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Real Reached the Bottom

Sebastian2010-05-05 06:27:39 +0000 #1
...if someone told me few years ago that REAL will sink this far,id say that he's either jealous or an idiot...what is happening to them is outrageous Olympiacos thrashed their sorry asses but i must admit that im delighted to see those Capricious Megalomaniacs Ass Kicked actually im enjoying that it's pretty cool to see Beckham's (ooollalla i've broken my finger nail) this dude has completely lost his mind...nutcase to be honest i was sick'n tired from those arrogan Real fans...85%of them were insulting every fan out there and thats not how you manifest some Real fan will reply"INTER is the biggest loser,you havent won a damn thing for decades,damn losers"but the thing is that INTER was newer dominant as REAL,it was good but not dominant...REAL had it all,they became so huge that is even beyond belief,but they Selfdestructed as if they were made from Chocolate they ate each other who ever sacks a coach like Del Bosque who won you the national championship will be i dont believe in curses and crap like that,but what is happening to them is beyond the rational...i always had symphaties for BARCA + theis hatered has political issues but above all im sick of some"experts"who claims that RONALDO is a better player than RONALDINHO i dont know how many knows the reason why he's called RONALDINHO and not RONALDO...his real name is RONALDO,but since the older RONALDO was HUGE back then people started to call him -DINHO it doesnt matter it's cool it suits him perfectly to his baby face people thought that no one can surpass THE RONALDO,but they were wrong i had a discussin with a friend of mine who is a Real fan and he said"GAUCHO doesnt have that competition like when RONALDO,ZIDANE,FIGO and RIVALDO had and RAUL havo three C.League titles why GAUCHO has none" i told him"youre my friend,but you are an idiot"i have never heard something as pathetic as this..."you compare RAUL with GAUCHO???everyone knows that RAUL isnt the leader there...he had the privilidge and luck to play with some of the greatest players in the world,but those titles arent won thanx to his abilities,sure he scored goals...but ask youre self why SPAIN strugls so much he is the captain who gets invisible every time they face some TITAN "its bizzare to compare GAUCHO with RAUL..RONALDINHO plays for the best national team on the planet but so does RUBINHO,KAKA and ADRIANO the future of football,but they're not even close to GAUCHO...i can bett that all those stars cant win the World Cup without RONALDINHO if RONALDO was that great he would've won in 98'when i expirianced the biggest frustration in my Fan career...they lost becouse they didnt had a leader...Dunga was not up to the task and RIVALDO failed to afirm his leadership...he was in BARCA,but in BRAZIL you have to be AINSTAIN in order to play the Leading Role i remember the 98' cup like it was yesterday...Ronaldo was scared and he had that frightened Facial expression and when he faced the epidemy of a Leader-ZIDANE-he suffered an eppilleptic atack +Figo and Zidane proved their Leadership in REAL they were the Engines of Creation and they won everything...It must be so frustrating for REAL fans not to have the greatest player in the sport...they got used to that and the showdown between REAL and BARCA begun with seemed that REAL won,cos LA PORTA signed RONALDINHO who was "ridiculous"when compared to AIMAR(thats what they said)but now its clear who made a GENIOUS Transfer...Beckham increased the price of REAL jersey,while GAUCHO increased the price of the whole team by setting new standards in the modern style of football its not about BARCA quality that DECO,XAVI,ETO'O,VAN BOOMEL and PUYOL makes...if you exclude GAUCHO then then you will lose that DEVINE CHARISMA and MAGIC which is now a trademark not only for BARCA but in the Sport as some will mention MESSI who Argentinians desperately equates with MARADONNA the guy is a product of BARCA'S youth sector and perhaps thats the reason why we wont see him depart like RIQUELME and SAVIOLA...if you ask me he's no different than ass kicker but MARADONNA??? LA PORTA should regret his decision not to sign RUBINHO...he would be perfect with RONALDINHO...too bad he decided to continue his adventure on TITANIC instead of going to QUEEN MARIE 2... ...bad timing Rubinho lets hope their new coach wont play him regulary and he arrives in INTER just like SAMUEL



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