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How Cuper would've done with a Great Team like this???

Sebastian2010-05-05 06:03:15 +0000 #1
...Cuper did a lot to upset us...but i newer hated him,he had charisma and im sure that he is a good individual and a good person although he did a lot of"Master Pieces" it's a fact that he was closer to winning the Scudetto than anyone...and reached the C.League semi finals...if he was more flexible he could've been the best but at least he knew the 4-4-2 damn good...he newer had wingers like Mancini has now...i mean FIGO,STANKOVIC,SOLARI and Central mid fielders like VERON,CAMBIASSO PIZARRO and for SAMUEL he could only dream...but he reached boiling point and he had to go...perhaps if Moratti bought better players than E'ROBERTO,VDM and he did to Mancio...all we can do is speculate...but i was so pissed at him for making some of the best players around to leave INTER which reflected quite negative in the near future...what can i say he knew his tatctics,but was extremely iflexible and cruel against offansive players like PIRLO,SEEDORF,RONALDO and ADRIANO(we actually bought him from Parma and it was obvious that he doesnt like him )

He's in the past and the chanses for him to return are slim...It's getting pretty obvious that Mancini will sink deeper and deeper from match to match...and the fact that there is no great tactitian around to replace Mancini can mean that he can return ...Hitzfield my favorite,who if it was up to me id sign him immidiately,has been contacted by REAL and he will probably replace the delusional Luxemburgo(if you ask me he and Mancio are the worst coaches from everyone at the big clubs)one thing's for sure...the Future of this Club isnt bright and perspective,beside the huge Arsenal of world class Ass Kickers...

Ryan272010-05-05 06:12:23 +0000 #2
Cuper? I'm curious as to how Zac would've done with a team this talented. Zac never had a healthy team, but I think it would've been like this:





I know a lot of you disliked Zac, perhaps with good reason, but come on, doesn't that formation look sexy? And a healthy Stankovic (who Zac used better than Mancini) would only make it more interesting.
GiorgioII2010-05-05 06:43:12 +0000 #3
Zac would have done wonders with the squad we now have available to us as it is perfect for his 4-3-3 formation. However, I don't think he had it in him to deliver a Scudetto. If Cuper was Coach we wouldn't have seen these attacking players in the squad in the first place as he seemed to hate anyone with a bit of flair .



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