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Adriano Regrets His Decision to Remain in Inter

Sebastian2010-05-05 05:21:53 +0000 #1
...I'ts obvious that ADRIANO plays bad not becouse he isnt in form but becouse he regrets his decision to remain in INTER....he isnt motivated...he skips training sessions...and even admited that he wanted to go in CHELSEA....'s clear that he's not happy here....a player like him is just wasting his time with an IDIOT like mancini...and i dont blame him...when i see him play he doesnt have that fire in his KAKA...SHEVA...RONALDINHO ETOO and the rest of the forward elite... not making this up you can look the stuff on the football websites....he talks to FACHETTI and the rest of the INTER administration all the time....somethings weird...
GiorgioII2010-05-05 05:38:25 +0000 #2
Mancini basically said that Adriano can say he will improve his work rate but he actually has to prove it on the pitch. I cannot understand this at all....he is the most talented player that we have available to us, yet Mancini wants to sacrifice him by the looks of doesn't make sense......I need to stop putting all the's eLcino's trademark

nismo2010-05-05 05:44:02 +0000 #3
Maybe he made that declaration because of Inter's minislump. Let's not take it in too much. It hasn't reach Ronaldo-level yet, when no one knew if he was staying or going.
Sebastian2010-05-05 06:10:33 +0000 #4's critical if you ask me.... ...+ there's the world cup getting closer and closer...who knows what things will RONALDO...CARLOS and the rest of the BRASILIAN JET SETT say to the frustrated ADRIANO...and by the way all of his brasilian team mates are playing in great teams with brilliasnt results...he's perhaps better then them but he cant shine with an idiot like MANCIO....this is similar to RONALDO-CUPER situation...
SRBIJA2010-05-05 06:23:22 +0000 #5
Adriano is an awsome player, but if he affects inter negativly he should be booted out for the first offer.
nerazzuri2010-05-05 06:21:44 +0000 #6
adriano isn't making that much of an negative impact. IF he does want to leave i can understand that, he wants trophies like all the other brazilians. i think this is just blown way out of porportion
Zek2010-05-05 07:00:20 +0000 #7
It was a sluggish performance, particularly from Adriano, who has been in the media spotlight over the last few weeks for his tardiness and the alleged break-up with his girlfriend. Some sections of the Italian Press suggest this is the reason for his poor form and published details of his partying lifestyle.

“I think that a 23-year-old lad has the right to have fun in his life,” insisted Mancio. “He’s not the only one who can turn up late occasionally and I think there has been too much talk about his private life lately. It’s his job to make the most of his talents on the field, but he needs more than a week of solid training to recover his form. We should leave Adriano’s private life to him and it’s nobody else’s business.”

Adriano was replaced by Cruz and that proved to be the turning point, as the Argentine bagged a brace to turn the game around completely after an early Hugo Almeida missile of a free kick from 30 metres.

“Cruz had fresh legs and could put more pressure on our opponents. If the strikers continue to push midfielders and force them into mistakes, we’ll win a lot more games. Clearly we didn’t push as much in the first half as there was time to get back into it, but the tempo was a little slow and improved after the break.”

Luis Figo put in a series of crosses for the ineffective forwards and impressed Mancini with his performance, while the tactician hinted at a new partnership for the trip to Lazio.

“Figo did very well tonight and I’m happy for him, as he’s a great professional and has worked hard to settle in. Cruz and Adriano have played together before with good results.”

Inter are now four points clear at the top of Group H with Artmedia and Rangers on five and Porto bringing up the rear with three.

“I won’t say we’re already qualified for the next round, but there can’t be long to go, and so we must focus on getting back on track in Serie A and getting a win away to Lazio this weekend
Zek2010-05-05 06:27:58 +0000 #8
i would disagree with you Elcino...

every player has his ups and downs, even if that's Pele.

Adriano is still a young player and he was treated as the best in the world when he was in top form, but same time Inter was putting pressure on him making him a heavy feature in its plans and for this season Inter is very Adriano dependent. He realizes this, and now when he's not in the best form (partly thanks to Inter use of him without any resting last seasons) the pressure (from management, fans and media) is on him to deliver Inter dreams. This makes things worse for him to re-gain his form and especially confidence!

For a comparison, when Sheva is out in Milan it's in the news but Milan continues to play and win although it's tough without Sheva. When Adriano is out its all over in the news with statements like Inter will not survive and the lad reads them and gets pissed...

In addition to this pressures, since Adriano's young and being treated as emperor he's got the greatness sickness (stars disease) which made things worse for him. This is the reason Veron critisized him and Mancini now says he needs to train hard... He does not say he needs to score few goals to put him back on streak like Benitez spoke about Morientes the other day.

Given all this, I think it's our management's fault on putting very high pressure on Adriano (who never before experienced that) and plus he's fallen into a common trap and shall make up his mind to get out of it.

Just to support my last statement: Adriano at Brasil - not treated as a lonely hope for success; they've got Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Dida and others, so the pressure on Adriano's personality is not as high as at Inter when we expect goals only from him and now got Cruz proving that's talent is not just enough to score goals you need hard work and experience. Then for Parma and Viola - they had no hopes and Adriano was a gift to them; for Inter of last season Adriano was a great asset we all were happy to get goals from, for Inter of this season Adriano must score for Inter to win the title, Adriano is a center of universe...

hope you've got my point somehow, sorry for an essay...



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