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Interview with Alvaro Recoba

GiorgioII2010-05-05 08:34:44 +0000 #1
Recoba,will you be worried about another season without playing?

"Absolutely not, this year only Inter will count, not Recoba".

Can you explain that better?

"You will never see make controversy in the case that I am left on the bench or substituted. I will discuss the decisions with Mancini, trying to make it difficult for him to leave me out of the side, with my performances on the pitch."

Noble of you, but what if the exclusions become too many?

"Who works well will always find room, and therefore that will depend on me. Also, the season promises to be a long one for all of us. I am sincere when I say that this year only Inter counts. Then, in june everyone will be free to decide what to make of the future".

It is being said that the purchase of a fifth striker will happen soon, The name Milito.

"He will add to the squad and it's Mancini to decide on these issues, But I am convinced that four strikers are enough, with plenty left over. According to me it is the perfect number, because they protect from ill-fated situations, and at the same time holds high the motivations of who is left out.

But is it not a risk to face the season with just four strikers?

"All 4 of us in attack are attacking of optimal level. On paper Adriano and Cruz are the strikers, I and Oba are the second strikers. But in an emergency case, Martins knows to cover the role calmly behind the striker, and as far as midfielders we have particularly offensives ones: Figo and Stankovic. And if we have terrible misfortune there is always the January transfer market.

How is Mancini?

"We have found an optimal feeling, and they are not circumstanced words".

In a year your contract will expire, what will you do?

"When the moment arrives I will discuss it with Moratti. And it will be a face to face chat between friends, because every decision will be taken in the interest of both paties. For me Moratti is like a father. I have a debt to clear: before going I want to win the Scudetto or the Champions League ".

At the end of the season was there a point that you might of left?

"Shortly before leaving Italy I went to greet Moratti. He asked me: "Do you want to go to Samp?". I answered that I would of gone if he asked me too. Immediately the speech concluded with a smile: He said "Then I won't even talk about it. If you go, I go too..." It was nice hearing that

Is it true that Inter breathes a new air?

"It's true that everybody was thinking for the good of the team. That's our main strenghth. Materazzi is right when he says that today we fight together, all 11 of us"

Has the gap with Milan and Juve been closed?

"Only when you on the field can give certainties, but on paper I say yes: the group by now is brought together, we are now aiming for the highest level."

Who has impressed you most from the new arrivals?

"Pizarro, a great player"

A classic interview from a world class player. I loved the bit about what Moratti said to him. I trully believe that this season will be his year. FORZA CHINO


#1 Recoba fan2010-05-05 08:38:26 +0000 #2

Forza Recoba.

Rocoba and Moratti seem to get along very well.Moratti even wore an Inter jersey with Recoba on the back during the Shaktar game.

It will definatly be his year this year.
Sebastian2010-05-05 09:20:29 +0000 #3
...aspecially when MARTINS was included in teh team selection.... ...he played so pathetic against JUVE for the super cup.... ....and it's a shame RECOBA to warm the bench for unexpirianced player like MARTINS who cant correspond with ADRIANO and doesnt make space for him...which makes ADRIANO suffer and the whole team gets uncomfortable...we saw that thing when VIERI partnered ADRIANO...he needs a creative player to partner him soemone who can play as a trequartista just as well as a striker.... ...perhaps this is the year when INTER will realise that RECOBA is the key to it's failure and lack of creativity.... ....
Ryan272010-05-05 09:56:29 +0000 #4
Ah, elcino you get harsher and harsher towards poor Oba every time! Mancini will never completely forsake Oba...but I do think Oba is at his best off the bench, though that isn't ideal for his development.



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