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Sebastian2010-05-05 05:23:57 +0000 #1
...This is quite interesting...we need a Defender-MidFielder-Forward this is getting frustrating and booring i ask my self"will ever INTER be a complete team???" FAVALLI is absolutely useless and he's obviously the weakest link in the team for quite some time and i would love to see MAXWELL on the left back...VERON is leaving which is something that i regret of my favorite ass kickers...for the Midfield there are reports that INTER is considering RIQUELME:smokimg:now if this happens INTER will have the strongest central Mid...and perhaps the weakest sphere of the team...the forward...some will desagree,but i will apologise only if they compare INTER'S forward with LECCE,PARMA,PALERMO,SAMP or FIORENTINA...when compared with the EUROPEAN ELITE we're far bihind we have the best striker in the sport but becouse of his uncompatible and selfish partner he failed to manifest his Nuclear Energy...Eto'o who is the striker that is considered as the best in the moment,is not even close to ADRIANO...but he has RONALDINHO watcing his back,while ADRIANO watches MARTIN'S back there were people who said that ADRIANO was a One Hit Wonder it's not enough that Mancio cant recognise which player is in form and who isnt...that ADRIANO must keep up with MARTINS mediocrity,so now it was ADRIANO'S fault???He deserve a partner who is even better than him...he deserves RONALDO...he's not in the best form in the moment,but in a lack of a better word,he is RERFECT...its a damn shame that he left in REAL and that RUBINHO did the same but there's incredibly loud rumors that indicates his return...INTER must sign a cool left back in January and concentrate on RIQUELME and RONALDO in the summer...These three players will finally make INTER a serious cantender for the Scudetto and the Champions League...not a Shadow Favorite...cos it's clear that INTER are incomplete,but on some positions there's two brilliant on the left wing and the CentralMid...

GiorgioII2010-05-05 05:33:17 +0000 #2
Favalli is very underrated and has done quite well this season. It is harsh to call him 'useless' eLcino, don't you think? In terms of talent and attacking potential he is limited but I have seen him pull of countless last ditch tackles this season and is fairly solid. However we do need a replacement and Maxwell is close.

In the middle we need a world class operator to take over from Veron and undoubtedly it has to be either Riquelme or Ballack. No second rate player will do. These guys are established performers at the highest level and Inter will do well to get them.

The forward that we need should be Cassano. Reading Mancini's words it appears we may not be out of the race for him yet, but his arrival seems unlikely. Veron has said that we are looking at an Argentine talent called Aguero. I have seen videos of this guy he is ***king amazing. I think we need an established yet young player to partner Adriano and this kid is only 17. Obviously that is a bit young, but his talent surprasses anything we have apart from L'Imperatore and he would be perfect alongside him.
Zek2010-05-05 06:00:12 +0000 #3
I am also up for Favalli. The guy is useful in defence and pretty hard to make joke of. Compared to many previous LBs he's good. On the other hand yes LB position could be improved and should be improved next season.

It's sad to see Veron leaving... But why Riquelme? Anyway, I can't really think of someone else at the moment.

as for attack we should wait to see what's Obinna like at Inter? How he performs? and Martins is improving, he's much better now than earlier this season when his desires were far beyond his abilities
Sebastian2010-05-05 06:35:22 +0000 #4
... .. ...Favalli underated???all he knows is how to kick the ball away from him...i saw that he made a lot ofd crosses but they are as useless as his defending...the weakest link in the team is FAVALLI...and the chain is only as strongh as his weakest link...+the defense is brilliant and he's the only flaw there...there is nothing to underate here...he's not a player who makes the difference to give such a compliment...VALERON was underated...MONTELLA and a whole bunch of players but FAVALLI???he's the one who allways have dificulties with the oponents...and the allways try to pass the ball on his side...untalented,useless and trivial...that's how i see him...INTER practicaly play with 10 players...CORDOBA and SAMUEL offten "whipe his shitty ass and flush the toalet for him"...INTER dont need players like him....while i still cant understand why did this imbecil Mancini kicked COCO for FAVALLI... ...ZANETTI,CORDOBA and SAMUEL deserve a player who will be responsible and good enough to do his task and dont rely on the other defenders who have to work their job and half of Favalli's... ...the reason why we havent received goals like the last season is SAMUEL...and the other two are defenders from the highest quality...damn it when there will be a cool left back here....
GiorgioII2010-05-05 07:07:47 +0000 #5
We are extremely close to signing one of Evra or Maxwell. From what I have seen Evra looks slightly more solid defensively and would be a slightly better I guess you will get your wish eLcino .
TOTTIgirl2010-05-05 06:38:48 +0000 #6
"....while i still cant understand why did this imbecil Mancini kicked COCO for FAVALLI..."

ha! Me neither!!!!!!!
TOTTIgirl2010-05-05 06:46:38 +0000 #7
wow seems like the message insulting me for preferring Coco over Favalli (as any normal person would) has already been removed

too bad, I had such a witty reply for the 13 year old acne face who wrote it
devious2010-05-05 06:59:04 +0000 #8
when Favalli called for the lines-up every game, I say what the hell? why he dont try Wome? he is fast and can shoot with his both feet!.. but in the end of the game ..everytime.. I see myself wantto say thank God we had favalli!! see for example in the Milan game! he did incredible things.. he and JZ blocked the wings completly! Favalli saved us in many games with his cuting the ball skills, and his unexpected predictions for the passes! you just cant see this in the game, but in the replay you will notice that favalli maybe is one of the best left wings in the world in the defence skills.



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