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Juve Squad 2009/2010 (Who is going, who is coming...)

Vipaman2010-05-05 10:12:44 +0000 #1
Here are some random thoughts, no rhyme or reason to them...

Molinaro played better (and more) than De Ceglie this season. And, though he improved, I do not see him progressing any further. I do not think the same about De Ceglie. For this reason, I would sell Molinaro and keep De Ceglie as the back-up LB to Criscito. Bring Criscito back from Genoa, he's done well and improved there and one of the reasons they are challenging for the fourth CL spot.

Zanetti was absent often this season yes, but that was because of his serious injury. Last season, he played in every game but two ( ). And boy did he have a season. IMO, Zanetti would stay for depth in the CM position. Marchisio would also start and partner Sissoko in the center unless another CM is purchased (Alonso, D'Agostino, Cigarini, etc.). For me, it would be those four as our four CMs. Tiago and Poulsen should be gone. I say we cash in on Poulsen while he's worth something. Just get rid of Tiago, I'm not sure he's worth anything anymore. Poulsen is something like 4th in our depth chart in the DM position, behind Sissoko, Marchisio and then Zanetti. To me, he's surplus and transfer monies from his sale will help bring in other players.

Marchionni is a decent squad player but, if I were up to me, he wouldn't have even seen that amount of time this season. Giovinco would have seen more time. So, I say sell him if we get decent offers. If not, keep him as a squad player. But, either way, I say we go into next season with Camo as our starting RM. If he's out, the midfielder can be moved around so that others see time over Marchionni.

To me, FBs are of greatest priority. Criscito at LB please and then purchase a RB. A CM like D'Agostino, Alonso, Cigarini would be nice but is not a dire need. Besides that, I would really like to get two young players with a lot of potential, one at CB to take over Canna/Legro's spot and the other a young striker who can become a superstar in a year or two as Iaquinta, Amauri, Del Piero and Trezeguet are all getting up there in age. G. Rossi would be ideal



BUFFON ----> Stay as First Choice GK

MANNINGER --> Stay as Second Choice GK

NOCCHI ---> Loan Out

CHIMENTI --> Sell; Purchase Fiorillo as Third Choice GK


CHIELLINI ---> Stay as First Choice LCB

MELLBERG ---> Sell; Purchase Breno/Tasci/Papastathopoulos/Zapata as Second/Third Choice LCB

LEGROTTAGLIE ---> Stay as First choice RCB

CANNAVARO ---> Purchased; Will be Second Choice RCB

ARIAUDO ---> Keep as Second/Third Choice CB

ZEBINA ---> Sell; Purchase Srna/Motta as First Choice RB

GRYGERA ---> Stay as Second Choice RB

MOLINARO ---> Sell; Purchase 2nd half of Criscito for First Choice LB

DE CEGLIE ---> Stay as Second Choice LB

KNEZEVIC ---> Sell


SISSOKO ---> Stay as First Choice RCM

ZANETTI ---> Stay as Second Choice RCM

TIAGO ---> Sell; Purchase Xabi Alonso as First Choice LCM

MARCHISIO ---> Stay as Second Choice LCM

POULSEN --> Sell

EKDAL ---> Stay as Third Choice CM (or Loan Out?)

CASTIGLIA ---> Loan Out


CAMORANESI ---> Stay as First Choice RCAM

MARCHIONNI ---> Stay as Second Choice RCAM

GIOVINCO --> Stay as First Choice LCAM

DIEGO ---> Stay as First Choice CAM

SALIHAMIDIZIC ---> Stay as Third Choice RCAM/RB

DEL PIERO --> Stay as Second Choice CAM/LCAM/CF

IAGO FALQUE ---> Loan Out

ROSSI ---> Loan Out


IAQUINTA --> Stay as First Choice CF (or Second Choice RCAM/LCAM)

AMAURI ---> Stay as Second Choice CF

TREZEGUET ---> Sell; Purchase Giuseppe Rossi/Dentinho/Eduardo Salvio as Third Choice CF

IMMOBILE ---> Loan Out

DAUD ---> Loan Out






(Grygera)------(Cannavaro)--(Tasci/Breno/etc.)--(De Ceglie)


---------SISSOKO------XABI ALONSO/CIGARINI--------------(Zanetti)----------(Marchisio)-----------



---(Marchionni)-------(Del Piero)----(Del Piero)----


-----------------IAQUINTA-------------------------------------(Amauri/Giuseppe Rossi)--------------

--------------(Dentinho/Eduardo Salvio)-----------


Salt The Fries2010-05-05 10:22:07 +0000 #2
Srna would be great, but I'm not sure if Juve could afford him. I mean seriously, if I was Shakhtar's chairman, I'd want around 20 m € for him.
Vipaman2010-05-05 10:30:47 +0000 #3
I realize that some are pipe-dreams at the moment, but perhaps not out of the realm of possibility. I'd really like to see Rossi up front and think we can get some good cash in from Poulsen and Trez sales, coupled with a bit of transfer money we might be able to snag a back like Srna.

On the other hand bringing Criscito back is a no brainer. He's been excellent for Genoa and one of the main reasons they are challenging for fourth CL spot.

Too bad they're going to lose so many of their players. For that reason I hope they don't make the CL because they're going to get rooted if they get into it and lose all their class.
Piero Mac2010-05-05 10:29:59 +0000 #4
Yup, great team there Vipaman. Actually, that is close to my team for the next season. All right, let's see my team and talk about it later. So it's gonna be like this:


Buffon->First choise GK

Manninger->Second choice GK

Pinsoglio->Third choice GK(Promoted from youth sector)


Zebina->Second choice RB

Maggio->First choice RB

Barzagli->First choice RCB(If bouht, which will be good)

Cannavaro->First choice RCB(If Barzagli isn't bought)

Chiellini->First choice LCB

Ariaudo->Second choice LCB

Legrottaglie->Second choice CB

Critsico->First choice LB(Buy the rest half of him)

De Ceglie->Second choice LB


Camoranesi->First choice RM,RAM,RW

Salihamidzic->Second choice RM,RAM,RB

Sissoko->First choice DM,CM

Marchisio->First/Second choice DM,CM

Zanetti->Second choice DM,CM

Tiago->Second/Third choice DM,CM

Diego->First choice CM, AM, LW

Ekdal->Second choice CM, AM, LM

Nedved->Second/Third choice CM, LM


Giovinco->First/Second choice LW, CF

Del Piero->First choice CF(When tired, Giovinco will play)

Iaquinta->First choice ST

Amauri->Second choice ST

So, the first team should be like this:









LCAM iego

CF el Piero(c)


And about the players that should be sold:

Trezeguet->15 million euros

Mellberg-> 3 million euros

Grygera-> 6 million euros(or exchange with Napoli for Maggio)

Poulsen-> 10 million euros

Knezevic->End loan spell

Molinaro-> 4 million euros

Chimenti-> Force him to end his career and go to technical staff(if no, than sell him)

Marchionni->5 million euros

Iago->loan out

F.Rossi->loan out

Castiglia->loan out

So, maybe I am not right, but I like the team like this. Dentinho or Salvio are not needed, and if they are bought, it's just going to make more problems with Giovinco and Amauri. Pandev would make an excellent buy, but Juve have Giovinco, Dentinho is not bad, but we have Amauri. The rest is not needed.
Salt The Fries2010-05-05 11:45:50 +0000 #5
No way anyone would give 15 millions for Trezeguet and 10 for Poulsen, more like 7-8 for Trezeguet and 5-6 for Poulsen.
Musicá2010-05-05 11:09:44 +0000 #6
You're not getting Xabi Alonso anyway
Vipaman2010-05-05 12:46:44 +0000 #7
Alonso is slightly overrated, but could certainly be useful. Tiago has to go, and I think Zebina and Poulsen too.

Interesting that you would bring Barzagli in Piero Mac. I haven't followed him at Wolfsburg, but a friend of mine who does follow the Bundesliga has said that he has matured there and is one of the reasons why they're sitting in top spot. Have you followed him? He was a shoe in for the CB backup position during the World Cup and seemed to have had favor until his and Materazzi's performance vs Holland in the Euro cup. At any rate, I thought he lacked pace then, and the BL is a bit more pacey, maybe he found some there? We'll see.

I still want G.Rossi up front mate. I think Giovinco behind Rossi and Amauri would be an awesome strike force. If you could find a way to put Del Piero and Diego in that lineup with Spaletti at the helm, Juve would have some pretty good weapons of mass destruction at their disposal. The only problem is finding a very good and consistent DM. Poulsen isn't that guy and neither is Sissoko, at least not as a pure DM. If Zanetti could regain fitness then it might be an answer. I have to wonder about Camoranesi's fitness too? This season he was either always injured or getting too many yellows and reds. He is still just before the downward slide of his peak and adds a lot of creativity, so if he can regain fitness we might just be fine in that department given the purchase of Diego.

My two big wishes are another CB of quality, G.Rossi and a dedicated DM + Spaletti if he makes himself available from Roma. I think he should. Roma's days are numbered, they're out of the CL and they breathe and die with Totti and his injuries and age is catching up with him.

Good stuff everyone!
Piero Mac2010-05-05 11:30:31 +0000 #8
Barzagli is a great central back, Vipaman. Your friend is correct. He posseses great pass, determination, and is excellent in the air. Giuseppe Rossi... I used to like him untill the match between Villareal and Valencia. Villareal defeated ,,Los Che,, with 3 goals to 1, but I haven't seen Rossi anywhere on the pitch. Giovinco is playing on the same position Rossi is, and that is why I think that he won't make a good buy. Not that he isn't good, on the counter, he is a great player, but a player Juventus doesn't need.



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