. Inter are ready 2 pay 8 million $ to sign him and we are really close to sign him as there is no offers competing our offer.

- Nationality: Italian

- Age: 27

- Team: Empoli

- Position: AMC.

- Ability to sign him: 80 %

(4) Olivier Dacourt:

Roma's French man is being a transfer target for a lot of big teams in Both England and Italy. Inter are about to lose their Italian DMC cristiano Zanetti who will run out of contract this summer and said that he came 2 a deal with Juventus. Inter offered a contract to sign Dacourt from Roma as a free transfer this summer 2 replace Zanetti. Lately Dacourt turned down big teams offers like Manchester United and Newcastle and he accepted the idea of moving 2 Inter so he's waiting for a direct contract negotiation.

- Nationality: French

- Age: 32

- Team: Roma

- Position: DMC

- Ability to sign him: 80 %

(5) Maicon:

The Brazilian young player has been in links with Inter during the winter transfers but it was closed before coming out with a signing. But after this it is said that the Monaco RB will put a pen on the paper to join the Nerazzuri in the summer. Avery strong, Skillful player is going to be a future replacement for The Argentinean Sensational Javier Zanetti.

- Nationality: Brazilian

- Age: 22

- Team: Monaco

- Position: RB

- Ability to sign him: 70 %

(6) Vucinic:

As Reports said lately that there is a triple challenge on signing the Serbian young striker. Inter, Roma and Milan already showed interest in Vucinic but he is considering a move between Inter and Roma. The young player showed his skills last season after scoring 18 goals, but after Lecce's relegation this year it is clearly obvious that he's leaving. Lately Lecce put a price for Vuci 8.5 million $.

Lately Vucinic was chosen to represent Serbia in the Germany 2006 World cup.

- Nationality: Serbian.

- Age: 22

- Team: Lecce

- Position: Striker

- Ability to sign him: 45 %

(7) Bonnera:

The Italian centre back showed great performances for the last 2 seasons with Parma and became a member of the Italian national team in the qualifications of German 2006 world cup and he's in the squad that is going 2 Germany. Bonnera wants to move 2 a bigger club as long as Parma isn't performing well and doesn't suit Bonnera's Future as he wants to win something. As Inter knew these news they stated their interest in Bonnera, he said that he is excited to move for a club like Inter but still the negotiations aren't direct.

- Nationality: Italian

- Age:

- Team: Parma

- Position: CB

- The ability to sign him: 40 %

(8) Cristiano Lucarelli:

Lucarelli is described as a scoring machine. The ex- Torino player always wanted to end his career in his home town team Livorno. But now the 31 years old player is considering a move to a bigger club as he is old now and he didn't lift any titles in his career. Inter's Patron Massimo Moratti showed interest in signing him and even Lucarelli in official websites said that he accepts to move to Inter and that it will be great to end career in such a team.

- Nationality: Italian

- Age: 31

- Team: Livorno

- Position: Striker

Ability to sign him: 50 %

This thread is made by me King Adriano and isn't taken from any websites. I want u all 2 comment on this thread and give me your opinions and I'm also working on the Transfer list out and I'll post it soon.

toukhy2010-05-05 07:34:20 +0000 #2
Btw Oliver dacourt has signed for inter, the player closest to join the neazurri is grosso as inter have sold wome to bremen and favalli to milan so there isnt a left back and grosso will fill in the space. I really think that this article of yours is great.
King Adriano2010-05-05 07:54:04 +0000 #3
thanx man
toukhy2010-05-05 08:30:37 +0000 #4
I believe that next season. Inter will be the dominant force in Italy. But the first step is to egt a world class manager and sack mancini.
King Adriano2010-05-05 09:07:47 +0000 #5
every season we say that next year we'll be better so i think we must keep quiet this season and let the days talk.
toukhy2010-05-05 08:10:22 +0000 #6
you got a point
Rafael2010-05-05 09:29:57 +0000 #7
luca toni had a phenomenal season with fiorentina but i believe that the price tag is too high for a 31-year old player, although he is a proven goalscorer. perhaps inter should take the advantage of ruud's falling out with the hardheaded ferguson. or simply go for vucinic. he is young, talented, scores wonderful goals and can only get better with inter's midfielders bringing him the ball. bonera would be a great addition to inter's defense especially when you consider how many stupid mistakes and clumsy challenges materazzi makes in almost every fixture (and remember that amazing own goal he scored couple of weeks ago). he is young and physical player but he still ponders about a move to liverpool and juve was very much in frame until a week ago. what ever happened with ajax duo, maxwell and trabelsi? weren't they supposed to sign for inter this summer? you mentioned some interesting possible transfers concerning nerazzurri this summer but what about the goalkeeping position? i mean, toldo is very prone to mistakes and i'm not sure that julio cesar is the right man for inter. which brings me to this - how in the world did inter ever manage to lose sebastien frey?!
avalanche2010-05-05 10:01:57 +0000 #8
i think a van nistelrooy pick up would be key. that way if there are suiters, julio cruz could be sold after his best season ever and a WC call up. also, are there any outside league player's mossimo is interested in picking up? other than ronaldo of course, maybe we can fine a holding midfielder from spain?

(p.s. it good to be back guys)



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