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Inter forum oscars ceremony 2001

Zek2010-05-05 11:24:04 +0000 #1
Since Zek started this idea he thought that the best place for party was his home and invited everyone there. it was a chance for everybody to see his place since most of them will never come here eventhough its not so bad. and above all a chance to get to know each others better and to have some fun!!!

all board members were invited to the party. Since Zek was in helly mood he was serving all drinks he actually prefers vodka and plus kuban cigars. almost everyone got the right mood he thouhgt anyway he was wasted already in the beginning.

Zek received his prize for being the most creative as the vote showed but he still doubts who gave him this beatiful statue of black and blue oscar, i dont remember please tell me....

actually he was very happy a had another glass of vodka.

and since he was at the stage he wanted to present the statue to the most anti-inter fan. Silence everybody smiling and here comes Severus!!! yeahhhh the most popular person at the forum. Zek hugged him in a friendly way and give him a present and proposed a tost offering Severus a glass of wine with special cobra poison

in it. A tost for all those antiinter fans round the world, but then suddenly something was going on yes our Severus man took strange flask from his pocket written anti-internazionale 75 and poured it in his glass and then drunk it. Zek was waiting for Sev going to heaven but no, nothing happened to him so my friends he is still around. how would our forum look like said zek and went out.

the best sense of humor prize was given to ELCINO by Severus. elcino tried to kick severus's ass as he promised many monthes ago but slavenik and fanta were quite close to them and stopped elcino. anyway "ass kickin' parade" by elcino almost happened when he finished his glass of good beer and told several jokes and thoughts about ACM and Juve. that was friendly "ass kickin' parade"

founders of this board omar and tariq presented a prize to the most dedicated inter fan Slavenik elcino commented:"he will go on posting even from his grave". the whole gang laughed and congratulated a person with enormous passion towards Inter!!! his first and last soccer love! Slavenik proposed his lovely tost for " Inter fans are always with the club in good and bad times!"

that was a touchy scene for Zek and many others it seemed to Zek that Fanta almost fell in tears after those words.

The party was going on we all watched ronnies best goals and wished him good luck!

Ivan, Miha and the company suddenly disappeared ouuuu yeahhhh they went to another room called "away from heaven" to discuss politics with Severus and Italianboy. Zek did not remember what they were talking about and doing, but it was noisy and not so funny.

the most difficult contest was for the most serious inter fan and it was won by AYT!!! The prize was given to him by Fantasista who missed only on vote. two good friends hugged each other and had a havana cigar.....(may be they did not smoke )

at this very moment when everybody was happy and wanted something special. it was a time for a big cake to the most respected inter fan at the forum! Lilphenom was asked to the stage he got his statue and then suddenly a big cake came and he was the one to have a bit. somehow lilphenom had his bit of cake and disappeared in the other room. why? he saw someone special looking for the most respected person, and forgetting the party he just went to her........ that was a special arrangement by Zek for the most respected fan! just can have a look (only such picture cause some of you are not 18 yet ) for other pictures just dream on or ask someone

so thats how zek remembered that party when it ended? nobody knows.

btw Iron Maiden's the number of the beast was playing all night long, plus some stuff from Alicia Keys at the very notable moments.

if i did not mentioned something wrong or did not mentioned it all just add comments and then we can get a real picture of the party

FANTA2010-05-05 11:29:51 +0000 #2
lilphenom gets the girl ?

and no oscars for me ?

that's not right !

Slavenik2010-05-05 11:42:58 +0000 #3
Great story Zek, realy great.

And why do you have to be over 18 to look at your picture??
Sebastian2010-05-05 12:28:04 +0000 #4
........ .......amazing piece of art work pal

but what happen after SEVERUS drank that POISON KOKTELLLLLLLL??? ...i'll tell you since you've all been buissy with the celebration,i was carring severus all the way to BUTEL on my shoulders(it's a long way from ONTARIO to BUTEL-SKOPJE)where i've arenged a devoted FUNUREAL( )

where i also invited MORRATI,ORIALI and CUPER who were wery touched by the HEART BREAKIN music by GUNS'N ROSES who by the way preformed the NOWEMBER RAIN baladde...........and on his toombstone i've printed...............


YET WITH STRANGE EAONS,EVEN severus MAY DIE...............LUCIFER BLESS YOU" .........and then MORRATI,ORIALI and CUPER went in the restoran named PIRIN(kaj aavtobuskata,where SOLDIERS usually go out to drink)

to celebrate the PERPETUAL retirement of one eternal INTER-HATTER................and after that they FLY AWAY SOMEWHERE in the DISTANCE with MORRATI' private plain............
Slavenik2010-05-05 13:00:47 +0000 #5

A tost for all those antiinter fans round the world, but then suddenly something was going on yes our Severus man took strange flask from his pocket written anti-internazionale 75 and poured it in his glass and then drunk it. Zek was waiting for Sev going to heaven but no, nothing happened to him so my friends he is still around.

Hehe, he took anti-poison stiff, so he didnt die. hehe

But, great story from Elchino too. hehe
Zek2010-05-05 12:12:58 +0000 #6
unfortunately fanta you became a runner up only in the best contest!!! the most tensed one by the way.

the girl went to the most respected one! for others i can offer two-speed danish masturbating machine sorry

thank you Elcino i was so wasted that i dont remember most of the party.... no I know whaat I missed may be i missed even more.

a special bonus prize for fanta by the way was a box of toilet paper with milans avatars and pictures!!! so fanta you're stuffed for the year with lovely toilet paper and you wont get bored in your toilet

and here comes a another picture

those less than 18 dont look at eat its erotic looooool
Sebastian2010-05-05 11:57:37 +0000 #7
hi died allright........ HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHA(every time i hear the word DIE a laugh like crazy) after he took that anti-poison shit he desapeared, REMEMBER??? i wll remind you where he went HAAAHAHAHAH AHA(guys im beating my own shit out of laughter) he was throwin up and cos i was the only solver on the party(cos i dont wanted my RED BULL to mix up with alchoholl and after the first beer i came to my senses)

i went to hold him and man..... eyes blowed like donuts .....i mean the guy was practicly SHITTING with his mouth,haaaahahaha........and after i flushed the "SHIT"he set on the toalet and he was saying somethin...i couldnt understand what he was saying .....something bout the KARMA i think......... .......and can you imagine what he said to me???

elcino(he started to weep like a litlle boy and he was so sweet )........i dont want to write those ANTI-INTER stuff,but if my father sees one resonablle and even the slightest"GO INTER GO"whisperlly written lines he........he... .he..wi...willllllll.....SPANK..... MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...UA...UAA AA.....UAAAAAAAAAA . .. ......and what can you do after this ...what can you possablly do after you find out that the child who's so fragile{who's now a grown man}have been terrorized by he's own PAPPA just becouse he wanned to become an INTER-FAN) .....he couldn take it any more......he was yellin"end my misery...........end it please " i didnt have eny choise,exept to put my hand in to my pocket and get some ARSEN(cos that same day before i take my flight to Zak's homeland,me and my GRAND PAPPA were pouring some ARSEN{the most deadlyest poison on earth} in to his POLSKI NUZNIK(slavenik znam deka ke se manis od kompjutero )stinky willage WC with just a whole in the middle of it,cos the place was filled with RATTS running all over)which i gave to SEVERUS.........and he drank it.........and do you know what was his last word??? selebrate when INTER will win the CALCIO........and a .......i ......allways......admired to you..elcino.....aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... ........and as i stood there......gazing at the sunrise.........i lost my self in the colours of the endless distance.........i took severus,bought two tickets for canada........and i've pledged his lifeless body in front of his devostated PAPPA.........but...when he saw his son's INTER scarf......he's eyes fild with such anger that i ran away with severus boddy..i walked for manny years through the states and i will probally sound like an arrogant bustard,but ODISEY has nothing on me ....i've missed so manny INTER matches but i've placed SEVERUS stinky bonnes in BUTEL............and you're familiar with the rest of the storry........... ............and you know who's writting all those anti-inter stuff right now???probably his evil PAPPA,cos i guarantee you that i barried severus with my own hands,i assure you.....
Severus2010-05-05 14:03:06 +0000 #8
OK wake up the dream's over.

zek, i didn't vote for elcino at all. i think maybe you should recount the votes for that particular category because i voted for JYT. perhaps fanta'll be the winner once you do the recount.



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