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Ground rules for sustainable INTER

Zek2010-05-05 08:29:41 +0000 #1
I was thinking about the internal rules, which Inter's management shall impose on themselves... What I came up with is a list of issues to consider and their evaluation, which is quite subjective


When I play games like Football Manager I tend to create a team with similar work rate, rather high creativity, and with right balance of experience and youth... Thinking about real football, my all time favourite team, among those I could have watched and followed was Sweden NT 1994. A team that had an average age of about 24, consisted from players who played together since 1992, an experienced goalkeeper, central defender and central midfielder, sharing similar playing ideas and achieving great results! Given the quality of the players available to Sweden they have went way too far both in 1992 at Euro and in 1994. Unfortunately, Sweden's coaches did not have an opportunity to transfer players, so the team had faded away and was not consistently developing like I would love to see Inter do.

So then tried to think about this bloody Inter and analogies or new inventions thanks god I have some creativity available.

Ground Rules:

1) Inter shall field at least one Youth Team (U21) player in 100% of the league games, two (U21) players in 50% of the games. A coach shall issue a formal request to club President in cases of non-compliance with this rule.

Idea behind is that a young blood grown in your team has a much more developed team spirit, shall be given opportunity to develop, shall help the team to insert some more optimism into the game. Such rule will make it attractive to young prospects to join Inter and shall make Inter coaches work hard on their development.

2) Inter shall field at least 5 Italian players in starting XI; and 3 Italian players as substitutes for every game, any exceptions shall be done through request to club President.

Inter is a team playing in Italy, is one of the leading and well supported Italian clubs. Inserting more Italians into the squad will aid to form an Inter vision and spirit, then have a common understanding of the football and values around it between most of the squad (although sincerely hope this will not lead to particular Catenaccio style football), will make Inter attractive for young Italian players to join.

3) Inter shall not field more than 3 non-EU players in first XI

This is aimed to make scouts work harder and coaches think twice before buying a player, make a team attached to its players and thus reduce the currently high player's turnover rate at Inter. Also, reduce the high variety of game styles in a squad, which takes a team back as players have difficulties fitting into game plans well and create difficulties during the game.

4) Inter shall not make more than 5 (in/out) first team transfers a year, first team are the most used 17 players. Shall be allowed to transfer in only one 32 or above aged player, only two 30 or above aged players.

This is also to reduce the seasonal squad rotation. This will not allow coaches to buy and play old players at expense of someone's development.

5) Inter shall not field more than 3 players aged 32 and higher, no more than 5 players aged 30 or above in its first XI.

This shall make management think about long-term issues. Also, aging players are generally less open to new playing strategies or formations, are on the low side of their career curve, need more efforts to stay fit in top form. On the other hand their presence is of benefit as they may lead the team, less tend to panic & etc. - assume all issues related to experience. So I thought 3 old players shall be sufficient to insert the experience flavour and same time allow a team to dominate games and play at increased tempo, when necessary.

6) Inter shall field at least 3 players, who played for more than 3 years at Inter, 6 players played more than 2 years, 8 players played one season at Inter.

This is also to provide assurances around long-term planning around Inter by all of the Club's management.

7) Inter coach shall be assigned two personal advisors, independent from the coach who will advise a coach and team management on identified deficiencies in the squad or the use of another formation.

This shall be treated very carefully as the manager (coach) shall not feel depressed and vice-versa.

8) Inter's manager's performance shall be measured through established Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking tools. For instance, performance of the team shall be compared to last 3 years in terms of results and quality (which is total ball possession percentage, shots on goal, and opponent's offensive performance), goals scored/conceded, fouls commited and etc.

This shall allow to be fair to all our coaches and track improvements they make.

I hope this makes sense. All I wanted to say that we lack a mechanism that will stop certain people to change the path of the team development ruining all the previous work that was done. Best example, was how Inter easily managed to ruin all Cuper's achievements instead of building up on them. By now we have changed everything from key players and coaching staff to game strategy. The lack of consistent approach to anything in this team drives us backwards...

PS: I want to find out the way for this message to reach Moratti & Co. so much...

devious2010-05-05 08:39:48 +0000 #2
this is a wonderful post man! so perfect! and full of solutions, butt o make it happen it could take 2-3 years, it`s not easy to make such many changes in a big team like Intre that fast.. though it could bring so balance in the team!

hey Im serious man, go to and contact the site`s managment.. they could somehow deliver it to the Inter managment! or maybe u can send it to
Quixote2010-05-05 08:40:47 +0000 #3
Well put Zek!

Some excellent ideas.

Although some are maybe a little rigid. Like there are exceptions to most rules (good players of 33, a sixth transfer needed because of whatever reason...) But definitely Inter needs a code of conduct that is clear and logical. I'll re-read your post later and try add my humble thoughts, if I have any

The only problem I want to raise now is that Inter was started as Internazionale, a club for all nationalities. That was, and is, the philosophy of the club. We all know that more Italians would be a good thing but to have like 50% Italian, a total re-vamp of the club would then be needed. It would not really be Internazionale anymore.

Anyway, for a man in Hell your thoughts are pretty clear!

stefan992010-05-05 09:47:21 +0000 #4
I agree with most except the italian and non eu parts.
Ryan272010-05-05 10:13:17 +0000 #5
What a long and thorough post...good stuff, but now I feel like I need a nap before I can respond.
devious2010-05-05 10:33:08 +0000 #6
ok, sweet dreams
Zek2010-05-05 09:27:59 +0000 #7
thanks boys! i need your comments and then seriously will send this stuff with your comments to and to

as for the number of Italians, 50% italians in a team based in Italy is not much to me. And we still keep the team international with the latter 50%. Inter of 89 had more Italians than any other Inter... I am just traying to find a right balance... you cannot have nigerians, brazilians, italians and chinese playing together and succeeding, they represent different schools of football and there should be a leading school and maybe one more supporting school but not a total international mess... players just do not understand each other playing for one team...



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