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Mancini's Failure and His Replacement

Sebastian2010-05-05 02:54:29 +0000 #1
I saw that devious said that perhaps Mancini should stay...You want Mancini to stay?! he proved to be the worst tactitian in the Champions League...had two full seasons and INTER couldnt even see how JUVE looks like and couldnt even eat the dust,cos the gap was trumendous...Theres nothing that he can do exept hide on the bench like a pussy that he is and insult the referees after frequent defeats...Theres nothing great in him...Great coaches make an impact immidiatelly...Capello is conundrum how can someone be that succesfull i cant understand...Ancelotti won the C.League in his fist full season after replacing Therim in the midlle of the season...Lippi who was great in INTER too but all of his crucial players injured them selves and he was sacked...Mouirinho...Rafa...all of these right before they set foot in the big clubs they exploded...while Mancini made a world record on Draws in his first season and in his second it got much worst...Do you really want him to stay in INTER???The defense is allowing hilarious goals...the mid section is cut off and all they do is shoot crosses...the forward is absolutely harmless,so who's fault this is???When youre team can score a damn goal against rookies who can do everything BUT defend for a Hyper important match The SemiFinal in the C.League then you dont have any character whatsoever...Why do you think that Capello wont come in INTER???Its obvious that Juve cant win the C.League and he wanted his third crown...Capello is recognised as a Miracle man...You know what acomplishment would he make if he wins the Scudetto with INTER???that will make him a God and not only among us,but in the world of Football...when he could make ROMA that dominant im certain that he can do that with INTER...He has nothing to lose...His status is extraordinary and he will be the best even if he doesnt win with INTER...but i seriously doubt that he'll fail...he has only to gain even more authority and become absolutely the most celebrated figure in INTER history,even more famous than HERRERA...wining with INTER is the biggest satisfaction imaginabile...If you were that succesfull wouldnt you give a shot in something that can make you unreachable???To stand where others win when so many have lost...Im convinced that Mourinho who would kill for a seria A seat would love to make another Incredible triumph like with Porto which wont be that hard with INTER...even with Chelsea he won after 50 years,but Chelsea wasnt competitive in the past as it is in the moment,which isnt the case with INTER...Moratti who made the biggest mistake in Football history with Mancio should give everything and sign Capello or Mourinho...they bouth know that they can only get even bigger than they allready are...This should be his final atempt...He shouldnt mind anything to sign one of these two...I know that he is poundering a move for one of these two...Its his last chanse to fill his fathers shoes and what shoes they are that is a huge burdon,to have a father who was that succesfull...

devious2010-05-05 02:59:41 +0000 #2
hehe.. well dude, I said he could stay and that IF there is no BETTER option at the moment to take charge of the CURSED Inter..I dont think Capello or Mourinho would like to ruin his career by coaching a cursed team as Inter, he may do everything good and in his succeful way but as usual happens in Inter everything gone like it`s not expected, it`s a big risk, we dont need only a good coach we need a courage one, I dont think we would ever have a big name to coach us cause literly we are a RISK.

that was my point by keeping Mancini.. he`s the better option in the main conditions..
Sebastian2010-05-05 03:32:38 +0000 #3
... ...C'mon man...where's that stratospheric optimism... ...dont worry about that:"curse"if the Juve menagment switches to Inter together with Capello...then this curse will be distorted...only in Inter a coach can become the best...'s silly ut it's know that...dont worry...i know that next season will be different...i dont want to sound like you in the beggining of the previous one ... but there will be some serious ass kickers arriving in the menagment and on the coach i said thius is Moratti's last chanse...and he will do everything to bring Capello who dont forget WANTED TO JOIN INTER BEFORE MANCINI...i know that he still wants... ...beside Moratti's stupidity and his ridiculous choice....
devious2010-05-05 04:13:09 +0000 #4
hehe.. I hope you are right, but realy doubt any changes would do any progress to Inter, we will stay say next year would be better, that`s the way it was for about 17 years and that`s the way it`ll remain.
Zek2010-05-05 03:30:18 +0000 #5
yes, true both Moratti and Mancini are crap...

but a new name Deshamp is a bit risky...
Sebastian2010-05-05 04:15:29 +0000 #6
...Deshamp???no least mancio has some expiriance....
Ryan272010-05-05 04:40:49 +0000 #7
Deschamps has coached his team to a Champions League final already...with freaking Monaco. Thats not bad at all. Because of this you could argue that his creditials are better than Mancini's. He would've been Juve boss if they hadn't stolen Capello at the last second. I'm not saying he's my first choice, but he's interesting.



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