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The Recoba code?

GiorgioII2010-05-05 05:59:37 +0000 #1
The enigma of Alvaro Recoba is perhaps one of the most difficult worldwide to solve. On his day he is can produce glimpses of brilliance that have lead some to regard him in the same breath technically as Ronaldinho, Kaka and Zidane, whilst in the same game he can look sloppy, disinterested and absent.

I therefore kept a close eye on him yesterday hoping for something special from a player playing against his favourite opponents. Unfortunately he didn't provide any magic.

But I did notice something rather telling and perhaps an important factor for his poor form. Everytime he made a small error players such as Materazzi, Cordoba and Stankovic(these were the players that I saw, there could be more) frowned and raised their arms in frustration. Now this could be due to the frustrating nature of Recoba's game, but perhaps also down to his personality.

Perhaps it is that his character is not likeable that he has struggled to ever find a place amongst this Inter side. It was quite telling that so many players seemed so angry with him at each mistake. It is rare to see any other player lamented in such a way. Maybe Recoba feels castaway from the rest of the squad and maybe this has contributed to his shoddy performances over the years.

Sorry. It is not quite the insightful theory many were probably hoping for, but watch his next performance with a close eye and also the reaction he gets from his teamates. Maybe that will reveal more.



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