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Adriano attacks Inter

bLaCknbLuE4LiFe2010-05-05 03:46:54 +0000 #1
" Adriano has blasted Inter’s “lack of respect,” Juan Sebastian Veron’s attitude and Roberto Mancini’s tactics in a scathing interview.

“There has certainly been a lack of respect on behalf of Inter, as a player in trouble should be defended in the Press,” he was quoted in Brazilian website ‘UOL Esporte.’

“When I was on form, they asked me to say nice things about the squad and that’s exactly what I did. Now there are no directors rushing to defend me.”

L’Imperatore has been on dismal form in recent months, scoring just four goals in 2006, and he has been blamed by the fans and Press for Inter’s shortcomings.

“I have no problem with my teammates, as my issue is with the club. There should be a better structure that can support this kind of criticism, as when the side loses, it becomes all too easy to pin the blame on one player.

“The journalists only take aim at one individual and it’s not easy to play under these circumstances. Unfortunately, the club can’t handle the media circus and there has to be a scapegoat: me.”

Adriano has confessed he is very unhappy and therefore unable to play his best football, but also reveals more background to those reports he engaged in fisticuffs with Juan Sebastian Veron at half-time in the Villarreal defeat.

“I have a normal rapport with my teammates. We say good morning and good night. I don’t speak to Veron, but I get on well enough with everyone else. The difficulty I have here is that all the responsibility is dumped on my shoulders. Now there are even stories that I won’t go to the World Cup, but Carlos Alberto Parreira never told me that. These are the things I need Inter’s support on, but they never do.”

There have also been claims of a difficult relationship with Coach Roberto Mancini, who hardly ever opts to rest the Brazilian international.

“Everyone can see how much effort I put in. In the last two games against Villarreal and Milan I wasn’t 100 per cent fit, but the Coach left me on my own upfront to lead the line. If a player isn’t physically in top shape, how can you make such a decision?”

With Real Madrid and Chelsea both eager to snap up the 24-year-old hitman, Adriano’s future looks a long way away from the Nerazzurri.

“I have clearly stated that if I am considered a problem by Inter, then I cannot stay here any longer,” he concluded.

“If I am here now, it is down to Massimo Moratti, a man who has always helped me. There’s another reason too, as this has become a question of pride, and that is to help Inter win the Scudetto. This is what gives me the strength to stay and try to achieve something.”

Only hours after the furore sparked by these quotes, Inter released an official statement denying this was Adriano’s intention.

“Adriano confirms he has absolute faith in the club and the team, a confidence he wished to personally tell Moratti in a private meeting over the past few days,” read the missive.

“I think the lad was misunderstood,” added agent Gilmar Rinaldi on the official club website. “His disappointment has only come from the desire to win something important with Inter and see a happy expression on Moratti’s face, as he deserves success more than anyone in Italy. This is why we renewed his contract until June 30, 2010.”

thats from channel 4 italia

i cant belive it, we going to lose another star, things like this piss me right off.

Zek2010-05-05 03:49:12 +0000 #2
everything we talked about is now out there... I prefer to understand Adriano than Mancini.

True he never rests Adriano making him play cheap Coppa Italia games, he used Adriano as a lonely striker and etc.

But last few games he really tried hard. When you try hard but nothing changes you get very frustrated... Hope things will change for him!
paul12010-05-05 04:33:12 +0000 #3
let adriano come to chelsea. then he will do well, it suits his play
devious2010-05-05 04:56:49 +0000 #4
Everyone do well under Mourinho`s supervisor Paul1, that`s understandable.

I think Mancini has failed too in pushing the pressure from the players, instead he was puting all of it on them and uses players like Adriano and others and the were his scapegoat.. this is going tp be a bad end for all of us.
paul12010-05-05 05:32:22 +0000 #5
i dont like chelsea much, i just think adriano would be a great addition to their squad.they need some1 like him
Ryan272010-05-05 05:20:39 +0000 #6
If Adriano was letting off some steam, then I say good for him. I don't see what the big deal is. He wants to stay at Inter and stuff like this proves to us that he really cares. There were some absurd rumours that he was saving himself for the World Cup, but we can see the struggles of this season were truly bothering him. Now the key is for Inter to not be stupid and ruin this relationship. And the last thing a Brazilian needs to do is go to the EPL...
GiorgioII2010-05-05 06:48:35 +0000 #7
I don't blame Adriano one bit. The key point is that he has said he will leave IF the fans don't want him. It is now the time for the fans to show their love for him at the next match. He is the best thing that we have in terms of an attacking threat and if he leaves and inevitabely goes on to become the best in the world I will be devestated.

He clearly does not like Mancini though....let Mancio go please.
Zek2010-05-05 04:18:19 +0000 #8
Brazil NT squad is quite competitive, so Adriano may really warm the bench at WC... that would be a very strong blow for any brazil star player...

let Mancio leave



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