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New Regulations starting next year onwards regarding foreign players in Italy.

inter_2112010-05-05 08:54:45 +0000 #1
From channel


Inter may have to give their squad a complete overhaul this summer as CONI aim to introduce new protectionist regulations from next season.

CONI, the governing body for sport in Italy, is currently discussing moves to reduce the number of foreign nationals permitted to play for Italian clubs.

It is perceived that fewer Italian players are getting the chance to make the grade and ply their trade in Italy, as a result of the influx of foreign players, and so steps are being taken to ‘protect’ youth systems.

CONI’s new directive stipulates revolutionary changes to the current system if enforced, as intended, from next season.

Under the new regime, of 18 players - the first 11 and seven substitutes - in a match-day squad submitted to the referee, at least 50 per cent must be Italian or have come through the ranks at an Italian outfit.

The squad of players at a club, meanwhile, must also consist of at least 50 per cent home-grown players.

The new regulation will come as a shock to the system for numerous Serie A sides, many of whom look abroad for new recruits.

Inter, in particular, will be seriously affected by the new ruling as they boast no fewer than 18 foreigners. Only five of Roberto Mancini’s men hail from Italy.

Francesco Toldo, Marco Materazzi, Giuseppe Favalli, Paolo Orlandoni and Cristiano Zanetti are their Italians – even if only Materazzi and Favalli can be considered first-choice players.

Critics of the proposals will say that clubs will flout the new laws by recruiting foreign players at a younger age, developing them at the expense of other Italians and sending them out to other clubs on loan.

So what do you guys think of this..

devious2010-05-05 09:11:18 +0000 #2
I dont know what to think of!? but I`ll put it in 3 words: WE ***KED UP!

and this is the senario: Inter will try to sell most of thier forigen players in the Jan market and others in the summer, they`ll keep only effective players like JZ, Adriano and others.. Inter, Milan and Juve wil be fighing for the top players that playing in Serie A for big teams like Fiorentina, Palermo, Udnise, Samp... those team Ive mentioned will return to their weak days, and will be all like Ascoli, Treviso and other weak team in the Serie A.. Only Juve, Inter and Milan will be on top 3 for about 5-7 years from now.

this decesion is most stuped decision Ive ever seen in my all life!, Serie A wot be competetive anymore, so finaly someone have beat the Inter managment in stuped calls
Ryan272010-05-05 09:25:48 +0000 #3
I won't worry about this until it actually happens. I'd imagine a new rule like ths might have some conflicts with the EU or UEFA?
soccerates2010-05-05 10:04:05 +0000 #4
Sell some of the foreigners now if they are worth more and think of rebuilding for next season when there will likely be more talent on the market.
Zek2010-05-05 09:10:30 +0000 #5
it will be good if Inter will get few italian players, I am actually trying to do a mathematical calculation of successful Inter squad composition (very subjective one) so they're just in time with this regulaiton



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