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Who Attracts you're Atention???

Sebastian2010-05-05 07:19:09 +0000 #1
...this is not a tipical "rumor&transfer" interested in you're impressions by certain players who can be considered in the future...personaly im fallowing've all seen this young ass kicker in action,aspecially while he was in BARCA a player like him must be put under consideration,cos our future doesnt look that promising on that possition..Figo is old and he's just a temporrary solution,he's heart is in REAL...he gave them his best and when i saw his first statement when he joined INTER,the way he talked about REAL i knew that he's here just for the money,without affection and gain these feelings for the Club while youre young...QUARESMA is a great solution for the right wing and more than that...he can play great as a half wing in a 4-3-3 formation...The next one that impressed me perhaps the most is ALEX...this guy is simply the best central back in EUROPE+he's Brassilian im kiddin can say whatever you want"this one is better,that one better..."but from the next season you'll see him probably in MILAN or perhaps in CHELSEA i still think that he would've been a better choice than SAMUEL,but only between them bouth...i like SAMUEL a lot,he's awesome...central back like we newer had but ALEX is just PERFECT...Although it is highly unlikely that he will join INTER for next season...

BALLACK is the next impressive player+he would be "suggar free" its like when BARCA signed VAN BOOMEL for free...BALLACK is a bit better than him and would be PERFECT with CAMBIASSO...

CELSO is this young Brasilian forward who i fallowed through the World Cup under 20...This kid will probably be the next Revelation extremely creative and fast he's practicaly a complete player with all predispositiones to play in seria A it's like when we brought ADRIANO who impressed me a lot in the World Cup for babies too ...+CELSO is older compared with ADRIANO when we took him from Flamengo im annoyed by these free transfers where we're signing old "Supestars"we need lot younger signigs...young Brasilian ass kickers are the best thing he would be Perfect for us if CASSANO wants to go in JUVE...even if we sign CASSANO we can buy him,CRUZ will probably leave INTER this summer so we should secure CELSO for the future..

DOS SANTOS...the best player of the under 20 World Cup...this kid was a Master Class play maker Genious.He's a Brasilian but he played for MEXICO who won the tournament when i saw him on EUROSPORT Highlights i thought"what kind of Jersey is this Brasil doesnt wear these colors"...i knew it was a Brasilian but it was weird to see him play for MEXICO...i dont know whether you've seen him or not,but he will probably be a Super Star...MEXICO has a golden generation,they will surely be on of the best national teams in the World...i like this player,he is extremely impressive but tell this to Moratti... ....

Zek2010-05-05 07:31:29 +0000 #2
having seen how Mourinho transformed Drogba into a superstriker I am not interested in any talents or transfers to Inter we have or perhaps had sufficient squad to do great things but we are where we are...

about players i like MUs Ronaldo! Kaka's good too!
inter_2112010-05-05 08:00:27 +0000 #3
I dont see Quaresma as an ideal transfer, as you said, when he WAS at barca he was really good, why didnt barca tie him up for longer if he had the potential, now he's just like any other portuguese winger, but the rest u suggested are ones i would like to see at Inter, more brazilians than argentenians would even be better :d haha just kiddin,

C.Ronaldo keeps getting better and is the best replacement for figo, or moratti can opt for any young wingers from Brazil that have potential.. we neeed young bloood
evilmact2010-05-05 07:30:29 +0000 #4
Ballack will be awesome in Inter but also we are needing a good winger and C.Ronaldo could be that one.

About Giovanni Dos Santos, this mexican/brazilian kid (mexican mother, brazilian father and born in Mexico) is awesome! He played extremely well in the world cup and he's only 16 years

, some even compare him with Ronaldinho, he looks like him and even moves like him, he's a great future and should put attention to him. Actually he's in the second team of Barcelona, he was partner of Messi some time ago
GiorgioII2010-05-05 08:29:37 +0000 #5
Ballack is coming.

C.Ronaldo is an unrealistic objective but an attractive one.

Another CB - Kompany maybe.

Forward - Not sure who...........
GiorgioII2010-05-05 08:10:36 +0000 #6
....Or just that the talent is overated, overpaid and oversexed

. I prefer Lance's suggestion though

inter_2112010-05-05 09:23:27 +0000 #7
Ryan272010-05-05 09:47:47 +0000 #8

Originally Posted by GiorgioII

Ballack is coming.

C.Ronaldo is an unrealistic objective but an attractive one.

Another CB - Kompany maybe.

Forward - Not sure who...........

We'll see about now we should have learned with these rumors that nothing is for sure till it happens. And for replacing Figo...JOAQUIN. Chelsea love him, but already have enough wingers. Its hard to tell if Real still want him, they certainly don't as long as Lux is their coach, since he doesn't play wingers.

Kompany would be a sweet signing.



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