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Moratti should consider Hitzfield

Sebastian2010-05-05 07:51:52 +0000 #1
.mancini is becoming repulsive to a lot of fans who have sophisticated sense of tactics...And that repulsive sensation increases from match to match...His inability to transform the line up's his iflexible solutiones but above all his preference of certain players regardles of their form,makes him a Clown.I would bet that Moratti regrets his incredibly stupid decision to sign mancini over CAPELLO...No one can be that stupid...And what does mancini replies?"the season has just begun,there's still time to catch up Juve"we've heard that sort of cheap talk last season after every match...But last season we all thought"hey if he could make all those comebacks against teams like Juve and Samp...And when he Inter can be unbeaten for all that time than he will Rule his second year"but he is even worst...+ last season we thought that the defence was the reason for the lack of results...But now he has no excuse...He has an impresive arsenal of World class players and its getting obvious that he is the reason for these ridiculous performances...If we want to be a Big club then we need a Big coach...and mancini isnt that...We need someone who tasted the joy and knows how to motivate the bigest loser in the sport...I cant think of no other but Hitzfield...Only a coach like him can teach Capello a lession+ he uses all formations...and with a team like ours he can thrash everyone...ofcourse it would be logical to predict Balack transfer in INTER as a free agent if Hitzfield signs...mancini's INTER lacks confidence,motivation,skill(becouse of his inability to realise RECOBA'S creativity an vision,but above all his Absurd defansive tasks and requests for our most Talented player ADRIANO...that makes him inferiour even against teams like LECCE...Which is mancini's fault)...Inter made a terrible mistake by misscalculating his abilities...I'd like to see him proving everyone wrong by changing his "beloved"4-4-2 into something more refined and destilised like 4-3-3 and starts to play some offansive foodball,which isnt too ofansive ofcourse...but thats highly unlikely...It's sad and depresive to see the best Inter we've seen losing from Palermo and absolutely inferiour in the match of the season against Juve...Unfortunately we are in a difficuld situation,becouse no one really respect mancini and what's even worst...No one is afright from his tactics...influence and stile...Fachetti is probably sick of watching mancini's pathetic efforts to prove that he's good enough for INTER...while Moratti is probably tired from his ilogical and irrational decisiones and ofcourse his perverse and subhumanoid understanding of the most beautifull game in the History of the human Civilization...A legend like Fachetti who won the WORLD CUP for God sake cant be happy to be subordinated to such a Parody of Intellect...There's a lot of Aspects that are without essence here...but mancini is certainly not even an Aspect...

devious2010-05-05 08:02:48 +0000 #2
Elcino, why you always bring all the scene in all one post, It`s fabuluos that you can do this, but it makes us suffer when seeing all the truth at one time in one big post like this

At the momen I dont think about any other coach for Inter than Mourinho,. cause I think Hitzfield would take lot`s of time to built the Inter that he wants what he thinks he could win scudetto with! and elcino what grante you that He`ll make Recoba plays! or even would keep Adriano in Inter! no one would know what this jobless coach could do or act when he founds himself from setting home to coaching one of Calcio Giants!

here`s top last news in his career:

He is a giant coach.. but IMO it`s a big risk! I dont want anther 5 years wasted in my life watching Inter screw up again and again!
mihajlovic112010-05-05 08:09:22 +0000 #3
Don't think Hitzfeld could do much for Inter.

Just give Mancini some more time.

We'll win either the UCL or the Serie A this season.
Mirko Mandic2010-05-05 09:01:27 +0000 #4
doubt it, Mancini will fail i think, he's a very sly man, look what he did to Lazio supposedly one of his favourite teams....

Hitzfield is good would bring alot of german talent though....(Schweinstager, BALLACK ?? etc)

if he comes i think you guys would be one Ballack's prime choices for transfer...
Sebastian2010-05-05 09:36:45 +0000 #5
...Doz...signing Mourinho is impossible....we had the chanse while he was still in we did with CAPELLO...i think that MOURINHO is the best coach in the bussines...but... ...HITZFIELD is the only world class coach that is avelable...MANCINI has a brilliant sqad...but still we're losing every second match...that's ridiculous...i dont care if RECOBA will play...and as for one would bench him one...he awesome...but i think that there will be a place for RECOBA... ...still if MANCIO doesnt screw the season...then perhaps he deserve a chanse....but tuntill now he sucks BIG TIME...
RaulMadrid72010-05-05 10:11:13 +0000 #6
Mancini is done.

The way he acted during the Porto-Inter game was very unproffesional by a coach.

He was shaking his head like it was the player's fault the entire time, but you know what, if a coach can't control his players then he is a terrible coach. Inter needs a replacement fast, they have the players, money, solid team etc... but their only flaw is their coach.

Bring in someone with confidence and authority and that's all you need, you don't need a guy criticizing his own team when he loses, or being happy when they draw, and then feeling like a Champion when winning an easy game.

Anyways, I say for those who still want him, watch the next 2 games in CL and Serie A and thn think about it.
devious2010-05-05 09:27:23 +0000 #7
CHANGE COACH FAST!!!!, We had suffered too much because of this stuped move man!
evilmact2010-05-05 09:39:46 +0000 #8

Originally Posted by RaulMadrid7

He was shaking his head like it was the player's fault the entire time

Yu know... I did the same the entire game

.... I couldn't believe the number of passes Veron, Pizarro and Cambiasso failed



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