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Interviews with Nerazzurri players Over the Christmas break

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Saturday, 24 December 2005 08:00:01

MILAN - Over the Christmas break offers you a series of interviews with Nerazzurri players made for Inter Channel programme 'Raggi X'. To kick off, Alvaro 'El Chino' Recoba:

When Recoba is mentioned, his contracts are also often mentioned. Why?

"When I had to renew my contract four or five years ago it all went a bit 'outside football'. A lot was said about that contract but it wasn't the only one of its kind. And a few years later many clubs who had very high contracts went bankrupt or had serious problems. I think that now we are all back to normal, we have all adapted a bit. It's true that the situation was incredible and unendurable for the clubs - each one wanted to pay you more."

And Recoba later reduced his contract, but you still have a reputation as being one of Massimo Moratti's favourites. Has this affected you?

"In truth, I have never given Moratti presents or called him to become his favourite. And he has never spoken well of me for these things. As far as this subject is concerned I was, am and always will be calm. I have never asked anything from Moratti or each coach. I have never taken advantage of the situation and I have never asked for certain guarantees. I have always lived this situation naturally, and it is very gratifying for me - for how I am and for how that situation has developed down the years."

A lot has also been said over the years about when Recoba is not playing, but how do you feel when this happens?

"When I don't play and when I don't even go on the bench, I usually don't go to the stadium either. I was, however, at the stadium for the derby, first to suffer and then to celebrate. It really disappoints me when I don't play, I don't feel the victory is mine. Apart from the traditional good luck wishes, I honestly can't even manage to give positive signs to my team-mates. I'm pleased if the team wins or the strikers score, but at the same time I'm also a bit angry because I always want to play to give something. But football should be like this for everyone, because it's not a negative feeling. On the contrary, it's the desire to give and be at the service of the team."

You recently confessed that you are calmer now than in the past. Why?

"Because I found it very hard when I was out due to the ankle injury. Those were hellish months. I missed all the small, everyday things at Inter - the coffee, the dressing room, taking free kicks, running, training, matches. For me it was a lesson of life. You get used to feeling good, and when you're not you give value to everything you usually have. When all this is missing you give much more importance to it. I also feel much better now because when I was out I worked a lot in the gym and I think I'm in better physical and also psychological form."

Recoba is famous for being a perfect glutton... But have you ever really given up anything?

"I always joke about this. Everyone tells me I could be the best in the world, but to be so you always have to give up something. Apart from my team-mates and several Uruguayans who play in Italy, since 1997 I have always had friends who are older than me. As a player I have grown quickly and I have forgotten my youth. But at the same time I have a good life and I realise I have had a lot of luck that it's always better to give thanks for. The tension in Italian football is high and it's true that I might have lost a bit of the joy of playing, but it is also thanks to these experiences that I have matured and become calmer."

You have also earned a lot...

"And I have tried to invest the money as best I can. For example, I bought a house in Uruguay for when I go back to live there; I don't like the sea in Milan very much... I also bought a villa in Como to live well now with my wife and children."

You often go to the cinema. Who chooses the type of film? You or (your wife) Lorena?

"It's good to see a love film with an important story now and then, as Lorena prefers. But I prefer action films, also ones that are a bit violent..."

Reality is violent.

"Even too much... When you see life in TV or in a film you know it's fiction. But reality is truer and tougher, particularly in certain places in the world. You never die of hunger in films, for example, but unfortunately in reality this happens."

Which team out of Milan and Juventus is more an opponent for Recoba?

"It is Milan, without doubt. I don't know if I am or ever will be a derby hero, because it is certainly the match I like the most, the one that motivates me most, perhaps because there have always been a few Uruguayans at Juventus."

Do you consider the Inter shirt to be your second skin?

"Yes, certainly, and I always do my best to show it even if I don't always manage. Sometimes I can't find the words to say what I would like to do for Inter, even without receiving anything in exchange. I hope I can manage to explain this feeling and be understood."



Saturday, 24 December 2005 18:28:01

MILAN - Over the Christmas break offers you a series of interviews with Nerazzurri players made for Inter Channel programme 'Raggi X'. After Alvaro Recoba, it's Inter captain Javier Zanetti's turn:

Let's start the interview in a slightly different way and talk about women...

"Everyone likes beautiful women. Each man appreciates beauty, but feelings are another thing. You can easily admit you've seen a beautiful woman and appreciate her beauty. One of my favourites? Angelina Jolie, she's splendid in some of her films, especially in one with Brad Pitt. Would I like to live a day as Brad Pitt? No, I like being myself and it's fine like this."

Do you get love letters from your fans?

"Many letters arrive. Not just of love, but also from many fans who love the way I play. I even get some letters with photos, some real candidates..."

Let's go from Angelina Jolie to another splendid creature - your daughter Sol.

"A stupendous creature. She has really changed my life, I can't imagine feeling as many emotions and feelings as when I saw my daughter born. Life has changed positively and magnificently for me and Paula. I watched the birth and I was lucky because I was with the national team when it was time for the birth. Paula told me she would have waited for me and she was right. Sol came into the world the day I came back from national team duty. I will never forget this experience, you need to be prepared for it because it's not easy, but it's a wonderful thing. We had a nice birth and Sol was born smiling. I would like always to live these moments, you never forget them."

Did you really miss the fact that you didn't have a child?

"We wanted a child to complete all the moments we have lived through together. I and Paula have had lots of fun, now it was the moment to become parents."

When you return to Argentina what do you see compared to the Argentina that was yours?

"I see a different Argentina, an Argentina that has got worse over the years. When I was a boy I could go and play in the courtyard until two or three in the morning and my parents would stay calmly indoors because they knew nothing would happen. You can't do this now because there's violence. Everyone talks about Argentina as a state with an economic problem, but sooner or later the economy gets sorted out. The most difficult thing is the social problem in Argentina. The youngsters don't have enough alternatives, they don't know what the future will bring them. They always ask us players what we will do after we stop playing, but now I couldn't say I will return to my country, because I have a daughter who is growing and I want to give her all the best possible. I don't know if this is possible in Argentina. But the worst thing is that it seems like the Argentine people have got used to this situation."

Could playing in and winning a World Cup be an important sign for your country?

"Yes, it could give an important and very strong message. Through sport we are followed by the whole country. The people follow us and feel part of it. It would be wonderful if we won the World Cup."

You have a never-ending season ahead of you...

"It's true, let's hope the results come that both Argentina and Inter haven't had. Results that we all deserve."

How do you prepare yourself for a season like this?

"I'm a very positive boy and in each difficulty I always look for the positive side that gives you the enthusiasm to continue. Have I always been like this? Yes, since I was a child. Even when I went to school I was all perfect and precise. I wanted everything to be done well and I did my best to succeed."

What is the best talent for a captain?

"To be ready and useful when needed. I have always behaved like this since I arrived at Inter. The most important thing for a human being is always to be yourself. The captain's armband should not change a person, they have always respected me for how I am and it will continue to be like this. People then may or may not like this behaviour. The captain's armband at a club like Inter is clearly important and it means a great deal to me."

Do you go to the cinema now and then?

"Sometimes me and Paula go to the cinema in Como and we have the theatre all to ourselves because no one goes in the afternoon."

What are your other hobbies?

"After training now I stay with my daughter, meet a few friends or go to the cinema. I'm also studying English at the moment."

Are Italian or foreign referees better?

"They're almost all the same everywhere. The important thing is that there is always respect and good faith. Have I argued with any referee in particular. I haven't argued, but I was very disappointed when Braschi showed me my first red card in an Inter v Parma a few years ago. I had nothing to do with it and he sent me off."

Which matches do you feel more, those with Juventus or Milan?

"With Milan, without doubt. And I don't like the Rossoneri fans either because they have a way of behaving, particularly when they win, that I don't appreciate."

What is your wish for Christmas and the New Year?

"Many, many wishes to the whole world. Much peace and happiness for everybody."

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MILAN - FC Internazionale wishes Nerazzurri fans worldwide a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful 2006.




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