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Ronaldo Wants Inter

Sebastian2010-05-05 11:41:16 +0000 #1
Ronaldo wants Inter, admits Solari Sunday 17 July, 2005

Real Madrid ace Ronaldo would openly accept a return to Inter, says new Nerazzurri signing Santiago Solari.

The winger left the Spanish giants last week after receiving a glowing reference from the Brazilian forward.

"Ronaldo told me about the atmosphere here and said that I would fit in well," the Argentine stated. "He even added that he would happily return!"

This is not the first time that Ronaldo has been associated with a move back to Inter following his exit in 2002.

However, it seems highly unlikely that Ronaldo could re-sign this summer even if there has been talk of an Adriano-Ronaldo swap deal.

Meanwhile, Solari is confidently predicting success in the new campaign after the Italian giants kicked-off their pre-season.

25 milion's will be enough eh???dont forget REAL is still in our debth.... ....... ...this is the best chanse to unite the best strikers in the world...since there are no suggestiones that ADRIANO will go in REAL according to this we're not far away from becoming the best forward in the business again... ....when Solari admited that...then there's a realistic chanse for this...after all we still dont what surprise MORATTI will do.... ....VIERI has left and there's the spot for a world class player with huge salary....the salary is the same...there's everything that we need to make this sensational transfer...i know that MORATTI will telephone the toothbuck and he wont hesetate to regain him.... ....unless MANCINI wants CORRADI or DI VAIO...... ....

Massimo2010-05-05 11:52:14 +0000 #2
He would'nt be welcomed back...that's for sure...
chu_chu2010-05-05 12:29:07 +0000 #3
if he comes... i'm pretty sure there will be a riot ;p

i'm kidding... but with ronaldo, we will surely bring the best partner for adriano.. but we could end up with this guy... i dont want him now.. i used to like him until he declared his future is all about milan...


Monday is D-Day for Gila Sunday 17 July, 2005


Alberto Gilardino’s agent insists the striker’s future will be resolved on Monday – with the player joining Milan or staying at Parma.

"The ultimatum of either joining Milan or remaining will expire tomorrow," said Beppe Bonetto on Sunday evening.

"If no deal is reached over the next few hours then it is not certain by any means that Milan will still be ready to sign him if Parma change their mind in ten days time."

It had looked almost certain that the Italian international would join the Rossoneri in a £17m transfer.

But the proposed switch has been held up by Parma's administrators, who now want the club to sell the star to the highest bidder rather than simply to his preferred destination.

"A judge has decided that an auction was needed. I can't say I am happy because I am not a house or an object, but a person," explained the 23-year-old.

"I have spent three fantastic years at Parma, but everyone knows the situation. For me it is time to leave, and it's fairly obvious that I would go to Milan for professional reasons.

"Between the big clubs - those who are in the Champions’ League - only Milan have made an offer.

"The others have done nothing, probably because football has changed and you have to be very specific in your transfer aims now.

"I want to stay in Italy and go to Milan. They have shown me a plan for the future and how I fit into that."

Indeed, the player’s agent believes that only one other club have made an attempt to land the forward.

"As far as I know, Fiorentina have bid more or less the same figure as Milan," continued Bonetto.

"But talks didn’t get going because the player doesn’t want to move to Florence. He just wants Milan – it is as simple as that."


so this guy hasn't close the door to other club eh... so inter can easily step up and get him anytime they want... but i want a perfect partner for adriano... one thing for sure that adriano's partner must not be a milan/juve fan...
chu_chu2010-05-05 12:10:36 +0000 #4

Sunday, 17 July 2005 21:59:02

MILAN - "Me in Madrid tomorrow? I really don't think so," said Massimo Moratti to in reply to rumours spread by websites and news agencies today about a trip to Spain on Monday. And on the subject of a swap deal with Real Madrid involving Adriano, Moratti was just as clear. "Pure fantasy. Fantasy football," he said.

---------------------------------- from

damn.. i hope he isn't there to swap ronaldo-adriano.... ;(
Lance Knight2010-05-05 13:26:51 +0000 #5
thats the thing, the only way ronaldo will be allowed to return to inter is if there is either an Adriano switch, or u giove us some great+ money, and we get morientes, back, lol
chu_chu2010-05-05 12:31:22 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Lance KnighT

thats the thing, the only way ronaldo will be allowed to return to inter is if there is either an Adriano switch, or u giove us some great+ money, and we get morientes, back, lol

ronaldo isn't even worth a penny, that's why he + 50 mils are there for adriano..... kidding
Lance Knight2010-05-05 12:03:05 +0000 #7
i aggree i find that ronaldo was the one who destroyed Real, because of him the unstopable moriente, raul and guti attack was destroyed
Sebastian2010-05-05 14:20:05 +0000 #8
...this is like some love story with a failed romance...the relationship didnt terminated in the satisfactory manner and the pride is terring you appart...but you would be stupid if you dont admit that you loved that certain creature... ...the pride works as's not abot the money...if RONIE really wants to join INTER than no one can stop him...when he was in INTER his price tag was 100meuros...and that price has decreased ridiculously after his statement"i want to leave"....ADRIANO as a swap deal???than we'll gain nothing..the concept of the transfer is to unite the two prefect simple as that...and they will together the BALLANCE in the FORCE... .... .....

forget GILARDINO...PARMA just wants to get as more cash as possible...he'll be in MILAN in no time....



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