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Optimistic Mancini

Zek2010-05-05 08:01:32 +0000 #1
PPIANO GENTILE - Part two of Roberto Mancini's analysis of Inter's defeat to Juventus on Inter Channel programme Bordo Campo:

Mancini, if we take into account the result only, are we wrong to say that they took best advantage of dead-ball situations and won?

"No, I don't think so. I think Juventus were superior to Inter in their impact with the match. They put us under pressure in the first twenty minutes and we had a few problems playing. But Juve weren't clearly superior to us. They did well to take advantage of those two free kicks, and it's not easy to come back from two goals behind against Juve."

Inter made changes and in the final stages deployed a very attacking 4-2-4 formation. What were you hoping to achieve?

"One goal would have been enough to change the match. I'm thinking of Recoba's free kick from which Abbiati did very well, or Adriano when the ball went very close to the crossbar. One goal would have changed the game, but unfortunately it didn't come. We lost, but Inter are a different team from the one we saw in Turin. We can continue to do well and recover points. It's a pity that we need a while to pick up six points on Juve. But I'm convinced that we must continue on the road we have taken, with the good things we have done in these last months. We're not worried about being too far behind."

How did you see the team the day after the defeat in Turin?

"Firstly I should say that they weren't all there because many have left to join their respective national teams. The boys were clearly disappointed, and the morning after you're a bit calmer and you can understand the things that shouldn't have been done. I said the same thing on the eve of the match - anything can happen against a title rival, you can even lose. The important thing is that we don't get down about one defeat. From now until the end of the championship there are thirty-two matches, there's all the time in the world to catch up. Potentially, we just have to win the return match and we're three points behind again. In a long and tiring season like this one every team can have difficulties, even those who seem unbeatable at the moment."

Some pundits underlined that Fabio Capello is more mature than Mancini. If you had won what would they have said?

"These things are normal. I think Juventus were better than us in the first twenty minutes, but they absolutely did not dominate us. The result clearly changes everyone's opinion, but this doesn't worry me that much. What me and everyone wants is that Inter manage to win the championship at the end."

Your comment on the championship after six rounds?

"The teams that are doing well are the ones we expected to do well. But the gap at the top won't increase for a while. The best goal of the last round? Bonazzoli's first in Messina-Sampdoria: that really was a great goal."

Zek2010-05-05 08:14:56 +0000 #2
this is from an interview most of you had read on

his optimism sounds slightly immature... he strongly believes through both parts of the interview that if we scored one goal we could have drawn! :sarcastic:

maybe yes, we could have drawn... but I do not like dividing championship, game, halves into episodes... if we equilized that would have been a nice episode which would give us a bit more confidence and morale to route few more games on pure enthusiasm. BUT what happens, that someone brings you back to earth then unless you're tactically and technically superior.

just thinking that Mancini should change his way of thinking, all we are looking for is an Inter that will route past opponents with consistent performance and ideas. And this will be the reason for creating and winning episodes of the game, games and a championship.

what happens now when we're losing is Mancini doing substitutions at the end of the game just throwing more strikers to save it and then blaming luck to some extend. this is just not right, you either come and play your game from the very first minute with any squad (or do subs but just to strenthen)!!!

just like Chelsea does, or Liverpool or Juventus and Milan. They all have their own ideas and play to them.

Mancini does have his vision and we could have seen that against Lecce but he often struggles to impose this to strong teams. Maybe he needs more confidence in himself ?

ok have to stop this neverending essay... hope you've got the idea

soccerates2010-05-05 08:46:47 +0000 #3
Fire him. He's going to ruin another season for you guys!
Ryan272010-05-05 08:43:47 +0000 #4
Mancini seems to be able to get the best out of Veron, something coaches haven't been able to do for a while. I'm not sure though that I can say this about Mancini and any other player. Like Recoba, Stankovic, Martins, Adriano, and even Adani and Gamarra all excelled under Zac. You can't really put together a list though of players that seem to perform better because of Mancini. And the team has gotten very dependent on Seba, making it worrisome to remember that he said he might want to go back to Argentina when the season ends.

Its interesting to me also that under Zac, even though the team was built for Cuper's 4-4-2 and not Zac's 3-4-3, the team won 15 out of 28 games (not counting the games that Cuper coached that year) for 54%. If you count the games played this season, Mancini has won 22 out of 44, or 50%. Zac's winning percentage is actually higher, surprising since Mancini had offseasons to prepare the team and Zac didn't. And the Serie A has 20 teams now, so you would think Mancini's Inter would have more small teams to beat up on than did Zac. Of course, Zac lost 8 out of 28 games (29%) and Mancini has only lost 4 out of 44 (9%) thanks to all his draws. But I think some allowance should be given to Zac since the team wasn't optimized for his tactics and that the team had so many injuries that you'd think Inter were an army fighting battles rather than football matches. I know a lot of us didn't believe in Zac, but I'll forever be curious as to how Zac would have done if he had been supported by management and had a chance to bring in players of his choosing.

Ok all that being said, I still think Mancini is a solid long term option as our coach. Coaching Inter is not easy; even Capello would probably struggle. Let's just hope Mancini learns from mistakes.
devious2010-05-05 08:24:24 +0000 #5
Learn from mistakes!? wish ones? they are too many!
Sebastian2010-05-05 09:23:35 +0000 #6
....MANCINI gets the best out from VERON????.... ... ....hahaha...C'mon man...VERON doesnt need anyone to get the best out of him...he's just brilliant...that's not a excuse....VERON always plays CHELSEA he was injured and still MOURINHO wanted him back...but he wanted to stay and that was it...we didnt make the mistake that MILAN made...they asked if CHELSEA would loan him another year...and MOURINHO replyed.."why the hell should we loan a world class striker for another year???..if you want him buy him damn it"...and we did...MILAN screwed them selves...CRESPO was just perfect with SHEVA...

and Zek that thing about RECOBA and his free kick where he should've scored a goal makes me's obvious that MANCINI has lost his head....why in God's name you would play...MARTINS a useless striker who doesnt know anything but SPRINTS....and leave players like CRUZ who is awesome with his head...can perform free kicks and a pain in the ass of the oponent defenders....and RECOBA who would be a strater even in BARCA... ...why would you want to leave a player who can do it all????there's not an offansive task that he cant acomplish....and watching ADRIANO returning in the midfield to help and to defend...reminds me of that CHICKEN HEAD VAN BARCA...he asked from SAVIOLA and KLIVERT to give a hand in the defansive tasks....that's just wrong...ADRIANO is losing his confidence...his motivation...he gets frystrated and dont forget that now is the WORLD CUP season.... ...MANCINI saw that last season the MARTINS-ADRAINO partnership didnt allowed ADRIANO to shine in his unique light...why the hell does he trying that again???

Learn from mistakes????.... ...he makes even bigger mistakes this season...when something doesnt work than change it...dont be an idiot and screw arround with a NUCLEAR BOMB... ...this is a MULTIMILION PROJECT if you have a fixed idea than put it up you're ass you stupid idiot....can this guy THINK with his head???...when MARTINS doesnt score then it's ok....and there he is in the next match...but if RECOBA doesnt score but play awesomely...then he isnt good what about ADRIANO....or RECOBA is just for GRANTED...someone shoul kill this much much arrogance and imature behaviour...the match against PALERMO was an embarassment of cosmic proportions...we lost that match just becouse of this's obvious that we have the most hilarious coach in EUROPE...together with REAL.... ...
Zek2010-05-05 09:03:52 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by eLcino


...someone shoul kill this imbecil....

basically there's not much to object to the rest of your post
nismo2010-05-05 11:03:19 +0000 #8
I think elcino is right. Even though Martins is my favourite player, it's illogical to leave two players who are prolly our best performing forwards. We know Adriano will be number 1, but I think Recoba and even Cruz are better than Martins currently. After the Juve game, Mancini should consider employing the Adriano-Recoba combo.



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