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Sebastian2010-05-05 02:52:37 +0000 #1
...It's getting pretty hot in INTER'S dressing room who will participate in the NEW INTER Capello preffers 4-4-2 but the difference between his and Mancini's is Action not Reaction...The Coppa doesnt change a damn thing,i saw Moratti and he didnt even smiled ...Capello will ask for Mancini from Roma and Cassano...for Antonio im aspecially glad that he didnt found him self in Real,we all knew that he would waste his time there but he wanted to try his luck he will be defenately apriciated in Seria A...Inter will need a central mid fielder i dont know whether EMERSON can come to INTER but CAPELLO will probably ask for him when BALLACK wont be avelable...I dont know who else,perhaps DIARRA but EMERSON would be awesome he's not young anymore but neither are CAFU and CARLOS who are older than EMERSON...







...or perhaps Luca Toni... ...Only EMERSON is harder to get,for MANCINI and CASSANO it'll be childs play ...I know that a lot of you are sceptic about Capello but all logic supports this...Juventus is under invastigation and Adriano will leave if Manci remains which is highly unlikely...If Moratti picked Cuper over Ronaldo who almost won the scudetto,Moratti wont even blinc as far Mancio job is concerned,he only won the Coppa which is a satisfaction for teams who's overall buget is 5m€ not for a team like INTER+It is easier to win the title in ITALY than in SPAIN(seria a is more competitive)where BARCA is absolutely dominant and next year they will be even more superiour...while in the Champions League Inter will win faster than JUVE

when with champion teams they couldnt win with LIPPI and CAPELLO all these years since the crown with the first one i dont think that they can beat Barca neither can INTER but a SCUDETTO for MORATTI and US will be splendid and enough he had huge preassure with Juve becouse they won Zillion scudettos but only two crowns in the C.League and their Ambitions are so much higher than INTER'S while in INTER he wont have to try to win bouth Crowns,only the Scudetto and after Moggi absence(perhaps INTER is his next destination)INTER will have to fight only with BERLUSCONI Afcourse there will be immense preassure in INTER after so many years of apstination and fixed matches fron Juve and Milan i think under Capello's guidance INTER will have the strength and authority to win the SCUDETTO...When he could win with ROMA he can Win with INTER ...

devious2010-05-05 03:01:04 +0000 #2
come on be realistic.. with the disappearnece of the cheaters Inter can make some serious signing.. Take a look:





Lance Knight2010-05-05 03:03:40 +0000 #3
perhaps u guys can get some guys from juve if they demoted, lol

but seriously was up on paper Inter has a great side
GiorgioII2010-05-05 03:40:32 +0000 #4

Likely to be demoted unless they can cheat their way out of this one as well. Many of the players though will be too attached to come to Inter and most will prefer Spain. I think Emerson, Vieira and Zambrotta may be exceptions to this rule.


I doubt they will be demoted. I think most of their players will stay. But Sheva is going to Chelsea I think.

If Capello comes which I will pray for from now on then I think eLcino's team would be perfect. I would prefer Diarra ahead of Emerson though. The rest is perfect though.
King Adriano2010-05-05 03:08:01 +0000 #5
i dont think we need any dumasses from these 2 teams we just need this formation and it will work for ass and i need juve and milan 2 be defeated by this formation.

---------------------------- Toldo ------------------------------

Grosso ---------- Samuel --------- Materazzi ---------- Zanetti

--------------------------- Cambiasso ----------------------------

Stankovic ------------------------------------------------ Figo

---------------------------- Tavano -----------------------------

---------------- Adriano --------------- Luca Toni ---------------
King Adriano2010-05-05 05:03:16 +0000 #6
by the way giorgio Mnchester united and Diarra's agent arranged a meeting this week after both agreeing on Diarra's movement for manchester united.

His agent said that Inter and real madrid's offers were very convincing but Diarra wanted Manchester.
Ryan272010-05-05 04:55:27 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by King Adriano

Grosso ---------- Samuel --------- Materazzi ---------- Zanetti

You get Javier and Grosso switched up ? Grosso is a left sided player. Anyway, when he's healthy and in form, Maxwell is better than Grosso and quite a bit younger. Grosso might be a nice insurance policy though and is a good player. Relying on Maxwell after such an injury would be risky.

I don't think Milan are gonna get relegated, but Kaka would be a nice addition, devious. Only in our dreams though.

But this Capello to Inter stuff is really heating up. Its happening so fast that I'm sort of in a daze. If Juve are relegated like some suggest, it would be wild. Its so hard to tell exactly what will happen to all the players and so forth. Best to wait and see...
GiorgioII2010-05-05 03:43:06 +0000 #8
According to many sources Capello could be announced as early as tomorrow .



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