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Reflection On Adriano and Other Players

Sebastian2010-05-05 04:47:39 +0000 #1
Adriano King said that Adriano will become the best...Adriano to become best in the world???That will newer happen...No one can be better than Ronaldinho and while he's arround we can exaggerate as much as we like but reality is different...Adriano,who by the way is the player on which the team should be build said that when he's smiling theres nothing he cant do,but that's a decained phrase and he should know better that Heroes are created in the Dark Ages and in dificuld times.Everyone can smile when he's winning,but you have to smile while youre losing like Gaucho,when he arrived in Barca they were pathetic but he gave 200%every game and they almost win the title which was an Inuendo of what is about to happen and everyone knows that Gaucho is the reason for everything that's happening arround Barca...there's still great players there...but Gaucho is decisive in every match and against every great team while Adriano lack of motivation and indiferent behaviour can screw his place in the Brasilian Team...its obvious that Kaka-Ronaldo-Ronaldinho will charge in the battlefield...those idiots who are wealding banners "the Emperor"make no sense...the Emperor?!? that is ridiculous and that nick name is stupid...Ronaldo is the Phenomenon which is logical according to his performances,he deserved that nickname...but the Emperor???it makes no sense...Adriano havent realy connected with the fans,who see him as Ronaldo's successor,he's a great player,but he's not RONALDO...The biggest reason for this failure isnt ADRIANO though...Its Moratti and Mancini...this second proved that he is a pussy bigger than his wife,that he is tactically clueless and that he will newer be hired by some big club again...only an idiot like Moratti can pick him over Capello...Moratti should sell the club to Tronchetti who is the ritchest dude in ITALY and i doubt that he is more stupid that Moratti,no one is that we wont have to worry about cash+he can bring new fluid and passion in the club and regain Inter status as a Big club like it was,it is time for Inter to persue the best and most expensive players,Moratti's INTER is just Hopeless and I would love to see ARIGO SACCI as director of football director...INTER should get rid of MARTINS,PIZARRO,WOME,FAVALLI,CRUZ,VERON,KILY,MIHAJLOVIC and FIGO...this last is perhaps the greatest right wing in the history but he's too old and as we saw in the match against Villareal he was useless...Mancini or Q uaresma,Riquelme,Ronaldo or Tevez or Torres...After Riquelme master performances he should be considered seriously,i cant believe how brilliant he was against INTER and i saw that Lucarelli is a target,that is cool,cos he will be better "bencher"than Cruz and aspecialy than Martins...Recoba had some briliant matches but Mancini's ignorance and hesitation who to partner Adriano and constant rotation payed its due...but if he is sold i wont be desapointed,he can go an PISS OFF... sacking all three forwards would be too much,but whatever happens i hope that Martins wont stay...

GiorgioII2010-05-05 04:52:25 +0000 #2
If Inter wants to take itself seriously next year then Moratti or whoever is in charge needs to pour in a lot of money to try and assemble the following:






Finally something worthy of being champions. But I doubt that this side will be formulated. Especially not under Mancini.
InterMilanFC2010-05-05 05:26:36 +0000 #3
I think it would be a great pickup if we could somehow get Christino (sp?) Ronaldo, from Portugal/Man United. Outside of Ronaldiho, he might have some of the best footwork I've ever seen. I'm not familar with Tevez, but I do like Riqeulme.

I dont knwo what Inter should do. I just knwo I want them to win.
bLaCknbLuE4LiFe2010-05-05 05:26:34 +0000 #4
Tevez would be the percet partner for Adriano, his a little Gem



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