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Moratti and his final solution

GiorgioII2010-05-05 05:52:24 +0000 #1
It is quite clear that Moratti is devestated with the state that he finds his Inter side in. Meanwhile though there have been lots of talks suggesting that we are going to have in the excess of 50million euros to spend on transfer fees in the summer.

I think we can therefore assume that Moratti is planning one last assault at success by returning to the days of the 90s and spending big in the summer. When you look at the players we had available to ourselves back then it was a mystery how we never won the title. A combination of bad management, poor team morale and bad luck cost us.

But now with a slightly more settled and happier side perhaps the time is right to spend big to get the final pieces of our jigsaw. Whether Mancini is in charge or not is also a vital question that needs to be asked, but if we can add some serious talent then perhaps it won't even matter that much. Even Mancini can lead us to success with bigger names.

One thing has become apparent. 'Stars' such as Recoba, Pizarro and Martins are not the future of this club and will never be up to Internazionale standard(Martins could maybe develop). If we see this side next season I will be so happy haha!!



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