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Wome's World Cup disaster

Ryan272010-05-05 09:14:45 +0000 #1
Well it seems that Wome actually asked Eto'o for the chance to take the penalty that would have sent Cameroon to the World Cup. And because he has missed, he is apparently being made to suffer quite a bit. This from

At the turn of the century, Wome was practically a national hero as he scored the penalty that clinched the gold medal for the African Lions at the Sidney 2000 Olympics.

But the last gasp miss from the spot he committed against Egypt have drastically changed his reputation from national hero to 'see you no more' villain.

Reports coming out of the African nation are indicating that Wome's villa was raided by vandals, his car destroyed, and his girlfriend’s store damaged in the wake of the dramatic exit suffered by the African equivalent of Brazil.

The police authorities were forced to come up with an emergency plan to avoid any further consequences for the Inter player.

On Sunday a police car escorted him to the airport, where he took the first flight available to Italy.

The last time Cameroon missed a World Cup qualification was back in 1986 .

Zek2010-05-05 09:30:45 +0000 #2
Sebastian2010-05-05 09:21:06 +0000 #3
...what's wrong with those pathetic imbecils...that's just a's not a WAR that has been lost and people will die... ...what's wrong with these people.... ...someone should wake them up....
Ryan272010-05-05 09:55:10 +0000 #4
Yeah, and most of you have probably seen Wome's interview on, where he essentially says Eto'o lied. Wome says he was the only one brave enough to take it...and look at how he has been repaid...
nerazzuri2010-05-05 10:40:51 +0000 #5
he may have been the bravest one to take it but the fact that he missed the penalty to take cameroon to the WC really made all the fans and team play for nothing. so its wome's fault nonetheless
Sebastian2010-05-05 10:58:06 +0000 #6
...there should be sever prison sentences for those losers who behave like that...those africans are taking these stuff tow serious...i reccal that there was a match against two african side...and there was this dude who before the match told his pal"if our team loses...i will kill my self...."..they lost and this idiot swallowed a full botlle of poison... ...and that ridiculous teenager from COREA who commited suicide so that his spirit can help COREA in the world cup '02... ...get a life losers... ...



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