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More Proof Calciopoli was a joke

Vipaman2010-05-05 09:21:52 +0000 #1
The latest transcripts point towards Carraro demanding that Juve not be favored by the referees ....


It's a sensational revelation which suggests the then chief of Italian football used his power to manipulate games for his and the authorities own agenda.

And it has led to some claiming the whole Calciopoli process in 2006 should have been thrown out.

Here is a transcript from one of the calls shown live on the Diretta Stadio programme on television channel 7Gold.

The call involves Bergamo and Carrarro. The head of the FA (Carraro) asks for Rodomonti to be sent for the Juventus game, but warns Bergamo of the consequences of any mistakes that could favour the Old Lady.

Carraro: Please I recommend you ensure he [Rodomonti] doesn't help Juventus because it's a very delicate time for us at the Lega. Please, ensure it's an honest affair, but make sure there are no mistakes that could favour Juventus. Don't help Juventus.

Bergamo: Don't worry I will speak to him about it. I will call him after he finishes training tomorrow.

Carraro: Just make sure he doesn't make any mistakes because if he does and it favours Juventus then it would be a disaster.

One of the guests on the show who was sitting next to Luciano Moggi as the transcript was played believes the whole Calcipoli process at the time should have been thrown out based on that call.

"It's a scandal. We are talking about the head of Italian football here. Based on just this call, the whole Calciopoli process should have been scrapped," said the guest.

Then there is Moggi criticizing Elkann and the Juve management for not fighting four years ago ...


Since then, Moggi has spoken further on the subject, and he has blamed the current Juventus management for not doing enough to protect the club from the sharp edges of Calciopoli.

He says the Old Lady would never have gone down to Serie B if the Elkann ownership fought for the cause with greater effort back in 2006.

"Inter's 2006 Scudetto? They should have given it to my porter, it would have been safe there," Moggi told Mattino Cinque.

"The problem is another though. Juventus did not defend anyone. If they had defended themselves like other clubs, there would never have gone down to Serie B."

Vipaman2010-05-05 09:37:17 +0000 #2
Luciano Moggi has renewed his attack on John Elkann and the current Juventus ownership, blaming them for not defending the club.

"I had told Elkann what I thought. He did not defend us. I knew he wouldn't defend us because he had already spoken to [Jean-Claude] Blanc in 2004 and had plans to oust me and [Antonio] Giraudo," Moggi told Mattino Cinque.

"And, he did it. Good for him, but the results show that he made wrong decisions. Fans were used to a winning Juventus, that team no longer exists. The team needs to be rebuilt, all thanks to John Elkann."


Brilliant Moggi


At that time, Juve didnt need help from anybody! They were clearly superior to the rest of Serie A, as evidence of how many of the Juve players were in the WC final!!

Also, Moggi never asked for behind the door meetings with referee's like Inter did!

What was the point of that, huh? I wonder

Inter also asked for specific referees to be assigned to their games. Why do you think? Moggi didn't do that either.

All he did was was talk with people.

He never instructed or asked for something from the refs, and that is proven by the conversations they have of him. End of story.
Vipaman2010-05-05 09:35:55 +0000 #3



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