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Happy 98th Birthday Inter

Sebastian2010-05-05 04:30:20 +0000 #1
...I am desapointed with INTER choices over the years and frustrated with the apocaliptic performances and results...It gets worst and worst from one season to has been an Aeon since INTER won the Champions League Crown and 17 years pased since the last is a descrace but i have been an INTERISTA for a long time and i dont intend to quit...perhaps i dont wiev this whole thing like i did 10 years ago and we are more mature now,but the passion havent desapeared...we all say that we no longer care for our beloved Team,but thats becouse INTER is losing all the time and we are furious which is logical and normal...but im convinced that when INTER starts to win and finaly acheave a Triumph,then we will be the happiest fans out there and that WILL happen...sooner than you think im not optimistic thats useless,it's all about Logic...the team is getting awesome and if BENITEZ,RONALDO and BALLACK arrive(and there are strong reports)No one and nothing will stop INTER from wining everything...those three arent ordinary personalities...Benitez is a Master Mind and he is exacly what INTER needs,a coach with every Crown in his colection...Tactitian who wont hide like a pussy when there's preasure and who have a larger wiev of Football...RONALDO will leave REAL defenately in the summer and is a player who will add that 6 sense for the team and partner the frustrated ADRIANO who warships RONALDO,like all Brasilians he will be the most motivated player in the world to regain the Affection and Trust that was the biggest in the history of the club...even Moratti said"when RONALDO left i felt like i lost a son" certain that Moratti will do everything to bring our Fallen Angel back in INTER BALLACK is a true leader...he is a wish of mine for quite some time,there is a duel between INTER and CHELSEA but i doubt that he wants to continue in England it seems that INTER is on the verge of his signature and if that happens we'll get a hell of a midfielder...he can play in the centre mid and on the left wing...Extra class Ass Kicker ...these three are something special...I would love to celebrate the 99th INTER birthday having them all three in this Team...

GiorgioII2010-05-05 04:45:16 +0000 #2
Moratti today ruled us out of the hunt for Ballack. I guess that means Veron is staying or that we are looking at Riquelme instead. Or perhaps it is a bluff.

Happy birthday Inter.
Sebastian2010-05-05 05:01:50 +0000 #3
... ...he always sas stuff like"we're not interested in him"...but you can newer know...Ballack is an extra class player and his demands are logical...+ he's a free agent so i dont see what's the problem... ...
GiorgioII2010-05-05 05:05:55 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by eLcino

... ...he always sas stuff like"we're not interested in him"...but you can newer know...Ballack is an extra class player and his demands are logical...+ he's a free agent so i dont see what's the problem... ...

I guess the main problem is that Chelsea want him too, can offer him more money on his contract and a better chance of silverware.
Ryan272010-05-05 05:07:40 +0000 #5
yea, don't worry about what Moratti says. He's said things like that before, then a couple days later we find out we just signed the player he said we wouldn't. Ballack's agent is playing the same game, so Moratti can too. I don't believe Chelsea are offering as much as the media says. And Ballack could just stay at Bayern if he just wants silverware and keep winning the Bundesliga every year. I don't see Chelsea as being so much more likely to win in Europe that Inter. If Ballack chooses Chelsea, then fine with me. I don't want him unless he truly wants Inter.
Mexicansoccer2010-05-05 06:09:02 +0000 #6
Nice! 2 more years till 100!!! Happy birthday Inter!!!
Saraj Fanatico2010-05-05 06:43:37 +0000 #7
Happy 98th.
Zek2010-05-05 06:49:26 +0000 #8
lovely smiley!!!

yeah Happy Birthday Inter and I now know Moratti is waiting for 100 years anniversary to make a present to Inter winning the Scudetto and stuff remember this words!

and yes, the team and squad are getting older, now hope not to see ballack here another oldie...



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