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Does Anyone Still Believe in the Scudetto???

Sebastian2010-05-05 06:42:52 +0000 #1
...Juve is 10 points away which is ridiculous considering INTER'S world class capacity perhaps if this IDIOT realized how useless Martins is and watched some of the matches under Zek's Era when RECOBA&ADRIANO shined like SuperNova,then maybe it could've been lot easier even to Beleive...When i read what MANCIO said about LUKA TONI i got pretty pissed,he said"if we had him or if our forwards have scored that many goals we would've been first"

i dont hate the gay he is symphatic fellow,but he should watch his mouth...this statement is usual Rethorics from a Cerrbrally Undeveloped individual,not from a public person LUKA TONI is cool but he's nothing special...he scored a shit load of goals,but i dont think that he'll be the Top Scorer...a player who doesnt play in the Champions League isnt tired and his nerves arent thin like those who face teams with different Philosophical aproach,style and league...he has 6 highly important matches a year and has a lot of time to put his shit together Mancio have the best possible duo,composed of South American spices damn creative and it's getting pretty obvious that we will sign another Extra Class forward my favorite tipe-support striker-these are without doubt the most important forwards it's like sending an F-117 bombarder on a mission of the most crucial importance and sending two F-22 Raptors as a support nothing can deny these three Mancini would be an IMBECIL if he doesnt play with three forwards...



you can have VENTOLA up front but if he has a world support than he will score and you can have absolutely the most highly rated striker like ADRIANO,but if you put an insignificant and useless comediant like Martins as his partner than you will lose Golden points,which is egsacly what happened to INTER...and when his job was put on risk he finaly started to play RECOBA regulary its cristaly clear that Martins cost us wins against LAZIO and SAMP thats 4 more points even Mancio said that he's sometimes confused what to do with the glad that he finaly realised that he's not what ADRIANO needs and wants...this is all a result from Mancini's lack of Football Wisdom...the entrance of the new support striker will completely neutralise MARTINS from the starter's place and eventually from INTER which isnt far still with CASSANO and a BRASILIAN FULL LEFT BACK you must be an idiot not to beleive in the title...when LAZIO did the impossible so can we...the flaws will be excluded like FAVALLI and MARTINS and the team will become PERFECT...too bad that they wont be able to play in the C.League...what a stupid rule...whats the point of making a tranfer in the January when there's practicaly a ban on the player to participate in the coolest Tournament in the world and quality players are all playing in the European Cups it's more stupid than those bizzare Formula 1 rules.... ...

Ryan272010-05-05 06:49:24 +0000 #2
I think there's a lot of time left and its certainly possible Juve will have a stretch where they drop some points. I think this weekend is really important though. Not because of the points involved, but because of momentum. If we crush Milan, the team will believe it can do anything. I remember when Rijkaard was struggling with Barca in 03/04. They were way down the table and I thought Rijkaard was completely clueless. But then he slowly figured it out and they went on an insane hot streak, even overtook Real, and finished second, something which looked impossible at the midway stage. Inter aren't nearly far back as Barca were that season. I'm not saying its likely man, but its not impossible. If Rijkaard turned into a solid coach, maybe Mancini can too. Or maybe not...

btw, I like the fighter jet reference.
GiorgioII2010-05-05 07:19:19 +0000 #3
A good post and I will have an answer for you on Sunday evening

chu_chu2010-05-05 07:33:27 +0000 #4
hi guys... i'm back... how are guys doing

i think this will be my first post after long break

i agree with elcino... adriano needs someone like cassano/recoba to play alongside him.... martins is getting worst this season... i think he should play as adriano's substitute atm... he lose a lot of balls when he played... so i guess its better not to play him as a starter...

on scudetto?... it looks pretty hopeless... but miracle could happen... like ryan said...

imho the only and last chance that could get us back into scudetto competition would be ac milan demolition... if we couldn't beat milan.... then we don't have what it takes to be italian champions... no draw or lose...
syntex7772010-05-05 08:02:33 +0000 #5
yeah i think martins is only good enough to come on as a sub in the middle of the second half ...

next sunday's game is a must win for us ... if we lose theres absolutly no hope ... still if we do win it might be useless unless Juve actually drop some points

but nyway 2nd place would be better then 4th
devious2010-05-05 08:26:49 +0000 #6
I realy still belive in scudetto.. Im sure Juve gona lose some points in this way too long road, but in the same time we shouldnt lose any points, if we win this game with Milan this means it will be a 10 points gap, then we gona make sure to remain like this untill Juve lose couple of games and then come to face us in San Siro and we beat them and we could take the lead, I dont think if we reached this point Inter will give it up.. but only if
stefan992010-05-05 07:41:54 +0000 #7
Offcourse we can still win the scudetto if milan,lazio and invernizzi's inter side can come back from a 10 point gap and win the scudetto why can't we ??
tok872010-05-05 08:31:25 +0000 #8
If we win tomorrow, the i say YES, cause...the win against Milan would be so damn cool....

In the psycological way....this win would be sooooo important.....for the players, for our stuff, for thr fans....damnn..Go InTeR...tomorrow we have 2 wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin



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