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Non mollare mai

eriey_772010-05-05 12:25:58 +0000 #1
Hi all, Im new here. A brief intro: I started to fall in love with Inter as soon as I realized there are other exciting leagues besides the English.

Black and Blue is my color. It is just all these whole time Ive been following Inter, I have always seen it follow the same old trend.

Do we actually learn from mistakes? Can we? So Inter is a lot like me I guess eventually which makes me love the club even more.

We had so many failures yet we never seem to come out of it. Can we blame players? Is the expectations to high so they are performing under too much pressure?

Cut to the chase, remember the portugese midfielder, Sergio Conceicao? He was a good player before he came to Inter. What happen to him? I still remember the frustration on Vieri's face, as do Ronaldo's when he never seemed to do it right. And Inter got rid of him, sorry to say good riddance. Then they brought it Van Der Meyde. Is he any good? Is anyone out there feeling me here?

Why are we bringing in more miseries as we do? Its like a disease. Its better to prevent than to cure, its better to give your subordinates a fishing rod rather than the fish. My opinion, Inter is a big club. We have tasted failures long enough. We seen it in the pitch. It hurts so bad like seeing ur ex with another man, don't it? But for all that's worth,

Dont compromise to failure.

Error prone or non performing players, should be thought a lesson. Stop them from playing. Let them prove themselves with a limited chance of the starting lineup. Don't just let them blend in, try again, the whole season knowing at the end of the day its not worth it.

Do we actully do statistics on pass acuracy and all? Im just curious.

And why are we so interested in buying stars who could retire any soon. Give our youths a chance, they'll try to make it up, hell they are playing with Adriano man! Ill show them my worth, if i get the chance (never)

We bring in Veron and Figo, what they have for us? They live in the past man. They were great at their times, no doubt. But they will do nothing for Inter. Profit sense? maybe, but not in footballing sense.

Its like what is happening to Real Madrid, and it will soon happen to Chelsea too, it has happened to us since 1989.

And 1 more thing, is it just me or what, I really think Veron is no good for the team, he don't give good service to our strikers, he is too... intricate? Out of 10 games, he could be good, or slightly better than average in 1 game.

Pizzaro could cover that up I guess, maybe not Stankovic, but he still got time. We all seen what Pizzaro did last year, hopefully he doesnt dissapoint us like so many had.

Please do not relive other people's achievement and try to make it happen here in Inter, what other people have in the past, is in the past. Build on our own, dont frustrate the team. And, please? maybe think as a fan? For a brief moment?

After all this is all just my opinion and some other Inter fans, in Malaysia.

Good luck with Juve, I really hope we win the serie A this year.

devious2010-05-05 12:40:18 +0000 #2
Good post my freind, we would like to welcome you in the Forum... stay around

I do think we are learning from our mistakles, but I`ll tell you what Inter fans are doing now and how they feel all around the world, they are alittle scared the would be disapointed agin, even with this solid team we have, so this year we arnt gona speak too much and keep telling the world we gona win everything, we gona work in silence with all we got.... and I want Inter to win this year just like all of us, I feel this year can be so different.

btw hey I`m gona move this beautiful post in the main Inter forum, this isnt the right plave for it



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