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Get rid of Juventus management!

snakies2010-05-05 10:24:44 +0000 #1
Calcio Debate: Juventus Must Sack Jean Claude Blanc & Alessio Secco Or They Will Win Nothing

Juventus’ miseries continued last night as they were crushed 3-0 at home by Milan. Carlo Garganese believes that the club management needs a complete overhaul if the Bianconeri are ever to return to winning major trophies…

Last night I travelled to Turin with a colleague who just happens to support another team that plays in black-and-white – Newcastle United. The evening ended with my friend remarking that “even [the much-maligned Magpies owner] Mike Ashley would do a better job in charge of Juventus than the current bunch of clowns.”

Anyone who has followed English football over the last 15 years will know that Newcastle has become a synonym for bad management. That the northern giants now find themselves competing in the second tier is down to the ineptitude of those running the club. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been wasted on players, managers have been hired and fired like confetti, controversy and in-fighting has followed the club everywhere, culminating in the Mike Ashley era that has just been one gigantic disaster after another. No pun intended with the word gigantic!

Since the Calciopoli scandal of 2006 that ousted Luciano Moggi and his allies, there has been nothing but incompetence at every level among the Juventus management. The key to running a football club is to have the right mixture between football men and businessmen. If you have too many of either, often things don’t work out. At Bayern Munich last season, former star footballers-turned-directors dominated proceedings leading to a miserable campaign. At Juventus, it is the complete opposite – a group of businessmen making footballing decisions.


As Italia editor Sergio Stanco explains: “Juventus have a president in Jean Claude Blanc who has never run a football club, and has never been a director or chief executive of a football club.

“The club's owner John Elkann [president of Juve’s holding company Ifil] has never run a club before, while the sporting director Alessio Secco was once just an assistant [to Moggi].

“The structure is built to run a company, not a football team.”

This result of this is that while economically the club is making some good moves – such as the building of a new stadium – numerous mistakes have been made on a footballing level.

Stanco adds: “They have forgotten that a club relates to the classical logic of the transfer market and they have specific mechanisms that need to be well oiled. They have brought back Roberto Bettega, but it's too little, too late.”

One only has to listen to Blanc speak to realise that he understands absolutely nothing about football. While Secco’s movements in the market over the past four years have been nothing short of calamitous. In his first year, the 40-year-old spent in the region of €30m on the following three players: Jean-Alain Boumsong, Tiago Mendes and Sergio Almiron. Last year, as predicted a few months earlier in the popular 'Inter Spy Calcio Comedy', Secco also offered Cristian Molinaro a five-year contract - that really says it all about his capabilities.

Even after last summer, when a number of championed big names were brought to Turin in Diego, Felipe Melo, Fabio Grosso and Fabio Cannavaro, things have not worked out because the management has not constructed a team to blend together.


Moggi was not renowned for signing stars, unlike Inter, but he knew which players would blend in with the system Juventus wanted to play. Were the Tuscan still in charge, even in the aftermath of all the Calciopoli penalties, there is no doubt that the Old Lady would have won at least one more Scudetto.

The money that has been available to spend since the summer of 2007 was more than enough to construct a title-winning team. Moggi even said himself in early 2008: “If I’d been in charge with the transfer budget that was made available last summer, Juventus would now be fighting for the Scudetto.”

We are now two years down the line, and still talking about the same problems with the management.

“The principal issue is the lack of experience on every level,” stresses Stanco.

“Ciro Ferrara has never been a football coach. Not even in the youth team sector and he is not able to manage the problems of the play or the trouble inside the dressing room in such a complex club.”

When the players have no respect or trust in the incompetent members above them, they will obviously transfer this onto the pitch. Last night’s humiliating 3-0 home defeat against Milan has all but ended Juventus’ season as they trail Serie A leaders Inter by 12 points and are already out of the Champions League.


There needs to be a complete overhaul and new foundations must be built, starting from the top end of the club. The structure must contain people who actually understand football. Blanc can stay around providing he sticks to economics, Secco can stay so long as he proves he can still make good tea, while Lapo Elkann should be assigned to organising the Christmas and end-of-season parties - providing the ladies are gender-tested upon arrival!

There is little point in changing coach now unless Guus Hiddink arrives because there is no one else on the market. The fact that Ferrara still hasn’t been booted after last night seems to suggest at this stage that a deal has already been done for Marcello Lippi after the World Cup. We will see how things develop over the coming days.

Changes are needed fast or else Juventus will soon become the Newcastle United of Italy, and Mike Ashley will be seen in the stands whipping off his shirt and swinging it around his head to celebrate a Serie B goal.

snakies2010-05-05 10:31:01 +0000 #2
sad but unfortunately the truth
Snake2010-05-05 10:31:41 +0000 #3
I agree..... It's time to get rid of those incompetent fools



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