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Rest in peace, L'Avvocato...

devious2010-05-05 10:01:00 +0000 #1

Legendary Inter fan and vice president Giuseppe "Peppino" Prisco dies at the age of 80. The Italian footballing community mourns the loss of one of its most charismatic personalities. receives approximately 85,000 tributes from Nerazzurri fans, but also from supporters of other teams.

R.I.P Prisco.

Last night's derby victory came right in time.

famous quotes from the great man's mouth

"Io non rubo il campionato, e in Serie B non son mai stato" - "I don't steal the championship, and I've never been relegated to Serie B"

"When I shake a juventino's hand, I count my fingers"

"The greatest joy? Easy. Milan in B. And not once, but twice. Once after paying, once for free. I think that each time you go in Serie B, it's like losing 5 scudetti".

"Hope for the future? I'd love someone to see me in the streets and shout at me: Peppino champion of Italy! I dream about the scudetto. And, since we're at it, Milan in B again."

During a meeting, in front of 300 people the Monday after a Milan v Inter 0-3 in Serie A 1997-98:

"Before I contribute to the debate, I'm asking you to stand up, for a very serious moment. We have to commemorate something. (At this moment everyone stood up, feeling a bit worried). Now, what I want to say is: Who don't jump is a rossonero!"

"Inter was born by the defecting associates from AC Milan. That shows you how far you can go starting from nothing"

"Prediction for Milan-Ascoli? I wouldn't know, I don't follow lower-league football."



tok872010-05-05 10:05:08 +0000 #2

Ahh...i remeber him....when he was as a guest (many times) at Controcampo (football tv show on italia1,every sunday from 22:30 - 1:00), he was so funny...ahh...a LEGEND really...!



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