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SERIE A 2004/2005 Fixtures, What do u think?

INTER_FAN2010-05-05 07:48:53 +0000 #1
Week 1 (12/9/2004; 23/1/2005):

Atalanta v Lecce

Brescia v Juventus

Cagliari v Bologna

Chievo v Inter

AC Milan v Livorno

Palermo v Siena

Parma v Messina

Reggina v Udinese

Roma v Fiorentina

Sampdoria v Lazio

Week 2 (19/9/2004; 30/1/2005):

Bologna v AC Milan

Fiorentina v Cagliari

Inter v Palermo


v Atalanta

Lazio v Reggina

Lecce v Brescia

Livorno v Chievo

Messina v Roma

Siena v Sampdoria

Udinese v Parma

Week 3 (22/9/2004; 2/2/2005):

Atalanta v Inter

Brescia v Lazio

Cagliari v Siena

Chievo v Udinese

AC Milan v Messina

Palermo v Fiorentina

Parma v Bologna

Reggina v Livorno

Roma v Lecce

Sampdoria v Juventus

Week 4 (26/9/2004; 6/2/2005):

Bologna v Roma

Fiorentina v Sampdoria

Inter v Parma


v Palermo

Lazio v AC Milan

Lecce v Cagliari

Livorno v Atalanta

Messina v Chievo

Siena v Reggina

Udinese v Brescia

Week 5 (3/10/2004; 13/2/2005):

Atalanta v Lazio

Cagliari v Brescia

Chievo v Lecce

Messina v Siena

AC Milan v Reggina

Palermo v Bologna

Parma v Fiorentina

Roma v Inter

Sampdoria v Livorno

Udinese v Juventus

Week 6 (17/10/2004; 20/2/2005):

Bologna v Atalanta

Brescia v Parma

Cagliari vAC Milan

Fiorentina v Siena

Inter v Udinese


v Messina

Lazio v Chievo

Lecce v Palermo

Livorno v Roma

Reggina v Sampdoria

Week 7 (24/10/2004; 27/2/2005):

Atalanta v Cagliari

Chievo v Reggina

Livorno v Bologna

Messina v Lecce

AC Milan v Inter [/b]

Parma v Lazio

Roma v Palermo

Sampdoria v Brescia

Siena v Juventus

Udinese v Fiorentina

Week 8 (27/10/2004; 6/3/2005):

Bologna v Udinese

Brescia v Siena

Cagliari v Parma

Chievo v Sampdoria


v Roma

Lazio v Messina

Lecce v Inter

AC Milan v Atalanta

Palermo v Livorno

Reggina v Fiorentina

Week 9 (31/10/2004; 13/3/2005):

Fiorentina v Lecce

Inter v Lazio


v Chievo

Livorno v Brescia

Messina v Reggina

Parma v Atalanta

Roma v Cagliari

Sampdoria v AC Milan

Siena v Bologna

Udinese v Palermo

Week 10 (7/11/2004; 20/3/2005):

Atalanta v Sampdoria

Bologna v Messina

Brescia v Chievo

Cagliari v Livorno

Fiorentina v Inter

Lazio v Siena

Lecce v Udinese

AC Milan v Roma

Palermo v Parma

Reggina v Juventus

Week 11 (10/11/2004; 3/4/2005):

Brescia v AC Milan

Chievo v Atalanta

Inter v Bologna


v Fiorentina

Livorno v Lazio

Messina v Palermo

Parma v Reggina

Roma v Udinese

Sampdoria v Cagliari

Siena v Lecce

Week 12 (14/11/2004; 10/4/2005):

Atalanta v Brescia

Cagliari v Inter

Fiorentina v Livorno

Lazio v Bologna

Lecce v Juventus

AC Milan v Siena

Palermo v Sampdoria

Parma v Chievo

Reggina v Roma

Udinese v Messina

Week 13 (28/11/2004; 17/4/2005):

Atalanta v Reggina

Bologna v Lecce

Brescia v Palermo

Chievo v AC Milan

Inter v Juventus

Lazio v Cagliari

Livorno v Udinese

Messina v Fiorentina

Sampdoria v Parma

Siena v Roma

Week 14 (5/12/2004; 24/4/2005):

Cagliari v Chievo

Fiorentina v Bologna

Inter v Messina


v Lazio

Lecce v Livorno

Palermo v Atalanta

Parma v AC Milan

Reggina v Brescia

Roma v Sampdoria

Udinese v Siena

Week 15 (12/12/2004; 1/5/2005):

Atalanta v Udinese

Bologna v Juventus

Brescia v Roma

Chievo v Palermo

Lazio v Lecce

Livorno v Parma

AC Milan v Fiorentina

Reggina v Cagliari

Sampdoria v Messina

Siena v Inter

Week 16 (19/12/2004; 8/5/2005):

Bologna v Reggina

Fiorentina v Chievo

Inter v Brescia


v AC Milan

Lecce v Sampdoria

Messina v Atalanta

Palermo v Cagliari

Roma v Parma

Siena v Livorno

Udinese v Lazio

Week 17 (6/1/2005; 15/5/2005):

Atalanta v Fiorentina

Brescia v Bologna

Cagliari v Messina

Chievo v Siena

Lazio v Roma

Livorno v Inter

AC Milan v Lecce

Parma v Juventus

Reggina v Palermo

Sampdoria v Udinese

Week 18 (9/1/2005; 22/5/2005):

Bologna v Chievo

Fiorentina v Lazio

Inter v Sampdoria


v Livorno

Lecce v Reggina

Messina v Brescia

Palermo v AC Milan

Roma v Atalanta

Siena v Parma

Udinese v Cagliari

Week 19 (31/10/2004; 13/3/2005):

Atalanta v Siena

Brescia v Fiorentina

Cagliari v Juventus

Chievo v Roma

Lazio v Palermo

Livorno v Messina

AC Milan v Udinese

Parma v Lecce

Reggina v Inter

Sampdoriav Bologna

My thoughts will follow, a pdf document is attached here for the above,

INTER_FAN2010-05-05 07:55:58 +0000 #2
I believe from the fixtures above, that this is our season, cause taking into consideration the schedule, if we managed a strong start then even if we have injuries or suspensions by the end of each part of hte season we can still make it to the first place.

I highlighted MILAN and JUVE, cause even JUVE wont be as strong if they didnt enforce their defense and today i read on that they are interested in Fabio but I hope they wont get him or anyone else I still wont forget how we lost to them in the TIM CUP last year, shame on referees especially with Emre incident.

to the guys who are in NORTH AMERICA and wanna dont wanna miss A CL game for INTER (I hope the guys wont disappoint us in the return game) I wanna STank to score cause I think he would be better than Nedved and Kaka this season. those who wanna watch teh games u can pay either $35 a year or $5 a month and watch all the games even 90 rerun using REAL PLAYER and subscribe to UEFA CL ACTION VIDEO, wonderful one. shame they dont show the qualification round.

Best regards to all from Canada, and as always FORZA INTER.
GiorgioII2010-05-05 08:17:38 +0000 #3
I see the run of games against Parma, Roma, Udinese and Milan from week 4 to week 7 as potentially critical. If we lost all of these matches, which is a possibilty then we would be screwed. Inter will need to be strong during that phase of the season.

I agree with you about Stankovic Inter Fan, he can be better than Nedved and Kaka this season.

Forza Stankovic
nismo2010-05-05 09:00:43 +0000 #4
Kudos to Interfan for going to the effort of not only putting up the list but highlighting all the big teams

You know last season Milan had the worse schedule IMO, they had the Milan derby, games against Parma, Samp, Juve and lazio all close. But they still triumphed

I reckon if Inter are championship material, we shouldn't worry about who our opponents will be in the coming weeks. We're gonna have to face our rivals and bogey teams sooner or later
Massimo2010-05-05 08:02:46 +0000 #5
Yeah thank you INTER-FAN for the effort you've put in to it....

You are a true Inter fan.



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