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Rafa Bentiz on the Target

Sebastian2010-05-05 05:51:24 +0000 #1
Inter looking to lure Benitez Friday 17 February, 2006


Inter are ready to offer Rafa Benitez £50m to prise him away from Liverpool, according to reports today.

The Daily Mirror claims that unless Roberto Mancini leads the Nerazzurri to Champions League success this season, he will be out of a job in the summer and, according to the tabloid, Benitez heads Inter patron Massimo Moratti’s list of desired candidates.

Benitez, who won the Primera Liga with Valencia, took over at Liverpool in 2004 and ended years of underachievement for the Premiership club by winning the Champions League in his first season in charge.

Moratti has overseen a similarly disappointing reign at the San Siro, with both the League title and the Champions League eluding his beloved side despite having ploughed over £446m of his personal fortune into the club over the last 10 years, and now it seems that he sees Benitez as the man to restore Inter’s fortunes.

“Benitez has already proved he is a top manager in Spain and England and Inter believe he can now do the same in Italy,” an Inter source is quoted as saying.

"Winning the European Cup against Milan will make him immediately popular with Inter fans and his achievements with Valencia, where he twice won the title over Real Madrid and Barcelona, proves he has real pedigree."

Moratti is reputedly ready to set aside further significant funds for Benitez to spend should he decide to cut short his contract, which ends in 2009, in favour of a move to Italy.

Should the Spaniard spurn Moratti’s advances, however, Arsenal’s Arsène Wenger and PSV and Australia Coach Guus Hiddink are said to be next in line.

...if this happens....Inter will be defenately revived and will worth it watching....

Skualo2010-05-05 06:04:14 +0000 #2

Inter doesnt have 50ML or 70ME to buy a manager ...
Ryan272010-05-05 05:56:27 +0000 #3
I bet Inter have the money. Moratti has changed his philosophy. He figures if he's gonna finish second or worse anyway, he might as well buy old plyaers for free instead of spending millions.

I haven't been following Liverpool lately. Benitez is a very solid coach, but isn't he a tad defensive? I seem to remember him not always fielding two forwards, which I can't stand. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm not a big fan of his transfer policy either...Peter Crouch!?! And I just don't like Luis Garcia, he strikes me as an overachiever, I don't care what anyone says . Whatever though, he'd be more likely to get success than Mancini, but I'd say he is a long shot to come.
GiorgioII2010-05-05 07:01:09 +0000 #4
Benitez is a tremendous coach. If he did come to us I would be delighted, but at the same time a little dissapointed for Liverpool. He has done so much for them and it would be sad for him to leave there. However, I doubt that we have much more to offer him than they currently do. He is building a succesful project there which in a few years can probably push Chelsea down from top spot....Inter on the other hand is a declining force. He is the sort of guy that could revive us, but it ain't happening.
Skualo2010-05-05 07:36:03 +0000 #5
i mean....yes moratti have the money, but please lets be serious...he didnt spend 28ME in gilardino...not even 10! in Cassano (RM paid beeying exagerated) and now hes spending 70!!! in a coach...not even chelsea do that kind of crazy things...another reason...the Club he owns (our Inter) should be a bussines not just a hobbie...some bad buys and high contracts in the past are blocking transfers today...and the club in red on economic charts year by year is a true that we all know very well...

My opinion towards Rafa Benitez is good..hes a good coach but as you said hes quite defensive and with him in the bench will arrive tons of spanish players, and Spanish players sucks in Italy.
Ryan272010-05-05 07:15:15 +0000 #6
Gila and Cassano are debatable subjects. I think both went where they wanted to go. Gila was deadset on going to Milan, I think thats partly why his transfer took so long; he was disinterested in other clubs and Milan knew this, so they were haggling with his price. And Cassano wanted Real Madrid and a fresh start, I'm pretty sure of this. My point is, I'm not sure you can blame Moratti for not signing them. And I guess if you combine what he paid for Samuel and Pizarro, it wasn't exactly a cheap summer. Moratti still spends money, just not quite like he use to.
Skualo2010-05-05 06:17:37 +0000 #7
you got some points there...gila subject could be that way but we never know ...i posted 28 cus milan payed 25...parma situation was really dangerous in that time so even if gila wanst pleaced to came to Inter 3 ME will at leasted make parma try to conviced him...but also we cant said they didnt gila mostly goes to milan cus he liked those bastards upon us

...but cassano was 90% least thats what la gazzett dello sport, corriere dalla sera and other sports newspapers said...then RM came whit 5 ME and toked him :S....lets give moratti the "cassano is a rebel" doubt...

Samuel issue was very difficult to concrete and remember we dindt paid the amount in one piece (like some years ago..remeber vieri? ) the only real investment was pizarro who we payed 11ME in one piece...but we got some millions on emre, davids and other sells...

but bottom agree with you...he has money but no as he used to...

btw milan and juve are getting dirty money...i mean juve theyre just SO mafiosi and milan with berlusconi in mand of italy...
Ryan272010-05-05 08:54:55 +0000 #8
Cassano's saga was interesting to say the least. I believe I had read somewhere that he too was holding out for Real, the team he wanted. When you think about it, though the World Cup was/is on the horizon, he held all the power in that Roma could not force him to go anywhere he didn't want to. I really believe he would be at Inter if thats what he wanted most. Like i've heard Inter lost him because Moratti didn't want to pay a little more, but really if Cassano wanted Inter that badly, he would've told Inter 'pay the small transfer fee and sign me now or else I'll go to Real'. I highly doubt Moratti would have said no in that case, which means I think Real was just what Cassano preferred anyway.

As for Samuel, I believe 16 million euros is what was agreed, or at least that is what I remember. Maybe it wasn't all paid at once, I think they usually aren't, but its still a considerable commitment.



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